Yolo Rum Proud to Sponsor MMA Fighter Charles InnerG Johnson

MMA Fighter Charles "InnerG" Johnson

MMA Flyweight Champion Charles Johnson is on a journey to the top.

Yolo Rum sponsored MMA Flyweight Champion Charles “InnerG” Johnson has proven himself a dangerous opponent in the Legacy Fighting Alliance ring and may be on his way to the UFC any day.

Legacy Fighting Alliance Flyweight Champion and the Pride of St. Louis

Yolo Rum sponsored MMA Flyweight Champion Charles Johnson has proven himself a dangerous opponent in the Legacy Fighting Alliance ring and may be on his way to the UFC any day. Johnson, or “Inner G,” as fans and rivals know him, is standing at a perfect 3-0 this year and is expected to claim victory in his remaining 2 LFA fights.

At 30 years old, 125 lbs, and 5’9”, Charles InnerG Johnson is a full 4 inches taller than the average flyweight competitor: giving him a considerable reach advantage over his opponents. He’s also a switch hitter who is as comfortable hitting and kicking from the left as he is from the right. With an impressive 10-2 record since going pro in June 2016, Johnson will be an intimidating addition to the UFC.

On August 27th in his hometown of St. Louis, his most recent fight saw Johnson defend his interim Flyweight Champion title against Joao Antonio Camilo Neto at LFA114. A second-round TKO mirrored his first pro fight against Austin Reed Ward and established him as the 4th ranked Flyweight competitor in the United States.

Johnson is affiliated with the world-famous Tiger Muay Thai gym based in Phuket, Thailand. Known for turning out UFC Men’s Featherweight and Bantamweight Champions, Johnson’s goal of becoming the gym’s first Men’s Flyweight Champ in the UFC is now closer than ever. His continued training with Murcielago MMA in Lansing, Michigan, and Saint Charles Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in St. Louis, Missouri, have strengthened Johnson’s fighting style and shaped him into the formidable fighter he is today.

Johnson is known for being quick on his feet and quick to recover. His ring name “Inner-G” is a nod to both his explosive energy and his hyperactive childhood. Inner-G wanted a name with personal meaning, and he chose to tribute the personality trait which makes him stand out among other fighters. His speed and constant movement are noticeable in a fight, even to newcomer spectators.

Johnson and his coaches believe that he is almost certainly shortlisted for the UFC thanks to his recent win. He will have both a winning streak and a 2-inch reach advantage over current reigning Flyweight Champion Brandon Moreno if he joins the league. Yolo Rum is proud to sponsor a promising up-and-coming fighter, and we know Charles Johnson will continue to impress and dominate all the way to the top of his game.

Yolo Rum is thrilled to sponsor this up-and-coming star and looks forward to celebrating his many wins with Yolo Rum, of course!

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