Fall Feast Rum and Food Pairings

fall feast rum food pairings

Yolo Rum and food pairings that will impress your guests and your palette.

Colder weather is around the corner, and it’s time to indulge in all the heavy comfort foods of the year’s end. You’ll, of course, want to be able to enjoy your favorite rum all season, so we’ve put together a few of the best rum and food pairings for fall with Yolo Gold and Yolo Silver that will impress both your guests and your palette.

Seafood Appetizer

Brighter citrus-based cocktails and the white rum used to make them always pair best with seafood. A shrimp cocktail is great for any get-together, but springing for some decadent crab cakes will elevate your fall party and holiday feasts. If you’re adventurous, ceviche can be a bright introduction to the heavier entrees to come. Enjoy your seafood with a cocktail made with Yolo Silver to help balance the richness. Mojitos are traditionally a summer drink, but adding a pear or apricot simple syrup will add a seasonal twist.

Meat Entrees

From prime rib roasts and steaks to barbecue pulled pork, brisket, and even the holiday ham: gold rum brings a touch of sweetness that any hearty meat dish will enhance. A rum punch or traditional holiday cocktail made from Yolo Gold can be your go-to choice for your red meat meals. Try a Jamaican Rum Punch by mixing Yolo Gold with allspice, nutmeg, and simple syrup. Or go all out with a holiday favorite like eggnog or Tom and Jerry. Sipping Yolo Gold neat or on the rocks with your meat dish will enhance the rum’s smooth finish and add impressive complexity.

Chocolate Dessert

There might not be a better pairing for Yolo Gold than rich dark chocolate. The subtlest flavor notes of buttery vanilla, kola nut, ginger, and agave pull to the very front of the palette when sipping a nightcap alongside a slice of chocolate cake. No need to make a cocktail this time; if chocolate is present in your dessert, you’ll want to experience all this perfect pairing has to offer by enjoying Yolo Gold straight.

Cheese Board

Before, after, and between courses at your party, be sure to leave out a variety of cheeses to pair with both Yolo Gold and Yolo Silver. You’ll be surprised to find notes of melon and coconut in Yolo Silver when paired with a slice of mild cheese, and you’ll find a stronger sweetness in the sugar-free Yolo Gold when tasting something more aged and sharp.

The subtle flavor notes of Yolo Rum can be enhanced by a variety of foods. We hope you have enjoyed our list of some of the best rum and food pairings for fall. Be sure to write us and let us know what your favorite pairings are, and what discoveries you’ve made in your exploration!

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