Yolo, LTD Joins DISCUS as Craft Member 

Denver, Colorado – Today, Yolo, LTD makers of Yolo Rum announced it has joined the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS) as a Craft member to strengthen the company’s advocacy efforts. 

“Yolo Rum is excited to be a member of DISCUS. The association has proven to be on the cutting edge in its support for small producers like us. We are excited to be part of the process to advance policy issues that can grow our industry; and to utilize DISCUS resources to advance and grow our business, said Jennifer Carroll, CEO of Yolo, LTD.” 

DISCUS, the U.S. spirits industry’s top advocate in Washington and our nation’s state capitals, is the premier national trade association for spirits distillers of all sizes and serves as a one-stop advocacy and business resource shop for distillers and industry partners. The organization created its craft membership program in 2010 to organize the growing number of small distilled spirits producers across the nation and alert them to policy issues affecting the industry at every level of government. Today, more than 85 percent of DISCUS’ members are craft distillers.  

Craft distillers like Yolo, LTD are the heart, soul and economic vitality of the spirits industry in this country – an industry that contributes $178 billion and provides jobs for 1.6 million Americans,” said Chris Swonger, president and CEO of DISCUS. “We’re thrilled to have Yolo, LTD join our organization and proud to fight for progress on policies that help their company, and our industry, succeed.” 



While on travel to Guatemala Yolo Rum owner, Phil Guerin, a whiskey drinker, found himself to be the lone whiskey drinker at the bar, where everyone else drank rum. They questioned why Phil was drinking whiskey and encouraged him to try their rum. Phil was very impressed with the rich flavor of the rum. He had never had a rum like it in United States. With a marketing and retail background, Phil thought that the rum was incredible and wanted to introduce great tasting rum like that to United States. So, Phil and his wife Jessica embarked on a mission to create a quality rum brand. 

 With Jessica’s connections in the corporate world she was able to introduce Phil to the legendary Cuban Born master distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Don Pancho is known as “The Minister of Rum” in Cuba and went on to modernize and revolutionize the industry while working for notable distilleries. Don Pancho, the world’s most respected and honored rum blender agreed to Phil’s vision to create a formula for a superior rum product and with enthusiasm Yolo Rum formulas were created.  

 Top-shelf Yolo Rum Gold enjoys a 10-year aging process that gives it a rich, tawny color and smooth buttery taste. Two-year-aged Yolo Rum Silver is the world’s premium rum for mixing—if you like vodka, you’ll love Yolo Rum Silver. All Yolo Rums are gluten free, with no added sugar and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Yolo Rum Holds 27 International Awards: multiple Best-of-Class, multiple Gold Medals, and multiple Gold Medals. Yolo Rum, “you only live once,” moto encompasses everything in the name, it is a way of life and it is a lifestyle of what you want a spirit brand to be. Yolo Rum, the standard all rum should be held to. 


Rum Love from Ice T

Ice-T gives Yolo Rum and it’s new distribution partner, Empire Distributors some love. Yolo Rum is a Denver based company with Panamanian Rum that is Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Delicious. You Only Live Once.

Rum Love from Amy Van Dyken


6x Olympic gold medalist Amy Van Dyken gives some Rum Love to the award winning, sugar free, gluten free, delicious and award winning Yolo Rum. Amy is a Colorado native herself just like our brand. Yolo Rum is a Panama made rum and the company is based in Denver, Colorado. To learn more about Yolo Rum or to Find a Bottle near you using our Yolocator visit YoloRum.com Why is the rum gone!? Yolo!

Zoom Puff

MyxedUp Creations has celebrated the 420 Holiday in Colorado for 27 years, and even though the traditional 420 celebrations may have gone up in smoke. MyxedUp Creations and Yolo Rum wanted to make sure that the 2 and a half decade long celebration continued with Zoom Puff LIVE.

Bloom Denver Masquerade Ball 2020

Join Denver Kids Inc. and Yolo Rum for Bloom Denver Masquerade Ball 2020

Bloom Denver Masquerade Ball 2020


“Bloom Denver Masquerade Ball” Saturday March 7th 2020 8pm – Midnight at Mile High Station 2027 Old West Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80204

Yolo Rum is proud and excited to team up with Denver Kids Inc., and the Denver Kids Inc. Young Professionals Council (YPC) for Bloom – Denver Masquerade Ball 2020.  The Masquerade Ball is the YPC signature annual fundraising event for 2020, and the theme for this year’s event is Bloom!  This event creates a unique formal experience, allowing attendees to dance, drink, and socialize while dressed in their best with a touch of mystery!  This year’s celebration will feature music, signature cocktails, and a contest for most decorated mask. While the guests are disguised, there is nothing secret about the cause. All proceeds support the work of Denver Kids.

Carnival - a Night in Rio Denver 2014 dancer
Carnival - a Night in Rio Denver 2014 dancers

General Admission tickets are available for $60 and include a limited open bar serving beer and specialty drinks.  A limited number of VIP Tickets are available for $85 each, which include expedited entry, and a private catered VIP area with a full bar and extra party favors!  This one-of-a-kind annual fundraiser is hosted by the Denver Kids Young Professionals Council and all proceeds go directly to the programs of Denver Kids Inc., a local nonprofit dedicated to helping at-risk youth navigate through life, graduate, and pursue their dreams. Come party with a purpose!

Carnival - a Night in Rio Denver 2014 party attendees
Carnival - a Night in Rio Denver 2014 party attendees
Carnival - a Night in Rio Denver 2014 attendees
Carnival - a Night in Rio Denver 2014 party attendees

Denver Kids Inc. Mission

At Denver Kids, we believe that strong, supportive relationships have the power to help every student reach their full potential and graduate high school. It’s been the heart of our mission and the springboard of our strong outcomes since 1946. Our professional Educational Counselors work one-to-one with Denver Public Schools students facing adversity to keep them engaged and on track to high school graduation with the skills needed to transition into college or careers.

Denver Kids Inc. Impact

Students in the Denver Kids program face numerous challenges, from poverty to unstable home situations and behavioral issues. Many are living in single-guardian households. Most are tracking a grade level behind. Denver Kids works with referrals from DPS to identify the students in these situations who could benefit from joining the program. Once a student qualifies, they are paired with one of our full-time, professional Educational Counselors who help students become positioned for success both in and out of school. It is through this wrap-around approach that we are combating the dropout crisis in Denver.

A great event for a great cause by a great organization!  Won’t you join us!?

For all of the information about the event, please visit the official Bloom Denver Masquerade Ball 2020 website.
For more information about Denver Kids Inc, and the Denver Kids Inc. Young Professionals Council, and to find out about how you can donate or volunteer, please visit the Denver Kids Inc. Website.

Win Tickets to see Baseball at Spectrum Field in Clearwater, Florida

Phillies Spring Training

Win Tickets to Phillies Spring Training and an autographed baseball from Aaron Nola!

Submit below or text SPRING to (720) 696-9656!

Enter to WIN Phillies Spring Training Tickets

  • Saturday March 7th – Phillies vs Boston and RHYS HOSKINS autographed baseball – *Winner Kristen K. from Palm Harbor*

    Saturday March 21st – Phillies vs Tampa Bay and AARON NOLA autographed baseball – *Winner Mark L. from Clearwater*

    Spring is in the air, pitchers and catchers have reported, and Spring Training games are underway at Spectrum Field in Clearwater, Florida.  That means it’s time for another full slate of Clearwater Threshers ticket giveaways from Yolo Rum.

    As part of our partnership with Spectrum Field, we’re excited to be giving away tickets to Philadelphia Phillies games throughout the Grapefruit League season in March. Once the boys of summer return home to Philadelphia to kick off their regular season, we will be giving away tickets to Clearwater Threshers games throughout the Florida State League schedule through August. The Threshers are the Class-A Advanced affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.

    Stay tuned throughout the year for special Yolo Rum promo nights at Threshers home games at Spectrum Field. And while you are there, make sure to check out the tiki bar in left field. You can’t beat an afternoon or evening taking in a game in the open air seating at the tiki bar with a Yolo Rum Runner in hand.

    Yolo Rum, the official rum of baseball.

    *By submitting your information, you agree to receive future communication from Yolo Rum.

    Super Bash 2020 Hosted by Nolan Carroll

    On Wednesday January 29th, Yolo Rum teamed up with super investor Nolan Carroll for Super Bash 2020.  The event also served as a backdrop in our first fully produced national commercial spot that was filmed as our YouTube creative for our participation in the invitation only Google Brand Accelerator Program.

    Entertainment for the event was provided by Bizkit and Butta on the Keytar.  Bizkit and Butta are a multi-Grammy nominated, platinum selling record production duo based out of California.  The two were previously part of the Philadelphia-based production team known as “Phatboiz”.

    The production crew for the commercial was comprised of an all-star cast in their own right with In Da House Productions taking the lead.  In Da House Productions has over two decades of network broadcast television experience.  They have produced everything from TV commercials and music videos to full television programs.  Their professionalism and commitment to a quality end product made filming a breeze, and took a little pressure off of Producer Wignz, who was making his commercial directorial debut.  A big thank you goes out to Ricky Gil, Art Nobo, Amy Novaton and the rest of the the team over at In Da House Productions for making our vision a reality.

    Super Bash 2020 was a big hit, and by the end of the night we had everyone asking the question, “Why is the rum gone?”

    Art Nobo, Uncle Phil, and Nolan Carroll at Super Bash 2020Art Nobo working with Producer Wignz for his commercial directorial debut at Super Bash 2020.


    Rum Love from Daymond John

    #RumLove from Daymond John, a businessman, investor, television personality, best selling author, and motivational speaker. He is best known as the founder, president, and CEO of FUBU, and appears as an investor on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank. Based in New York City, John is the founder of The Shark Group.

    Daymond gave a shout out to our team of investors for the success that our Democracy Powered rum has had.

    Yolo Rum is a Denver based company with an award winning rum blended and distilled in Panama by Don Pancho Fernandez. Yolo Rum is a sugar free, gluten free and additive free rum.

    Rum Love from Mr. Wonderful

    #RumLove from “Mr.Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary, a businessman, investor, author, politician, and television personality.  O’Leary co-founded O’Leary Funds and software company SoftKey International.  Mr. Wonderful has also appeared on various business television programs including SqueezePlay and most notably the ABC reality television series Shark Tank.

    Mr. Wonderful gave a shout out to our team of investors for the success that our Democracy Powered rum has had.

    Yolo Rum is a Denver based company with an award winning rum blended and distilled in Panama by Don Pancho Fernandez. Yolo Rum is a sugar free, gluten free and additive free rum.

    Interview with Carlo Gonzalez of Mile High Drive

    Carlo Gonzalez is a businessman, an entrepreneur and brilliant marketer. He has traveled all over the world and met with celebrities far and wide, to bring them the world of exotic cars right to their doorsteps. He represents the YOLO (You Only Live Once) lifestyle perfectly, and makes him the perfect guest for the Yolo Podcast with Yolo Rum Founders “Uncle” Phil Guerin and Producer WIGNZ.

    We asked Carlo to tell us a little about Mile High Drives and his business adventures. This is what he told us.


    Drives At Mile High Exotic Car Rental
    Offering ultra exotic and luxury car rental services in Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ.

    Exotic Cars Worldwide

    Exotic vehicle buyer/seller services around the globe.


    I was tired of the regular job/work just like everyone else. So back in 2012, I basically did something that most people would consider completely irresponsible or just plain stupid. I drained my bank account to buy a Lamborghini to chase a dream. Yes, you heard it right. Drained my bank account. At the time, everyone thought I went crazy. Friends calling me all the time asking if “I was okay” and if I had literally gone bananas. Me being a huge supporter of Drake’s music….. I was just thinking”YOLO” the entire time! I told myself that NOW was the time to the risk. I had a plan and a passion. But most people doubted me at the time and straight-up laughed at my lucrative idea. But that didn’t stop me. I was 26 years when I made this life-changing decision, and here comes beautiful white Lamborghini I had just purchased that started a crazy and epic journey!


    Drives At Mile High has now been operating in Denver for over 7 years. We offer daily exotic car rentals and group driving experiences. We’ve provided high-end car services for major events, athletes, musicians, such as:

    Odell Beckham Jr
    Jarvis Landry
    21 Savage
    Jeremy Hill
    LeBron James

    Alice Cooper
    ….. and more.
    With my other company, Exotic Cars Worldwide, I started global exotic car buyers service. So basically I would track down sellers with high-end/collector cars around the world and connect them with the right buyers. The major perks is being able to travel the world to meet clients and see come of the craziest cars around the globe. 
    Before the businesses really took off, I was just a regular guy who went to middle and high school in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. And now, I’m in cities like Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and London seeing AND driving Lamborghins and Ferraris. Not to mention riding in private helicopters with some of the scariest/most powerful people on the planet! Talk about YOLO.


    The last celebrity that I had mentioned (Alice Cooper) definitely brings up a funny memory. I was one of the very first rental companies to have the brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray back in late 2013.

    I received a random call from a person claiming he was Alice Cooper who REALLY needed the new Corvette Stingray for an upcoming event….. AND he wanted to deliver the car to his house. Of course, I didn’t believe him. I’m thinking this fool wants to steal the car!!

    Slightly offended, he handed the phone over to his designated “car guy” where this person proceeded to pay for the rental. I still was extremely skeptical about the whole situation…… and thought there’s no way that was Alice Cooper. I’m thinking these guys have to be professional thieves.

    I arrive to a huge beautiful house in Scottsdale….. and guess what??? There he is. The man himself. Alice Cooper. We chatted about cars for a bit and I got him going in the vehicle right away. As a huge thank you….. he opened his garage that was COMPLETELY PACKED with brand-new in-box electric guitars. He pulls one from the box, autographs the guitar, says thank you….. and then drives away in Corvette.


    Odell contacted me for some vehicles when the Pro Bowl was in Arizona a while back. This was during the football season where he made his world-famous one-handed catch. I delivered a Ferrari to his house which he absolutely loved….. but, after a week or so he wanted something much faster with world-class performance. Of course, this meant the high powered McLaren sports car. But, his people made it very clear to NOT give him any ultra high-performance car for liability reasons.

    So of course I secretly gave him an upgrade to the McLaren and made it clear to please keep it on the “down-low” so no one would know he had the ultra high-performance car. What happened next??? He broke the internet by showing up to a live ESPN event in the car. My phone blew up all day with non-stop text messages!! So much for keeping the upgraded car a secret.


    The time when I accidentally created the most watched video in the world for 7 straight days. The famous skateboard kid and McLaren video generated over 13million views in 7 days. One of our cars had a damaged windshield. Instead of responsibly parking the car (like a normal person) until the windshield was replaced…… it was another YOLO moment, so I decided to smash the glass! 

    We staged a fake accident involving a skateboard who smashed the windshield of our $250,000 McLaren after the car ran the stop sign and “hit” the skateboarder. We staged the accident by Littleman’s Ice Cream in the highlands in front of about 200 people. I did a TERRIBLE job of filming the whole accident with my phone. I wasn’t very optimistic about the video going viral at all. That night I uploaded the video on YouTube and went to bed. I woke up really late that morning. My phone was buzzing nonstop. I had missed calls from just about everyone in Denver. I finally called one of my buddies, who was an actor in video, and was screaming….. “DUDE!!! We’re all over the internet!!!”. He kept shouting that over and over again.

    SnapChap, Instagram, Facebook, The Chive, Yahoo, CNN, Fox News, BBC…. the video is literally EVERYWHERE!!! News crews were on-site for an entire 2 days to investigate the “accident” in the highlands neighborhood in Denver.

    Actor Nick Cannon loved the prank so much….. he sent his production team from New York to Denver to interview me in person. He wanted to feature the video on his show called Caught On Camera. The interview and video aired on the TV and created even more buzz. I had requests from TV shows in Japan, United Kingdom, China, Russia, Brazil, and more to feature the video on their network. The whole viral video experience was overwhelming and shocking at the same time. 


    ​The winters months are generally slower in the exotic car business. So one year I decided to send 4 of our cars to a company in Vegas to try and create a little more revenue during these months. Long story short, they never paid me anything from all the rentals for 2+ months. I then had to fly to Vegas myself with the spare keys and had to basically steal my own cars back from customers who has my vehicles. The memorable one was stealing one of my exotic cars from the Cosmopolitan hotel in front of all the valets and watch them in horror as I took off with the car. 
    To get my cars back…… I had to stalk to valets, find out where they stored the keys, steal the original key from the valet box when they were distracted, and then essentially steal my own car back before the valet noticed. Have you ever stolen 4 exotic cars in one day?? Well, lets just say I had to.


    McDonald’s Lamborghini
    Recognized as the originator/content creator of taking a Lamborghini through the McDonald’s drive-through. Again, another YOLO moment. Who in their right mind would take their Lamborgini through McDonalds??? I would!!! I started this trend about 7 years ago. Today several social media influencers have followed the trend and done the same. 
    Make Monday’s Fun Again (Exotic Car Pastry Fights)
    I would nonstop work all weekends. That’s the busiest time in the exotic car business. So when Monday’s would come around, the the shop would be relatively uneventful. All my friends would also at be work. So was tough for me to pass time just sitting around bored on Mondays. And of course, no one in the corporate world likes Monday’s either. The solution??? Monday pastry fights. I would buy boxes of pastries at the grocery store. All my friends with corporate job would get off work a bit early and get to my shop at about 3:00pm. 
    We would all jump into Lamborghinis and drive around the parking lot while throwing pastries at each other! Yes, we were grown men in our late 20’s / early 30’s throwing twinkies and cupcakes at each other. But we were having the time of our lives! You can call this immature. We called it living our best life. Or as you call it, YOLO! Afterwards, we would wash down all of the cars while laughing hysterically. The amount of fun we had made everyone feel alive again.

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