Interview with Carlo Gonzalez of Mile High Drive

Carlo Gonzalez is a businessman, an entrepreneur and brilliant marketer. He has traveled all over the world and met with celebrities far and wide, to bring them the world of exotic cars right to their doorsteps. He represents the YOLO (You Only Live Once) lifestyle perfectly, and makes him the perfect guest for the Yolo Podcast with Yolo Rum Founders “Uncle” Phil Guerin and Producer WIGNZ.

We asked Carlo to tell us a little about Mile High Drives and his business adventures. This is what he told us.


Drives At Mile High Exotic Car Rental
Offering ultra exotic and luxury car rental services in Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ.

Exotic Cars Worldwide

Exotic vehicle buyer/seller services around the globe.


I was tired of the regular job/work just like everyone else. So back in 2012, I basically did something that most people would consider completely irresponsible or just plain stupid. I drained my bank account to buy a Lamborghini to chase a dream. Yes, you heard it right. Drained my bank account. At the time, everyone thought I went crazy. Friends calling me all the time asking if “I was okay” and if I had literally gone bananas. Me being a huge supporter of Drake’s music….. I was just thinking”YOLO” the entire time! I told myself that NOW was the time to the risk. I had a plan and a passion. But most people doubted me at the time and straight-up laughed at my lucrative idea. But that didn’t stop me. I was 26 years when I made this life-changing decision, and here comes beautiful white Lamborghini I had just purchased that started a crazy and epic journey!


Drives At Mile High has now been operating in Denver for over 7 years. We offer daily exotic car rentals and group driving experiences. We’ve provided high-end car services for major events, athletes, musicians, such as:

Odell Beckham Jr
Jarvis Landry
21 Savage
Jeremy Hill
LeBron James

Alice Cooper
….. and more.
With my other company, Exotic Cars Worldwide, I started global exotic car buyers service. So basically I would track down sellers with high-end/collector cars around the world and connect them with the right buyers. The major perks is being able to travel the world to meet clients and see come of the craziest cars around the globe. 
Before the businesses really took off, I was just a regular guy who went to middle and high school in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. And now, I’m in cities like Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and London seeing AND driving Lamborghins and Ferraris. Not to mention riding in private helicopters with some of the scariest/most powerful people on the planet! Talk about YOLO.


The last celebrity that I had mentioned (Alice Cooper) definitely brings up a funny memory. I was one of the very first rental companies to have the brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray back in late 2013.

I received a random call from a person claiming he was Alice Cooper who REALLY needed the new Corvette Stingray for an upcoming event….. AND he wanted to deliver the car to his house. Of course, I didn’t believe him. I’m thinking this fool wants to steal the car!!

Slightly offended, he handed the phone over to his designated “car guy” where this person proceeded to pay for the rental. I still was extremely skeptical about the whole situation…… and thought there’s no way that was Alice Cooper. I’m thinking these guys have to be professional thieves.

I arrive to a huge beautiful house in Scottsdale….. and guess what??? There he is. The man himself. Alice Cooper. We chatted about cars for a bit and I got him going in the vehicle right away. As a huge thank you….. he opened his garage that was COMPLETELY PACKED with brand-new in-box electric guitars. He pulls one from the box, autographs the guitar, says thank you….. and then drives away in Corvette.


Odell contacted me for some vehicles when the Pro Bowl was in Arizona a while back. This was during the football season where he made his world-famous one-handed catch. I delivered a Ferrari to his house which he absolutely loved….. but, after a week or so he wanted something much faster with world-class performance. Of course, this meant the high powered McLaren sports car. But, his people made it very clear to NOT give him any ultra high-performance car for liability reasons.

So of course I secretly gave him an upgrade to the McLaren and made it clear to please keep it on the “down-low” so no one would know he had the ultra high-performance car. What happened next??? He broke the internet by showing up to a live ESPN event in the car. My phone blew up all day with non-stop text messages!! So much for keeping the upgraded car a secret.


The time when I accidentally created the most watched video in the world for 7 straight days. The famous skateboard kid and McLaren video generated over 13million views in 7 days. One of our cars had a damaged windshield. Instead of responsibly parking the car (like a normal person) until the windshield was replaced…… it was another YOLO moment, so I decided to smash the glass! 

We staged a fake accident involving a skateboard who smashed the windshield of our $250,000 McLaren after the car ran the stop sign and “hit” the skateboarder. We staged the accident by Littleman’s Ice Cream in the highlands in front of about 200 people. I did a TERRIBLE job of filming the whole accident with my phone. I wasn’t very optimistic about the video going viral at all. That night I uploaded the video on YouTube and went to bed. I woke up really late that morning. My phone was buzzing nonstop. I had missed calls from just about everyone in Denver. I finally called one of my buddies, who was an actor in video, and was screaming….. “DUDE!!! We’re all over the internet!!!”. He kept shouting that over and over again.

SnapChap, Instagram, Facebook, The Chive, Yahoo, CNN, Fox News, BBC…. the video is literally EVERYWHERE!!! News crews were on-site for an entire 2 days to investigate the “accident” in the highlands neighborhood in Denver.

Actor Nick Cannon loved the prank so much….. he sent his production team from New York to Denver to interview me in person. He wanted to feature the video on his show called Caught On Camera. The interview and video aired on the TV and created even more buzz. I had requests from TV shows in Japan, United Kingdom, China, Russia, Brazil, and more to feature the video on their network. The whole viral video experience was overwhelming and shocking at the same time. 


​The winters months are generally slower in the exotic car business. So one year I decided to send 4 of our cars to a company in Vegas to try and create a little more revenue during these months. Long story short, they never paid me anything from all the rentals for 2+ months. I then had to fly to Vegas myself with the spare keys and had to basically steal my own cars back from customers who has my vehicles. The memorable one was stealing one of my exotic cars from the Cosmopolitan hotel in front of all the valets and watch them in horror as I took off with the car. 
To get my cars back…… I had to stalk to valets, find out where they stored the keys, steal the original key from the valet box when they were distracted, and then essentially steal my own car back before the valet noticed. Have you ever stolen 4 exotic cars in one day?? Well, lets just say I had to.


McDonald’s Lamborghini
Recognized as the originator/content creator of taking a Lamborghini through the McDonald’s drive-through. Again, another YOLO moment. Who in their right mind would take their Lamborgini through McDonalds??? I would!!! I started this trend about 7 years ago. Today several social media influencers have followed the trend and done the same. 
Make Monday’s Fun Again (Exotic Car Pastry Fights)
I would nonstop work all weekends. That’s the busiest time in the exotic car business. So when Monday’s would come around, the the shop would be relatively uneventful. All my friends would also at be work. So was tough for me to pass time just sitting around bored on Mondays. And of course, no one in the corporate world likes Monday’s either. The solution??? Monday pastry fights. I would buy boxes of pastries at the grocery store. All my friends with corporate job would get off work a bit early and get to my shop at about 3:00pm. 
We would all jump into Lamborghinis and drive around the parking lot while throwing pastries at each other! Yes, we were grown men in our late 20’s / early 30’s throwing twinkies and cupcakes at each other. But we were having the time of our lives! You can call this immature. We called it living our best life. Or as you call it, YOLO! Afterwards, we would wash down all of the cars while laughing hysterically. The amount of fun we had made everyone feel alive again.

Yolo Investor Webinar #008

Yolo Rum Investor Webinar #008

A Google Update, Biggest Tasting ever at Hazel’s Beverage World in Boulder, Upcoming Tastings, Social Responsibility and a Call to Action plus LIVE Q&A

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Interview with Nolan Carroll a Pro Football Player and Yolo Rum Investor

“Uncle” Phil and WIGNZ talk with Nolan Alexander Carroll II who is a former professional football player, entrepreneur and a Yolo Rum investor

Playing career

Nolan Carroll had a scholarship offer from Colorado University but started his college career as wide receiver, before transitioning to defensive back, in Maryland.  Drafted in 5th round by Miami in 2010. Nolan played four years in Miami before signing with Philadelphia for 2014 season, and then finished his career in Dallas as a Cowboy. Nolan Carroll scored on defensive TD on a pick 6 at home on Monday Night against NY Giants and Eli Manning.  Played 3 years in Philadelphia before signing with Dallas in 2017


Born on January 18, 1987 in Green Cove Springs, Florida.  Played soccer and football in high school at Clay High School in Green Cove Springs.  Broke leg in second game of senior season in high school missed the rest of the year.  His mother, Jennifer, is a former Lieutenant Governor of Florida and a former United States Navy lieutenant commander. His father, Nolan Carroll, was a Senior Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force.

In 2014 he started the Nolan Carroll Foundation  a program that supports (STEM) Science Technology Engineering and Math educational opportunities, job skill training and to promote and encourage physical activities for underprivileged and at-risk youths.  The mission of the Foundation is intended to broaden the horizons and increase opportunities for underprivileged and at-risk youths. Providing students a potential opportunity break the cycle of poverty, achieve their greatness and help improve their quality of life.


Events:  Charity Golf this past March, 2019 at Eagle Landing Golf Course Orange Park, FL.


Business Ventures

In addition to being a Yolo Rum investor he also owns Doob 3D Printing with location in Miami and an app called YooTroo that connects businesses with potential consumers by paying them to watch their ads.

Classic Cuban Cocktail with Yolo Rum Gold

Classic Cuban Cocktail with Yolo Rum Gold

The Classic Cuban Cocktail recipe with a twist


2 oz Yolo Rum Gold
1 oz Fernet-Branca
1 oz Cola Syrup
Dash of Aromatic Bitters
Top with layer of Brut Champagne  (Don’t aim bottle at anyone you care for)


A huge thank you to our good friend Mars for helping with this cocktail video! Cheers! Yolo!

Beat the End of Summer Heat with Rum Love

Beat the End of Summer Heat with Rum Love

Beat the heat this season with a refreshing summer rum cocktail featuring Yolo Rum. Which one of these classic cocktails will you be mixing up?!

Summer rum cocktail with Yolo RumIn the hot, lazy days of summer, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything but stay in the shade and relax with friends and family. With the summer season still going strong, what better way to cool down than a rum cocktail with some delicious Yolo Rum?

Beat the Summer Heat with Rum Love

Whether you enjoy light and fruity summer rum cocktails with cheerful garnishes or find yourself craving a smooth, spicy elixir, there’s a classic rum recipe for everyone—21 and older at least. Learn more about one of the most popular spirits in 2019 with Yolo Rum!

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Rum?!

  1. Rum is easily one of the most diverse of all spirits. The liquor varies from a clear, light spirit to a heavy, full-bodied spirit, which can be as dark as molasses.
  2. While rum is made from sugar cane, the distilled spirit contains no sugar and has the same calories by volume as vodka or whisky. However, many rum producers add sugar after distillation to achieve a desired flavor profile.  Yolo Rum does not add sugar to the finished product, making Yolo Rum sugar free. Yolo Rum, is also gluten-free, making it an all-natural option for drinkers with diet restrictions.
  3. Considered a renegade spirit because there is no single standard for what constitutes rum, this spirit with 17th century roots continues to be one of the least understood distilled spirits; that’s why we’re so passionate about spreading the message of rum love at Yolo!

So What Kinds of Rums Are There Out There?

Modern rum is usually made by using one of three methods: direct fermentation of sugar cane juice; creating a concentrated syrup from sugar cane juice and fermenting the byproduct; and processing the sugarcane juice into a molasses and fermenting it. As with other popular spirits, climate and soil play an important role in determining the final taste of the rum. For example, rum produced from molasses from Puerto Rico will taste different than a rum made from Dominican molasses, even if the two were distilled in exactly the same place and using the same method. Discover some of the characteristics of different kinds of rum with Yolo!

Characteristics of Different Kinds of Rum

  • Light rum: clear colored with buttery and subtle flavor, silver rums like Yolo Silver are one of the most-used in cocktails.  Yolo Rum Silver classifies as a light, white, or silver rum.  Yolo Rum Silver is aged at least 2 years in un-charred American Tennessee White Oak barrels.
  • Gold rum: Aged longer than light rum, gold rums get their color and flavor from the oak barrels they’re aged in. Because of this, gold rums have more body than their light counterparts and can be enjoyed neat or with a single ice cube.
  • Dark rum: Often featured in rum punch cocktails, dark rums are aged longer. With hints of spices or nuts, caramel, coffee, dark rums can have added caramels or spices, which changes their flavor profile.
  • Aged Rum: Although similar in color and body to gold rum, aged rums merit their own category. Unlike other kinds of rum, which sometimes contain additives, Aged rums get their golden color and flavor ONLY from the barrels that they are aged in.  Yolo Rum Gold technically classifies as an aged rum.  Yolo Rum Gold is aged at least 10 years in charred American Tennessee White Oak barrels.  No sugar or molasses is added to Yolo Rum Gold.  The flavor and coloring is achieved exclusively in the 10+ year aging process. 
  • Spiced rum: Flavored by the addition of spices like cinnamon and pepper, spiced rums are darker in color and often featured in classic rum cocktails.

#RumLove with summertime rum cocktailsCatch #RumLove with these Summer Rum Cocktails with Yolo

Whether you are a rum aficionado or just looking for a refreshing summer cocktail, there are a number of classic summer rum cocktail recipes to help you live like there’s no tomorrow!

How are you cooling down with Yolo rum this Summer? Let us know by finding Yolo Rum near you and sharing your recipes!!

What is an Award-Winning Rum Anyway?

What is an Award-Winning Rum Anyway?

Yolo Rum Competition Medals and Awards

2019 has been another award-winning year for Yolo Rum. Find out what it takes to bottle excellence with Yolo Rum!

At Yolo Rum, our team is obsessed with excellence. From our partnership with master distiller Don Pancho, to create the perfect rum, to our work to get the message—and the taste—of Yolo rum out to our community of rum connoisseurs, our hard work has been acknowledged time and again at industry competitions. Find out what it takes to be an award-winning rum when you only live once with Yolo!

Why is Yolo Rum Winning So Many Awards?!

Coming fresh off of our first appearance at the 2019 Nightclub and Bar Show in March, Yolo Rum has been making headlines and living up to its namesake with not one, not two but four awards for our Gold and Silver Rums.

Yolo Goes Home with Silver and Gold at the Inaugural Proof Awards

Yolo Rum returned to Vegas this June from the 16-18 to participate in the inaugural Proof (Pr%f) Awards. Held at Tivoli Village, in the west part of Sin City, the mission of the PR%F Awards was to introduce spirits brands to key decision makers in the liquor industry in a two-day event that included more than 30 spirit industry leaders and 500 spirit brands. Over the course of the event, 2019 Proof Awards judges participated in a blind-tasting point-rating competition featuring hundreds of participants. The judges, who were mainstream liquor buyers, distributors, and industry leaders with buying decision capability awarded Yolo with two medals in the competition. Yolo Rum Gold won a gold medal and Yolo Rum Silver won a silver medal, respectively and both were featured in the July 2019 issue of Food & Beverage Magazine.

Sipping in the Winners Circle at the Spirits International Prestige Awards (SIP)

When it comes to spirit competitions, the SIP Awards stand apart as the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition that caters to the opinions and palates of the discerning spirit enthusiast. By providing a truly even playing field for established brands and newcomers alike, the goal of SIP’s organizers is to provide “one of the most reliable measures of beverage quality rating in the world by delivering the opinions, thoughts, and voices of the consumers to the general public.”

As a unique, spirit judging competition, unaffected by industry bias, we were honored to discover that Yolo Rum Gold and Yolo Rum Silver were both awarded with Gold medals in their respective categories of Extra Aged Rum (Yolo Gold) and White Rum (Yolo Silver)! According to SIP’s website, “the Gold medal celebrates spirits that demonstrated a noteworthy performance in a double blind tasting with a diverse consumer panel. With scores in the upper division, Gold medal spirits are strongly recommended.”  Yolo Rum is continually demonstrating excellence as an award winning rum.

This year’s SIP Awards judging panel included 146 consumer judges hand-selected by organizers to ensure demographic diversity. The organizers of the SIP awards also screened their judges for any potential spirit brand affiliation to ensure the integrity of the results.

As the only blind tasting competition of its kind, the SIP Awards is an unbiased platform for top brands like Yolo to showcase their products to the most discerning of audiences. This year’s competition included almost 1,000 spirits and mixers entered across 93 different categories.

What Other Awards has Yolo Rum Won?

These Summer wins have brought Yolo’s international medal count up to 27 in just a few years! Other awards we’ve won include:

  • 2015 Denver International Spirits Competition Winner: Double Gold Medal & Best in Class – Yolo Gold
  • 2015 RumXP Panel Winner at the Miami Rum Festival Winner: Gold Medal in the ‘Aged 10 to 15’ Year Category – Yolo 10
  • 2016 Denver International Spirits Competition Winner: Silver Medal in the ‘Extra Aged Rum’ Category and Bronze Medal for Yolo Silver in the ‘White Rum’ category – Yolo 10 and Yolo Silver
  • 2016 RumXP Panel Winner at the Miami Rum Festival Winner: Gold MEdal Winner for RumXP Best in Class for Aged Rums and named Best Aged Rum by a Consumer Jury – Yolo Gold
  • 2017 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) 74th Annual Convention and Exposition: Gold Medal Winner in Spirits Tasting Competition – Yolo Gold
  • 2017 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition: Gold and Silver Medal Winners: Yolo Rum Gold, Yolo Rum Silver and Yolo Rum Clear, respectively.
  • 2017 San Diego Spirits Festival and International Competition: Gold and Silver Medal Winner – Yolo Rum Gold and Yolo Rum Clear, respectively.
  • 2017 Global Spirit Awards: Gold and Silver Medal Winner – Yolo Silver and Yolo Gold, respectively.
  • 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Winner Double Gold Medal and Bronze Medal Winner – Yolo Gold and Yolo Silver, respectively.
  • 2018 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America 75th Annual Convention and Exposition: Winner Silver Medal in the Spirits Tasting Competition – Yolo Silver
  • 2018 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition: Winner Gold and Bronze Medals – Yolo Gold and Yolo Silver, respectively.

Sip on Proof that Excellence Comes in a Bottle…of Yolo Rum

Not all rum was created equal. Why is all the rum gone? Discover the difference and find your #RumLove with Yolo today! 

Rum Love from Redman

The award winning Yolo Rum gets some #RumLove from Redman. He gave a shout out to our team of investors for the success that our Democracy Powered rum has had.

Yolo Rum is a Denver based company with Panamanian Rum blended and distilled in Panama by Don Pancho Fernandez. Yolo Rum is a Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Award Winning Rum.

Yolo Rum is the Official Rum of Arise Music Festival 2019

Yolo Rum is the Official Rum of Arise Music Festival 2019

Yolo Rum official rum of Arise Music Festival 2019

The Arise Music Festival takes place on August 2 – 4, 2019 at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. Three days of music, art, yoga, camping, and community.

The time is nearly upon us as the Arise Music Festival takes over the Sunrise Ranch in beautiful Loveland, Colorado on August 2nd through August 4th, as the valley is transformed into a festival wonderland experience!  Arise Music Festival is a musically diverse, independent, family run event featuring 7 stages of live music, yoga, workshops, theme camps, art gallery and installations, children’s village, speakers, films and camping on 100 beautiful mountain valley acres.  Recognizing festival attendees desire to experience a wide range of musical genres during their festival experience, Arise books acts all across the musical spectrum to make sure there is something for (almost) everyone. 

Interview with Arise Music Festival co-Founder and Producer Paul Bassis

Check out our 2019 Arise Music Festival Photo Gallery

You can expect to hear a great deal of variety during the three day festival with musical influences ranging from Electronic and Dance music, Bluegrass, Jam Bands, Rock and Roll, Reggae, Funk, Hip-Hop, World Fusion, Experimental, and much more.  The Arise Festival musical headliners for 2019 include Tipper, Beats Antique, Railroad Earth, Leftover Salmon, SunSquabi, CloZee, Rising Appalachia, just to mention a few.  And while most attendees might look at the line-up of international headliners and see wide range of music that piques their interest, the Arise Festival strives to be something so much more than just a concert experience.

Arise Festival Loveland Colorado Sunrise Ranch

“Part Burning Man…Pure Colorado” — The Denver Post

Festival goers of Arise can expect to hear three days of amazing music performed by amazing people.  There is no doubt about that.  What Arise Festival attendees might not fully expect is a robust experience that touches on all of their senses through a series of workshops, classes and themed villages that aim to not only please your earbuds, but also uplift your mind, body, spirit and soul.  Throughout the festival grounds you will encounter villages like the Wisdom Village and the Healing Village with classes centered around a number of topics including philosophy, mindfulness, consciousness, breathing exercises, meditation, personal development, wellness and more.  Arise is also considered to be one of the top yoga festivals in the world.  There is even a Children’s Village for kids (or the kid in all of us), with art, face painting, slacklining, acro yoga, parkour and yes, even a kids dance party!  The festival is designed to be accessible, welcoming and affordable for families, as kids 12 and under our free.  Another important part of the Arise Festival ethos.    

Arise Music Festival Yoga class

Another fundamental aspect of the Arise Festival ideology is the organization’s commitment to “green” initiatives.  Not only does the Arise Festival plant a tree for every ticket sold, but the entire Arise community upholds forward-thinking standards to minimize the event’s environmental impact and promote sustainability.  All food vendors are required to use compostable bio-cups and flatware onsite.  Recycling and compost stations are strategically placed throughout the campgrounds and concert bowl.  And amazingly, water in single-use plastic bottles are not sold at ARISE.  Instead the festival offers free water on-site and encourages everyone to bring reusable, refillable water bottles!  The Festival is committed to hosting a clean, green, eco-conscious, leave no trace event, and adheres to the policy of leaving the campgrounds at Sunrise Ranch in better shape than they found it every year.

Arise Music Festival Art Installation

It’s easy to see why the Arise Festival is a perfect fit for Yolo Rum.  Many of the Arise community core values are in alignment with the ideology of the Yolo Rum brand.  Sustainability, eco-conscious, responsibility, independence, a grassroots community, a commitment to quality, enjoying the journey, and life’s balance of prudence and excellence.  The event is filled to the brim with good music, good people, and good times, with an emphasis on enjoying the experience responsibly.  This uplifting celebration encourages the exploration of human potential in a safe and constructive environment.  Not only are you there to enjoy that moment, and to be present, but there is also a seed planted within you to take that love and positivity and to share it with others.  The organizers of the Arise Festival don’t want to beat you over the head with messaging, but there are a handful of prevalent themes that surface when thinking and talking about the Arise Festival.  Community, gathering together to make friends, sharing and exchanging ideas, spirituality, consciousness, self improvement, being present, and putting a smile on the next person’s face.  Because we must all do our part to make the planet a better place than how we found it.  You only live once, live your best life!

Slightly Stoopid at Arise Music FestivalArise Music Festival StageStick Figure at Arise Music Festival

Arise Music Festival 2019 Headliners:

Tipper – British composer and producer specializing in electronic music that ranges from ambient, through trip hop, to nu skool breaks. Noted for scratching his own sounds over his music, creating a live element of turntablism.

Beats Antique – Experimental world fusion and electronic music group formed in 2007.  Noted for their mix of different genres as well as their live shows, which mix samples and heavy percussion with Tribal Fusion dance and performance art. They aim for a show anyone can enjoy, a circus that feeds the spirit.

Railroad Earth – Formed in New Jersey in 2001, they don’t want to classify their music as one genre but they could accurately be described as heavily bluegrass-influenced.  The band’s music combines elements of progressive bluegrass, folk, rock, country, jazz, Celtic and other Americana influences.  They are recognized as “carrying on the tradition of improvisational, genre-spanning music laid forth by the Grateful Dead.”

Leftover Salmon – Formed in 1989 in Boulder, Colorado, the band is a pioneer of the modern jamband scene.  Leftover Salmon has been at the forefront since their earliest days as a forward thinking, progressive bluegrass band.

Sunsquabi – Also hailing from Colorado, Sunsquabi is a three-piece live electronic experience where jam bands and electronic dance music intersect with rhythm-driven funk.  This cosmic wonderland is a melting pot of a variety of musical genres.

CloZee – Based simultaneously in Toulouse, France and on stages across the world, CloZee performs and produces under the broad structure of electronic and bass music.  While her musical influence is informed by sound the world over, Clozee finds her best fit in World Bass’ corner.

Rising Appalachia – As world travelers for nearly two decades, Rising Appalachia have merged multiple global music influences with their own southern roots to create their signature folk, soul and world music sound. Remarkably the band has built its legion of listeners independently — a self-made success story that has led to major festival appearances and sold-out shows at venues across the country.

Past headliners of the Arise Festival include Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure, Thievery Corporation, Atmosphere, Ziggy Marley, Jurrasic 5, The Polish Ambassador, Michael Franti, Emancipator.

Yolo Podcast Interview with Arise Festival Co-Founder and Producer Paul Bassis

For this episode of the Yolo Podcast, we were lucky enough to catch up with the Arise Festival Co-Founder and Producer, Paul Bassis. In the interview we talk about the festival and some of the highlights of this year’s programming as well as memories from the previous 6 years of the event. What makes Arise Festival unique and creates the sense of community surrounding the festival, the attendees, and the Arise team. And we talk about why it’s important to them to partner up with other local independant brands with similar core values.


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2018 Magical Moments

Yolo Investors Webinar #006

Phil Guerin the founder of Yolo Rum and J. WIGNZ the owner of Yolo Rum host a webinar with the investors who purchased shares of Yolo Rum to provide an update about the brand and our direction.

Winner of 27 International Awards. Yolo Rum is Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Delicious.

Yolo Rum Awarded Two Medals at 2019 Proof Awards

Yolo Rum Awarded Two Medals at 2019 Proof Awards

2019 Proof Awards Gold Silver Yolo Rum

Yolo Rum recently took part in the inaugural Proof (Pr%f) Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.  More than 30 spirit industry leaders and upwards of 500 spirits brands participated in the event during a two-day blind-tasting point-rating competition held at the Tivoli Village in the west part of Las Vegas on June 16-18, 2019.  Yolo Rum was awarded with two medals in the competition, with Yolo Rum Gold winning a gold medal and Yolo Rum Silver winning a silver medal.  2019 Proof Awards winners are featured in the July 2019 issue of Food & Beverage Magazine.  The recent awards now brings the medal count to 27 in international competition.

The awards competition was open to spirits brands, domestic and international, with nearly 100 categories to enter.  All spirits were rated on a proprietary 100-point system crowning medals to those who scored 70 points or above. (Bronze: 70 – 79 (Daily Drinker); Silver: 80-89 (Praise); Gold: 90-95 (Highly Recommended); Double Gold: 96-99 (Superlative) and Century Award: 100 Points-A Perfect Score (Highest Honor, Unparalleled, Peerless.)

The idea behind the PR%F Awards was to create an avenue to introduce spirits brands to key decision makers in the liquor industry, and therefore, all 2019 Proof Awards judges were mainstream liquor buyers, distributors, and industry leaders with buying decision capability.  Our judges hailed from 11 different states and hospitality arenas – Delta Sky Clubs/Delta Airlines, Young’s Market Company, The Sugar Factory, Hard Rock International, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Spec’s, Breakthru Beverage Group, Good Spirits Distribution, BevStrat, Inc., Liquid Distributors-GA, Burke Distribution, RLED, LLC, Caesars Palace, Boyd Gaming, Sheraton, ARK 1521, The Strat Casino Hotel & Tower, Downtown Project-DTP, Alicart Restaurant Group (Carmine’s Italian, Virgil’s BBQ), Giordano’s Pizza-Corporate and Marque Media.

All spirits were evaluated in NEAT, the official judging glass, scientifically designed to deliver the best aromas for evaluation and enjoyment.

You Only Live Once…
Enjoy Responsibly

You must be at least 21 years old to enter the Yolo Rum website.

By clicking to enter you agree that you are of legal drinking age.