Yolo Rum is Now Available in Louisiana

yolo rum available in Louisiana

Great news for Louisiana rum lovers

We have great news for rum lovers in the Bayou State! Yolo Rum is now available in Louisiana! Yolo Rum, one of the fastest growing and highest-rated rum brands, can be found in stores throughout the state. Yolo Rum has gained a reputation for being a premium, handcrafted rum that is perfect for sipping straight or for use in high-end cocktails.

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Tales of a new cocktail

The availability of Yolo Rum in Louisiana is great news for our brand, and we are incredibly honored to be a part the state’s iconic craft cocktail scene. Louisiana is known for a rich history of spirits and cocktails, and Yolo Rum fits perfectly into that tradition. Yolo Rum has already gained a following among rum enthusiasts and mixologists for its quality and versatility and we are excited to introduce new rum lovers to the Yolo Rum experience. Keep an eye out for promotional events and tastings in collaboration with liquor stores and local bars and restaurants for an opportunity to try Yolo Rum for yourself. With its high-quality ingredients and award winning quality, Yolo Rum is sure to impress Louisiana residents and become a fixture in the state’s cocktail scene.

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Where can you find Yolo Rum in Louisiana?

If you are wondering where you can find Yolo Rum in Louisiana then look no further than Martin Wine and Spirits, as Yolo Rum has recently been added to their inventory. Martin Wine and Spirits is a well-known liquor store in New Orleans and across Louisiana with a wide selection of spirits and wines from around the world. Established in 1946, Martin Wine and Spirits has been providing customers with quality products for over 75 years. Martin Wine and Spirits, and Yolo Rum believe their customers will be pleased to buy and try Yolo Rum. We are confident that they will enjoy its unique flavor profile and appreciate its all-natural ingredients. Stop by today to pick up your bottle of Yolo Rum! If you aren’t located near a Martin Wine and Spirits location, you can find other establishments that carry Yolo Rum on our store locator page.

Yolo Rum for liquor stores, bars and restaurants

If you make sprits buying decisions for a liquor store, or a bar or restaurant, you can find Yolo Rum with our distributor in the state of Louisiana, Wines Unlimited. Wines Unlimited services the entire state of Louisiana with a professional team of product-educated sales representatives. We are excited to be a part of their world-class portfolio of wines and spirits.

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