The Yolo Rum Love Story

Yolo Rum Love with Phil and Jessica Guerin

This is the story of the “Rum Love” that was found by bringing the amazing vision of Yolo Rum to life.

This is the story of Yolo Rum. It’s a love story about beating the odds, living your dreams, and always giving back. You only live once, so let’s take a deep dive into how one man’s vision started a love for all things rum.

The Yolo Rum Love Story

Yolo Rum founder Phil Guerin, a whiskey drinker, found himself the lone whiskey drinker at a bar in Guatemala where everyone else drank rum. Encouraged by locals to try their rum, Phil was impressed with the smooth buttery flavor of the rum. This was the beginning of a love story with rum.  A rum love story, if you will.

Phil wanted to introduce great-tasting rum like what he experienced in Guatemala to the United States. So Phil took his background in marketing and retail, and along with his wife Jessica, the two embarked on a mission to create a quality rum brand in the U.S.

“Don Pancho” Fernandez – The Minister of Rum

Jessica’s connections in the corporate world allowed her to introduce Phil to the legendary Cuban Born master distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Known as “The Minister of Rum” in Cuba, Don Pancho modernized and revolutionized the industry while working for notable distilleries. The world’s most respected and honored rum blender had agreed to Phil’s vision; to create a superior rum blend with rich flavors and a buttery, smooth finish. Don Pancho did just that by creating top-shelf Yolo Rum Gold. A 10-year aging process provides the final product with a rich, tawny color and finishes with a smooth, buttery taste.

Yolo Rum Silver is aged two years and is the world’s premium white rum for mixing. All Yolo Rum is made with no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and is always gluten-free.

With a whopping 32 International Awards, Yolo Rum has become the industry standard. With multiple Best-of-Class and Gold Medals, Yolo embraces the “you only live once” motto by creating award-winning spirits to be enjoyed as you live life to the fullest while giving back.


Since first established in 2012, Yolo Rum has been committed to making a difference in the communities where they work and live. They strive to be responsible corporate citizens and make a difference in each of the communities they serve. As active participants in charitable events, they give back to local communities to help fight against poverty and improve educational opportunities. They’ve helped thousands of exceptional young people accomplish incredible goals.

Drink Responsibly

Yolo Rum is committed to educating the public about responsible alcohol consumption and discourages underage drinking. Adult beverages are meant to be consumed for personal enjoyment. A balanced lifestyle and responsible choices create safety and wellness of all. Don’t drink and drive!  Visit for more information.

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