Yolo’s Commitment to Sustainability

Yolo Rum Commitment to Sustainability

We embrace a core commitment to sustainability, and it remains an essential element of the distilling process.

Climate change threatens the very existence of the sugar cane crops needed to make the premium rum produced by Yolo Rum. The owners of the company embrace sustainability and climate action as an important requirement for the distillery. As cultivation, growing, and harvest seasons are altered by global warming, the quantity and quality of sugar cane used to make spirits, and other sugar-based products is in jeopardy. The makers of Yolo Rum have decided to do their part in resisting climate change with a commitment to sustainability which benefits not only the company but also the local community and the world at large.

Sustainable Production

The sugar cane mill used by Yolo Rum can crush more than 4,000 metric tonnes of sugar cane every day. This produces a tremendous amount of agricultural plant fiber waste which the mill then recycles to produce clean energy. The waste product biomass left behind by the sugar extraction process is used to fuel the factory boiler, producing clean steam energy. This steam powers turbines and creates electricity for the distillation process. Any excess energy generated by the factory biomass boiler is fed back into the local electrical grid, providing energy for neighboring Herrera Province.

Surplus Carbon Credits

Yolo Rum is one of the few companies in the sugar cane production industry that creates carbon credits through their sustainable practices. A company earns a carbon credit for every tonne of greenhouse gas emissions they prevent from being released into the atmosphere. The distillery can sell these credits to offset emissions created by other polluters and at least 30% of all dividends earned by their carbon credits to benefit the community of Herrera directly.


Located between Los Santos and Herrera Province on the Azuero Peninsula in Panama, Yolo Rum’s production facilities make exporting their products easy and efficient. Their close proximity to the Panama Canal allows the company to ship its products worldwide without the burden of unnecessarily producing unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.


The sustainability practices utilized by Yolo Rum, their sugar cane mill, and the distillation factory exemplify how a climate-conscious company can benefit from taking care of the Earth. Carbon credits increase profitability but also help the community and the environment. Their business model of crafting a superior product with a negative carbon footprint entices customers and remains true to its namesake. You only live once, and Yolo Rum is dedicated to making that one time the best it can be.

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