Yolo Rum Touts Sustainable Operations on Earth Day

Environmental and social responsibility are at the center of Yolo Rum’s sustainable practices.

Sustainability is at the core of the Yolo ethos

Yolo Rum’s dedication to an environmentally friendly and sustainable production process includes supporting; viable sugar cane farming techniques, utilizing sugar cane by-products to produce a surplus of renewable electrical energy and producing renewable ethanol biofuel. Yolo Rum’s distiller has won an international sustainability award, along with receiving a Fair-Trade certification and a Carbon Neutral certification.

Social responsibility is paramount to Yolo Rum. An educated population can make better choices for the Earth’s health. That is why Yolo Rum supports Cooperative for Education (coeduc.org) a sustainable educational organization that works to break the cycle of poverty for indigenous Mayan school children in Guatemala. Locally, Yolo rum actively supports responsibility.org, which works with parents and teachers in our community to educate and raise children to be good decision-makers.

“You only live once, and Yolo Rum aspires to make the world a better place, not just Earth Day, but every day!” Declares Philip Guerin, Founder, and COO of Yolo Rum.


Story first appeared on Yorkpedia.com on Earth Day 2021.

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