Yolo Party Ideas to Get You Through the Winter

Yolo Winter Party Ideas

Stay warm with these winter party ideas

It’s cold outside and you might be feeling like the polar blast will never end, but what’s a better way to stay warm than with a fun party? Pick out an exciting theme for your event, follow our simple essential checklist (it includes everything from drink ideas to décor suggestions), invite friends over so they can join in on all of those chilly days spent inside! These winter party ideas will warm up your tummy and your soul.

Ping Pong Tournament

What could be better than a ping pong tournament? A game room that never gets used is perfect for hosting this event. Set out simple snacks and make sure you have everything necessary to set up the bracket, including special prizes for winners! Letting all your friends know about it will ensure plenty of participants–and maybe even some new ones too?

Famous Duos Party

The perfect couples-focused party theme for your friends who love to dress up as famous (or infamous) spouses! The fun starts with them coming dressed in character, and then it’s everyone else dressing alike but also having some individual flair. You can take this one step further by serving duo-themed snacks and/or Yolo Rum cocktails like the Yolo Razz.

Karaoke Party

So you might want to throw a karaoke party? Well, we’ve got some great suggestions for how and what! Whether your budget is small or big (or in between), these tips will help ensure that everyone has an amazing time.
A few key things before throwing any type of celebration: Get the right equipment, from microphones and speakers all the way down to mixed drinks; it’s important for the audio and visual to be dialed in when performing on stage. Choosing songs wisely so people can sing along without having too many difficulties with lyrics is clutch to throwing a killer Karaoke party.

Game Night

One of the best parts about hosting game night is getting to see everyone in their element. The perfect setting for this type of social gathering would include comfortable seating and enough games so that no one feels bored or overwhelmed by repetition as they play through multiple rounds together at once!
A successful event will depend on choosing between playing more sedately (clue) versus raucously fast-paced cards like poker; balancing food items that require utensils but can easily be eaten while still providing guests some sustenance during long bouts without much movement.

Party Night Cocktail Suggestion : The Yolo Yummy

The Yolo Rum Yummy is one of our delicious signature cocktails that will make you the most popular person at your next BBQ! The Yolo Rum Yummy, our original signature Yolo Rum cocktail! This drink is easy to make, and sure to delight the taste buds of anyone that has the luxury of coming into contact with this delicious beverage! Often compared with an “Orange Dream Soda” or a “Creamsicle”, a couple of sips of this drink will have you reminiscing about summertime bike rides, twilight games of neighborhood tag, and chasing down the ice cream man.


  • 2 oz Yolo Rum Gold
  • 5 oz Jones Cream Soda
  • Splash of Orange Juice
  • Orange slice wedge, to garnish (optional)


  • Fill your glass with ice
  • Pour the ingredients into the glass – Add the Yolo Rum Gold, Jones Cream Soda, and finally the splash of orange juice. Gently stir the ingredients to mix.
  • Add orange slice or wedge to garnish

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