Rum is Still the Hidden Gem of Spirits

rum hidden gem of spirits

Rum is often overlooked

Think about rum for a second. What comes to mind? Like most people, you might think of pirates or tropical islands. But what about the spirit itself? Rum is often overlooked in favor of whiskey or vodka, but it deserves attention! This post will explore the flavor of this underrated liquor. So put on your adventure hat, and learn more about this incredible spirit!

Rum has a bit of an image problem

When you think of rum, outdated images of drunken pirates or tropical drinks might come to mind. You’ll be surprised by how many misconceptions exist around this underrated liquor, both in cocktails and as a spirit for sipping on its own, neat (which we highly recommend).

Not all rums are the same

The delicious, refreshing taste of rum results from it being fermented and distilled from sugar cane. This ancient drink can be found throughout the Caribbean and anywhere in the world. Many people also don’t know that sugarcane is native to Southeast Asia, and Rum is produced in over 80 countries and all the continents (except Antarctica).

It's not the sweet spirit you think it is

The most important thing you need to know about rum is that it’s not always sweet- quite the contrary. Rum is distilled from sugar cane, but some brands add sugar and other flavorings after fermentation and distillation have taken place, which led many people to think all rums were overpowering with sugary taste because those additives cause changes in flavor profiles depending on how much of each ingredient slides through during production process.

How has rum been classified?

The three main regional styles of rum are English, Spanish and French. These descriptions have somewhat fallen out of fashion, but we think they’re still useful for describing the different styles in which rums can be categorized- such as light or dark.

English – The flavors in English rums are often much stronger than those found on other continents. The molasses note can be quite prominent, giving these spirits an earthy flavor that some people find appealing.

French – This style of rum is the most popular alcoholic drink in much of Africa, Asia, and Europe. It’s distilled from pressed sugar cane juice, which gives it an unusual grassy flavor profile that many people find refreshing or appealing to their taste buds!

Spanish – With its light-bodied taste, crispiness, and smoothness, Spanish-style rum is the perfect drink for those who want to enjoy every moment of their night.

Many people might not know, but many factors make these two very distinct in their operations. The most important factor in determining the quality of a rum is how it’s distilled. You might also categorize by distillation methods—pot versus column stills (the former being strongly associated with Jamaican rums). The aging process changes the color of rum. Rums aged in oak barrels will turn darker and more brown than their younger counterparts, while unaged rums may be white or clear in flavor, but they lack complexity.

It’s time for some Rum Love!

Rum is an under-valued and underrated liquor that has been ignored for too long. The sophisticated world of cocktails has finally arrived to offer a taste for something different. The terroir-based flavors and complex taste profiles in rum make it the perfect ingredient that can take your drink from good all the way up to great! It’s time we put this great drink back on our radar and give it some love!

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