Nolan Carroll Visits Distillery in Panama to Meet Don Pancho Fernandez

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Face-to-face with rum royalty

Yolo Rum investor Nolan Carroll had the pleasure of visiting the Yolo Rum Distillery in Panama recently and meeting the man behind this delicious rum, “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Don Pancho was a wealth of knowledge about all things rum, and Nolan spoke about his recent experience on his YouTube show “Conversations With Carroll” and was very impressed with the Yolo Rum operation. The distillery is situated on a beautiful piece of property overlooking beautiful landscapes in Panama. The trip was an opportunity for the Yolo Rum team to meet face-to-face with one of the most important individuals in the rum industry.

Conversations With Carroll

In this Episode, Nolan shares his experience visiting the Yolo Rum Distillery in Panama and meeting Don Pancho for the first time. This was Nolan’s first trip to Panama and definitely won’t be his last! He discussed some of the biggest takeaways from his trip in the video below and we recommend watching his latest episode to truly understand the time, effort, planning, and the ability to grow something from nothing!

Nolan Carroll and Jessica with Yolo Rum barrels
Nolan Carroll Yolo Rum Distillery

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