The Yolo Rum Yummy is a signature cocktail drink

The Yolo Rum Yummy is one of our delicious signature cocktails!

Introducing the cocktail that will make you the most popular person at your next BBQ! The Yolo Rum Yummy, our original signature Yolo Rum cocktail! This drink is easy to make, and sure to delight the taste buds of anyone that has the luxury of coming into contact with this delicious beverage! Often compared with an “Orange Dream Soda” or a “Creamsicle”, a couple sips of this drink will have you reminiscing about summertime bike rides, twilight games of neighborhood tag, and chasing down the ice cream man.



Fill your glass with ice.


Pour the ingredients into the glass – Add the Yolo Rum Gold, Jones Creme Soda, and finally the splash of orange juice. Gently stir the ingredients to mix.


2 oz. Yolo Rum Gold
5 oz. Jones Creme Soda
A splash of Orange Juice
Some ice
Orange slice wedge, to garnish (optional)
A glass
A measuring jigger
A spoon

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