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You Only Live Once

YOLO, Ltd., founded in Denver, Colorado, established a partnership with Consorcio Licorero Nacional S.A. of Panama City, Panama. It is a unique pairing that benefits rum aficionados searching for the ultimate rum experience.

YOLO Rum is made from rare strains of sugar cane found only in small areas of Central America and the Caribbean. A specially prepared sugar cane juice is fermented and distilled through a complex, five-stage series of operations. Then Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez works his magic. He dictates how and for how long the rum will be stored before he decides which blends he will craft into either light or dark liquors. Under his watchful care, the aging of the rums in charred barrels takes care of the rest. And, finally, YOLO is born.

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Rum Love

What People Are Saying

Yolo Rum Amazing, fantastic!

Terence Thomas & Kevin O'Leary Founder of O'Leary Financial Group

Aged 10 years, Yolo Gold is plenty smooth for sipping, with a nice finish that’s heavy on the vanilla with very little burn. It’s solid, bordering on sophisticated, which, of course, very much flies in the face of the brand image. Rum is typically fun, but don’t let Yolo Gold fool you… She’s classier than she seems.

Steve Bennett Uncommon Caribbean

The standard all rums should be held to.

Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez Cuban born Legendary Master Rum Distiller

YOLO Silver rum is decent but the influence of oak makes the gold rum fabulous. In a world where rum currently represents some of the best value on the market, Yolo Gold represents that kind of "quest bottle" that causes us to specifically seek it out and purchase. We particularly recommend for those who like milder bourbons or Canadian whisky... to them, Yolo Gold might be a revelation.

Neal MacDonald Co-Founder, Partner Proof66


Environmentally Conscious

At the core of our commitment to making what we believe is the best rum in the world is our added belief that we must also care for the environment and the communities in which we work.

Sustainability is a fundamental core value that Yolo Rum was founded and built upon. Environmental responsibility is important to us.

Yolo Rum is created in a facility that recycles the sugar cane refuse that is left over once the necessary ingredients are extracted from the plants. The sugar cane plant fiber is used to fuel the boilers that power the electrical turbines used at the factory. Any extra power goes into a grid for the general population. This revolutionary process has provided the distillery with a surplus of carbon credits.

Yolo Rum Cocktail Recipes

29 International Awards