Yolo Rum Sells Equity Shares on Wefunder, for Crowdfund

Yolo Rum aims to become the first “democracy powered” major spirits brand.

Yolo Rum is selling shares in pursuit of becoming the first “democracy powered” major spirit brand and company, according to, Philip Guerin, founder of Yolo Rum. By using a type of investment platform called a crowdfund, Yolo Rum is inviting the public to invest money and also help build the company’s notoriety. Guerin proudly states, “We have an amazing team, and adding hundreds of brand advocates that are vested through ownership is the definition of ‘democracy powered.'”

Follow the link to read more about the Yolo Rum Equity Crowdfund Campaign.

Yolo Rum Equity Crowdfund on Wefunder

The crowdfund campaign went live to the public, Wednesday, June 20th on the Wefunder platform.

Follow this link to go directly to the Yolo Rum Equity Crowdfund on Wefunder.