Yolo Rum Podcast with Video Producer Kevin Fox

Putting the Social back in Social Media with Kevin Fox

When it comes to getting engaged and staying relevant in the digital age, it doesn’t happen unless its online. So how do you connect audiences with the best rum in the world? Find out how Yolo is stepping up the game up by bringing on executive producer and digital media planner Kevin Fox.


From Childhood Passion to Full-time Profession

When it comes to turning your passion into your profession, there are few stories more unique than that of Kevin Fox Damata. His passion for capturing moments and creating content started when he was a young child. Armed with a VHS recorder gifted to him by his father, Damata and his brother produced their own commercials when he was just five years old.

“I was a product of the eighties, and I was constantly creating content,” he said. Damata’s instinct to create was fostered by a middle school education at a vocational school that allowed him the opportunity to actually go and do work in TV production.

“[The school] allowed students to go a public access station and learn the skills of being in TV productions,” he said. “Instead of doing the typical math, science, I would go to that station and participate in creating content.”

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After writing, shooting, and editing an award-winning film in middle school, Damata majored in Radio and Television in college; it wasn’t until his late twenties however, that production became a conscious career path for him.

“I kept doing it for years but always as a hobby,” he said. “I always had a camera, I’d always shoot something but I never took it as a career path until my late twenties.”

Balancing an education with entrepreneurial endeavors that included starting a café with his older brother, Damata took an approach that his life was his classroom. “I said in my mind, ‘a piece of paper is not going to change the course of my life,’” he said. “A lot of people go to college because they want the piece of paper at the end of it but they don’t know what they’re going to do. I knew exactly what I wanted to do—I was just trying to be a practitioner and learn the things I didn’t know through whatever avenue I could.”

Taking his hobby and turning it into a career also came from a need to follow his own path said Damata. “I started being a practitioner of video productions, of marketing, of branding, of journalism,” he said. “Having all of those skills wrapped up allowed me to become an entrepreneur in the digital marketing, social media [field].”

Taking Brands from Social Slump to Viral Video

One of the unique skills that Damata brings to the table, is his mastery of traditional media and willingness to embrace digital developments to bring brands the awareness and engagements they all need to succeed. “It was when I grabbed my smartphone and I shot something and then I was able to edit and post it that I realized…oh shit, this is going to be huge,” he said.

“I started noticing the way people were marketing their brands wasn’t getting the engagements anymore. I noticed what people were actually using their devices for,” he said. “They weren’t logging in to look at your commercial… you need to create experience pieces, organic videos that engage, educate, entertain or offer some kind of value to the consumer and I noticed that a lot brands weren’t doing it and they still don’t.”

As one of the creatives helping Yolo Rum grow to the next level in people’s cups and minds, Damata said that it’s all about genuine conversations and celebrating the real moments that bring us all together.

“The term is ‘social media,’” Damata said. “When you provide media, you’re only giving half of what is necessary to get your followers to engage in your product, so you need to be social. This means you have to actually engage with the people that are on your pages.”

Find Your Inspiration with Yolo Rum

Whether you’re living the dream every time you clock in, or seizing the day when you clock out, you only live once. Check out the rest of the podcast and then go do what you do best with Yolo Rum.