Yolo Rum Podcast with Francois Baptiste

The ultimate Denver nightlife hustle with Francois Baptiste of 3DEEP Productions.

From the Boulder college scene to Denver’s hottest lounges, Francois has made a name and a space for urban culture in Colorado’s nightlife. For 15 years he and his partner in partying, Alvin LaCabe have played a pivotal role in bringing the best of urban culture, concerts, comedy, and fashion to the Denver club scene.

Francois’ passion for producing events has had an opportunity to take center stage through his ownership stake in 3DEEP Productions. Together with his business partners, 3DEEP produces weekly club nights, special events, concerts, and more in Denver. With decades of collective experience in Denver nightlife, the team at 3DEEP strives to give their guests and clients the best possible experience while cultivating a unique cultural haven for hip-hop in Colorado.

Getting their start by producing events for students at the University of Colorado, 3DEEP now produces the longest running hip hop night in Denver at Club Vinyl, Reggae on the Roof. Given his proximity to the music industry through a career as a promoter for House of Blues and host of a mixtape show on KS 107.5, Francois’ newest passion is to help build artists and produce concerts.

Currently the manager of ‘Denver’s Hip Hop Hope,” artist Trev Rich, Baptiste is leveraging his experience and Rich’s passion to grow in the music industry. So, far the pairing has been a marked, success, with Rich’s song getting featured on the most recent Spiderman movie, “Into the Spider-verse,” by Marvel Comics.

The story of Rich’s feature on the song “Elevate,” in which he appears alongside hip-hop giants DJ Khalil, Denzel Curry, YBN Cordae, and SwaVay, is one as unlikely as it is serendipitous.

“It was luck,” said Baptiste, “A friend of a friend called Trev and he went to la to focus on writing. [While he was there] he lost his wallet and was about to jump on a plane and go home.”

Fortunately, fate intervened by means of an impromptu writing session. “We went into a writing session, just as a writer to write a hook for a potential song,” he said. A few weeks later, Rich and Baptiste received a career changing series of calls. “We got calls from our friend about the record and he told us, ‘they want to use your hook in the Spiderman movie, like the major motion picture…We couldn’t find anyone that did as well as you did it; we want to keep you on the hook.” The rest, as they say, is comic book history.

As 2019 heats up along with Rich’s career, Baptiste is still living like there’s no tomorrow “I don’t for myself I always try to do things that people said they want to accomplish. For example…I want to see where I can take Trev next.” Watch Francois keep taking things to the next level by going to 3deep.net.

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Interview Transcript

WIGNZ: All right. Here we go. Yolo Rum podcast. We are hanging out in the Yolo Rum studio, Yolo Rum office, the Yolo Rum Bar. At this point it’s fun because we try to get these names in here that represent Yolo. That represent the brand, that represent who we are as a company. It just happens to be that you’re part of this company, but you’re also a giant name. Joining us on the podcast today is Francois Baptiste. He is, I want to say a nightlife mogul. Can I say that? Is that?
Francois Baptiste: Yeah. You can say it. It sounds great.
WIGNZ: So a nightlife mogul in Denver. It’s nice because, dude, I’ve known you … We’ve known each other, but we haven’t know each other.
Francois: Right.
WIGNZ: Probably like 10, 11 years.
Francois: Maybe even longer than that.
WIGNZ: To maybe even longer than that, and we never got to hang out. I was doing the morning stuff, you were … We were opposite worlds.
Francois: Absolutely.
WIGNZ: And we’ve had DJ Chonz on here. So it only makes sense to have you on, so it’s exciting and I appreciate you coming on and hanging out with us today, man.
Francois: Oh, no problem. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate this. This is great.
WIGNZ: So give a little insight, for people that don’t know who you are. We have a lot of Yolo Rum investors, like yourself, that are watching this. A lot of people that just enjoy Yolo Rum. But, give them a little bit of your backstory. You started as just a CU student, I’m a CU alum too.
Francois: Yay! My man. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that.
WIGNZ: I know, man.
Francois: This makes it even better.
WIGNZ: I’m finding out more, and more about you and I’m like, “Oh, go Buffs.” You know what I mean?
Francois: Yeah. I like it.
WIGNZ: But you were there when they were actually good football team.
Francois: I was there for a long time, I had a long college career. Maybe more than average. But, yeah, I saw them good and bad. That’s right. How’s that? No, I was there. It was a time when Kordell Stewart, and Michael Westbrook and all those guys. So, yeah, that was the heyday of CU football.
WIGNZ: That’s prime. Then, dude, you were there when … Because, I’m reading your story and I’m finding out you’re in Boulder. You were there when the Fox Theatre opened, and you were part of that? Is that right?
Francois: Yeah. You know, it’s crazy. I didn’t even know about that when I got there. Literally, two years later it opened up. Fox Theatre is pretty much one of the best small venues in the country. It’s won many awards. So, when it opened it was just kind of at the heyday of hip-hop too.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: So, the most incredible shows you have ever … you can ever imagine of artist played at the Fox Theatre. Some of them all at one stays. Like, one time it was just … This is how far it goes back, too. Outkast, Fugees, and The Roots on the same stage, at the Fox Theatre. The Fox Theatre only holds 650 people.
Francois: So just imagine that. When those albums came out and you were standing there like 10 feet away and seeing Lauryn Hill, and Outkast, and The Roots just playing in front of you on one show. That’s crazy, right.
WIGNZ: That’s amazing. You were there at the dawn of modern hip-hop, if you will. Because there was hip-hop before that, but you were there when all these legends were coming to pass. So, what was your role? I mean, so you were there at the Fox, you were part of that team, you saw all those. But what did you do to get there?
Francois: So, basically what I did was I helped bring the acts to Colorado. One of the things I’ve always had my own production company, which is called 3Deep Productions. So we used to do events, and we used to, back in the day especially, hip-hop was kind of frowned upon. It was kind of looked a little bit … Made people nervous when you do it.
WIGNZ: Yeah, yeah.
Francois: But our whole premise was to make it safe and have a good time. So, we always did that in CU Boulder. Then, I kind of got into the concert bug. So I started working with the Fox Theatre and assisting them to bring in these acts and promote them.
WIGNZ: You knew what you were doing? Or are you kind of figuring it out as you go? You faking the hustle, you just kind of … How did you know that?
Francois: Yeah. I mean, I think initially when you get into anything you kind of fake it till you make it.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: But, it’s passion. I love concerts, I love seeing people enjoy themselves. I like putting two to two together and sitting there and be like, “Wow, this show was incredible.” So, it was really like I taught myself a little bit as well. I taught myself what concert promotion was as well as other parts of the music business. I was really lucky to have a really good mentor at that time. His name was Don Strasburg, I always got to give him props. He’s actually still in the music business today, he’s actually the President of AEG Rocky Mountains.
Francois: So, but he kind of took me under his wing and kind of let me do what I needed to do and showed me how to do it, and I’m here today still doing it.
WIGNZ: So, then after Boulder you kind of looked at Denver and were like, “I want to get down to the Denver scene.” You left Boulder after 12 years, how long were you in Boulder?
Francois: Geeze, I was in Boulder about eight years.
WIGNZ: Okay.
Francois: Seven, eight years. No, you know, we were thinking about my career as I kind of, not necessarily fallen into things. But, things happen to connect the dots. You know, it’s like you meet somebody who meets somebody. So, really I got out of college, we were staying in Boulder I was working at a friend of mines record shop at that point. Helping them bring in hip-hop CDs and wax at that time. A friend of mine who worked at the Boulder Theatre had brought a gentlemen in and we introduced ourselves. I mean, it wasn’t really anything either. It was just really like, “Hey, nice to meet you.” He’s like, “Yeah, this is the VP of Universal Concerts,” at that time. We kind of hit it off, whatever. Probably six months after that, this is how bad I’m about to date myself, right.
Francois: So, my pager starts going off. It’s-
WIGNZ: Was it the one where you could page back, or was it just the-
Francois: No, this is the OG pager, okay.
WIGNZ: The two buttons, like the …
Francois: You get your number and then you decide if I call them back or what am I going to do. So it was kind of … I kept getting this number, I had just gotten off the plane. So I was like, “Okay, let me see who it was.” Because I had been calling them about something else and they never answered my call. So, called them back and they were like, “Hey, we have a assistant position, would you like to come and work here?” I was just like, “Well, let’s see I’m pretty broke after getting out of college.”
WIGNZ: What are my options here? What do I got.
Francois: Yeah, I’m not really doing too much. And I’ll be having my first corporate job. So, literally for the first year I pretty much traveled from Boulder to South Denver, DTC, we were at that time it was Universal Concerts, and back every day. That was crazy. Then I finally moved to Denver. So, that’s kind of how I made my way to Denver officially.
WIGNZ: Then, so you get in that scene and then when you’re in Denver are you doing the same thing that you’re doing in Boulder?
Francois: Well, I had to kind of reinvent myself because in Boulder we were doing mostly 18 and up events.
WIGNZ: Okay.
Francois: So, when I got down to Denver I had to kind of transfer into 21 and up. At that time I was 21. So, yeah, I just kind of got into the scene. I knew a lot of people from Denver that used to go to Boulder. Because at that time everybody went to Boulder. Everybody, all the big cool parties were in Boulder, not necessarily Denver. So, I kind of just weaved myself into the whole thing again and I’m there. You know before I forget. Let’s do a toast to-
WIGNZ: Yeah, cheers man.
Francois: Before I drink this.
WIGNZ: Thank you, man. Thank you. Cheers to you. Yolo.
Francois: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
WIGNZ: No, it’s awesome because … So, full circle. We see each other probably two or three weeks ago.
Francois: Yeah.
WIGNZ: You’re coming through the Flo Studio, the radio station over there. I’m like, “Oh, man. Haven’t seen you in forever.”
Francois: I know.
WIGNZ: Then I’m just like, because, dude, I’m going to be honest a hustler’s a hustler. You know, so I go, “Hey, you know what,” I was like, “This is the nightlife mogul.” I was like, “Know about Yolo Rum?” You’re all, “Dude, I’m an investor.” I was like, “Oh, shit.”
Francois: Yeah man.
WIGNZ: I was like, oh.
Francois: I got the information and I saw it, I read up on it. I knew it was already on the up and up and stuff. I was just like, I love this opportunity. I was like, I would love to invest in it. So, you know, after listening to Larry and Kathie and seeing what you were doing, I looked up the information next thing I know I’m investing into it.
WIGNZ: Yeah. You’re part of the brand, man.
Francois: Yeah, man.
WIGNZ: Well, it’s awesome to have you part of it because-
Francois: No, I appreciate it.
WIGNZ: I think that a hustler respects the hustle. So, reading about you, knowing about you, knowing your story it’s like, man you are the ultimate Denver nightlife hustle.
Francois: Well, thank you.
WIGNZ: So I read a magazine article, or not magazine article but the 303 Magazine online. So, you kind of recorded a saying, let me find it. You said, “I just don’t think Denver has always been … I think Denver’s always been its own worst enemy when it comes to the nightlife.” I think to a great … Do you go deeper into that and then you think it’s still the same?
Francois: Well, I think sometimes the media looks at the nightlife as a curse or a bad thing and they definitely over play certain situations. I think it’s two parts, one people have a self-responsibility when they go to the clubs. I think it’s kind of a lost art that when you go out at night and you have a cocktail you want to go home safe.
WIGNZ: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Francois: Like, you’re out there to meet people, have a good time, you know. I think people just forget that. Be kind to one another.
WIGNZ: You only live once. You only live once.
Francois: Yeah. You know, but I think people forget that and they mess it up. Also, I think Denver doesn’t understand what they have. Denver has been a growing city for a long time.
Francois: Denver is a mile high up in the air. So whether you’re visiting Denver, or even you live here, anything you drink is going to hit you three times as hard.
WIGNZ: Yes it is.
Francois: So, they-
WIGNZ: Speaking of which, why don’t we have a drink.
Francois: I’m with that.
WIGNZ: But you’re right.
Francois: But, I don’t think they’ve ever adjusted to the nightlife here in terms of how do we do it? Closing clubs at 3:00 in the morning to me is just … I’ve seen it first hand that pushing all these people out at the same time-
WIGNZ: Is asking for bad things.
Francois: It’s asking for trouble. The crazy thing is, it’s proven. It’s repeated over, and over, and over again. Let people kind of … When you get tired, let them go when they need to go. But, making sure it’s a hard close by 2:00 they’re adults.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: You know?
WIGNZ: It’s like when you … “Be home by 2:00 son.”
Francois: It’s good, and as anybody can sit here today and say, “Drinking and driving’s bad. I know my limits.” We are human.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: Unfortunately we are human and we make tons of mistakes. That’s what happens at the end of the night. People make terrible mistakes, whether you go home with the wrong person, you’re drinking and driving. I hope nobody does that, that’s the worst thing you can do.
Francois: Or, punching somebody in the face.
WIGNZ: Thank God for Uber now. You know what I mean? Like, Uber and Lyft but I don’t think enough people are even using that right now.
Francois: Here’s the goal, and I don’t want to get too deep in this, but that’s what I’m saying by the city. Because if you’re drunk and you leave your car at the meter you’re getting a $25 to a $50, maybe even a $75 ticket.
WIGNZ: On top of that bar tab from last night.
Francois: On top of the bar tab. So, that’s what I think prevents people from being safe at the end of the day, is you’re just like, “Bro, yes I know I need to go get a Uber. But, do I want to spend … ” That’s the way people think when they’re drunk. Like, “I’m not going to spend more money.”
WIGNZ: Yeah, yeah.
Francois: So, it’s a bad combination. So, yes, I think Denver nightlife is somewhat its own worst enemy.
WIGNZ: I mean, you’ve seen it enough, you’ve been in it long enough to see it. But on the flip side of that you’ve also been able to see Denver grow. I mean, if you go down Market Street or any of those streets it’s completely different than probably even five years ago, 10 years ago.
Francois: It’s completely different now. I mean, I think that the mindset of the clubs have changed too. I think there’s a really good positive energy out there with a lot of the clubs. There’s a lot of new clubs coming up. So I think, yeah, I mean the club scene is just changed last week. One of the clubs closed. So now there’s a big void in one of the clubs that closed, and one of the clubs going to pick it up, and there might be another club coming here from what I heard, you know. There’s all kinds of interesting-
WIGNZ: You doing some nightlife mogul? You getting into-
Francois: Yeah. You know, to be honest I’ve kind of taken a step back from the night clubs a little bit because I’ve been doing it so long.
WIGNZ: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Francois: My partner, Kevin, and (DJ) Squizzy (Taylor), and Cook have kind of taken that and ran with it. They’re doing amazing job with that. But, I’m kind of really into artist management and the concerts. As well as-
WIGNZ: And that’s how you guys started, I mean-
Francois: Yeah.
WIGNZ: You kind of went … You kind of are going back to where it all began.
Francois: Yeah, but on a much more … On a larger scale, and more responsibilities.
WIGNZ: Well, you understand the game.
Francois: Yeah.
WIGNZ: You understand the business a lot more.
Francois: Absolutely.
WIGNZ: So, let’s go into that. That’s 3 Deep then, right. 3 Deep-
Francois: 3 Deep Productions, yeah.
WIGNZ: 3 Deep Productions. So let’s talk about that a little bit. What does that mean for you if you’re in that artist game? I mean, we talked about Trev Rich. Let’s go into that, and then talk on that.
Francois: Well, you know, I manage Trev Rich. It’s been one of the best experience of my life just because there’s … The music business, especially in the artist realm, there’s twists and turns to everything. So, it’s been really interesting to kind of see where it goes next, you know. Trev is probably one of the best, he’s one of the smartest people I know in the music industry as well as the smartest on what he … How he sees his vision going forward.
WIGNZ: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Francois: You know, he was signed to Cash Money for awhile. He’s done numerous shows, he sold out many of the venues here in Denver. He was just featured on the Into the Spider-Verse Movie.
WIGNZ: All right, I was reading about that. That was almost unexpected, right? Or how did that come to be?
Francois: That was really … I don’t know if you can call everything luck, but I would say it was luck. It was literally a friend of a friend introduced Trev. Trev went out to LA to really focus on some publishing writing things.
WIGNZ: Okay.
Francois: He had lost his wallet, and didn’t have any means out there. So he was literally about to go jump on the plane to come back home. Because, that’s frustrating, being in LA, you don’t have a wallet, you don’t have a-
WIGNZ: Yeah, you got nothing.
Francois: You got a phone.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: Somebody called him said, “Trev, come to the studio. We want you to write for something.” So, he went into a writing session just as a writer to write the hook for a potential song at this point.
WIGNZ: Not knowing anything, like about Spider-Verse or any of that stuff.
Francois: Nope, nope. Nothing. You know, basically how you do the publishing as a writer is you write it, but you also somewhat perform it.
WIGNZ: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Francois: So he performed the hook, came back to Denver a week or two later. Kept getting calls from our friend in LA like, “Hey, I think this is going to do something.” Then they called him and said, “Hey, they want to keep your hook. They want to use your hook for the song on the Spider-Man movie. Like, the major motion picture movie.”
WIGNZ: Wow. Then you didn’t know how big that was going to be, because-
Francois: No, no. He just says a writer. So basically, somebody’s going to perform your song.
WIGNZ: Okay.
Francois: Do you understand what I’m saying?
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: So, they came back they were like, “We couldn’t find anybody that did it as well as you did it.”
Francois: “So, we want to keep you on the hook.” As you know, a record is all about the hooks.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: So, now he got a credit as a writer, and as an artist.
Francois: That’s why if you look in the credit it’s called, it’s Trevor Rich versus Trev Rich. Because he was only supposed to be a writer on it. Because he goes by his stage-
WIGNZ: They can’t give you a check for both, you know.
Francois: Well, no. They’ll give you a check for both. But what I’m saying, but his stage name is Trev Rich.
WIGNZ: Okay.
Francois: But his real name is Trevor Rich, and that’s what his publishing under. So, when you see in the movie and it comes down, it’s saying … No, it just says Trevor Rich.
Francois: Which is kind of funny to us because it’s just like-
WIGNZ: That’s awesome.
Francois: It’s not a mistake.
WIGNZ: It’s official.
Francois: It’s official, yeah.
WIGNZ: It’s official.
Francois: But it’s kind of a … It wasn’t meant to happen like that.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: Which is actually-
WIGNZ: The Spider-Verse was meant to be. That’s kind of exactly-
Francois: Have you seen the movie?
WIGNZ: I have not seen it, but I know that it blew up and it’s-
Francois: It’s amazing.
WIGNZ: Yeah. The kids are loving that. It’s like the animations supposed to be just off the chart in that.
Francois: I mean, the soundtrack is crazy. If you see it in 3D, it’s shot in some weird new comic looking thing. So it’s amazing. It’s amazing. So, yeah. It won a Golden Globe. And I’m pretty sure somewhere it’s going to be nominated for some kind of Oscar.
WIGNZ: That’s amazing. So what happens now? After all that where do you, and where’s Trevor Rich, like what’s the plan?
Francois: As we’re speaking right now Trev is in Atlanta writing … There’s a record label called Dreamville, which is the artist J Cole’s record label.
WIGNZ: Okay.
Francois: So, what they do … They’ve done two, so this is number three. It’s called Revenge III. Literally what they do is they take the industries best producers, writers, and artists and they go into a studio for six days and they just make crazy records. Like, I mean, it’s like you take all the artists from the Grammy’s and put them in the studio, that’s what it is right now. They asked him to come in there as an artist and a writer and just work with them.
WIGNZ: That’s amazing.
Francois: So, like-
WIGNZ: So you don’t know what he’s going to come out with.
Francois: He doesn’t know what he’s going to come out with.
WIGNZ: Yeah, he doesn’t know what he’s going to come out with.
Francois: But, the thing about it is, is in terms of networking and just being in that scene is crazy. It’s like, I don’t know it’d be like in the room … You love basketball, and then there’s Shaq, and Michael, and Koby-
WIGNZ: Then you’re playing ball with them. You’re playing ball with them, you’re not even just sitting out, their passing you the ball expecting you to shoot. Like, “Yo, you got to make that shot.” You’re like-
Francois: That’s exactly what it’s like. That’s exactly what it’s like. So, yeah, that’s what he’s doing. So, I think 2019 for Trev is going to be really big. I think there’s a good energy in the air. He just works hard. Man, he just really busts his ass and I think there’s a lot of stuff coming down-
WIGNZ: Well, so do you. You bust your butt too, man.
Francois: Yeah. Yeah, thanks. Me too.
WIGNZ: It’s a team effort. You know what the best part is, I mean you’ve been hanging out but you’re just nice. You know what I mean?
Francois: Thanks man.
WIGNZ: But, to be courteous to people because … Dude, come on let’s face it you do have a name in the Mile High City.
Francois: Appreciate that.
WIGNZ: You are known. It’s like a lot of people get to a certain position where they almost have an ego about them. We know of touched upon that. It’s like, only good vibes happen to good people. So, you got to keep that energy going. I don’t think if you had a bad attitude you’d be lasting as long as you have.
Francois: I would agree, but you know I think just my philosophy is I don’t take life too seriously. Does that make sense?
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: Like, I just kind of go with the flow and I always try to treat people like I want to be treated. I remember, over the years if met some really influential people. You know, the common theme amongst all those people is treat people how you want to be treated, you know. Treat the janitor the same way you treat a CEO type thing. Funny thing, too, is a lot of my friends from CU went on to be music moguls, basically.
Francois: Like, you know I look back and you could say, “I could have treated him like trash.”
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: You know-
WIGNZ: You never know.
Francois: It’s not even like you using people, but it’s just like you never know.
WIGNZ: You never know.
Francois: Some of these friends from college are lifelong friends that are true friends but they just happen to be crazy moguls in the industry, you know, so.
WIGNZ: So do you guys call each other for … Does it go that deep for advice?
Francois: Yeah.
WIGNZ: Like, where are you at in terms of your career and trying to manage these shows, and manage these artists that … Where do you see yourself now and where do you want to go?
Francois: I would say, you know that’s another interesting question. I don’t, I guess in a sense you’re supposed to have a plan. But, for myself I always try to do things that people said they wanted to accomplish.
WIGNZ: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Francois: You know? For example, Trev getting the record label signed. Or, Trev doing a movie. Like, I’m not doing that but that’s part of him. That’s part of our crew.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: I want to see what I can do for Trev next. Like, I want to say, “Trev let’s go win a Grammy.”
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: Okay, so how we going to win a Grammy?
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: You know? Like, let’s figure this out.
WIGNZ: Like being in Spider-Verse.
Francois: Yeah. Yeah, like let’s figure this out. You know, my professional career I definitely want to keep working in the concert business and have a long career on it. But, I don’t know. I’m kind of at that point where you’re just like, “I kind of know what I want to do-“
WIGNZ: Let the wind take the sail.
Francois: Yeah, I kind of like that approach. As long as everything’s paid, everybody in my family’s happy everything’s good. I’m not, I don’t complain too much.
WIGNZ: Yeah, no that’s good. So, do you get calls from a lot of artists where you maybe don’t want to take them on but you’re still willing to give them advice?
Francois: Oh, I’ll give anybody advice. I’ll give anybody advice, they just may not like it because I’m a very honest person. Like, I’m a very, you know, “This is what you need to do in my opinion if you want to succeed.” You can take the advice or you don’t, you know. It’s, again, like being in the same room with LeBron and Koby, all those guys. “Hey, man, you need to change your shot like this.”
Francois: You have a choice.
WIGNZ: Yep. You listen to them or you don’t. You grow and you go with the punches. I think that’s … We’re excited to have you part of the Yolo Rum team because that’s our team here. Good vibes, good energy. It was cool to have you come see the office.
Francois: I’m impressed. I am really impressed. Like, I didn’t know where I was coming today. I was pulling up, and I was like, “Wait a second. They have a real office going on.”
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: I was like, okay. Okay. I like this.
WIGNZ: And if you like taking people to that next level, well then you’re going to be able to help us and be part of that. So that’s-
Francois: I would definitely. You know, like I said, I really like the product. I really like the whole story behind it. I like that … I like the way it tastes. That’s the most important thing.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: You know? It’s like, you got to like the product.
WIGNZ: You have to. Especially when it’s liquor because otherwise you’re just going to be like, oh. You make that face after you drink it. You don’t make that with this.
Francois: But, they got good people surround it. You’re a part of this, Larry and Kathie. The staff I met today. Like, this is cool, man. This is good. I see nothing but positive vibes.
WIGNZ: Well, it’s exciting to have you. We appreciate you coming on the podcast.
Francois: Yeah man.
WIGNZ: I mean, I think we got to keep this going and seeing where we can help each other.
Francois: Absolutely.
WIGNZ: Because it’s crazy that after 11 years we finally got to sit down and it’s nice to have this conversation and see, “Oh, man, that’s the man behind the name.” Because, I will say this, that the name is synonymous in the radio industry at least. So, I mean it’s funny because it’s like I know you started in radio, or you were a part of it back in the day. But, even now you’re not. So, you haven’t necessarily been in it for a while. But your name’s still brought up and everyone-
Francois: That’s crazy.
WIGNZ: Everyone knows you, and even Phil the CEO of Yolo Rum was like, “Oh, Francois.” He unfortunately had to be in the Springs today but he wanted to meet you. It’s not even a celebrity-ism thing, I think it’s just more of a respect. I mean-
Francois: Yeah. Man, I think there’s always room to make a deal, make some money. Do something creative and cool. Like I said, I’m really excited about this.
WIGNZ: Yeah.
Francois: I’m really excited about this.
WIGNZ: Well, let’s do it together man.
Francois: Yeah, man.
WIGNZ: Anything you need we got you bro.
Francois: I appreciate it man.
WIGNZ: No, thanks so much. We look forward to more. If you want to see everything that he’s about, you want to see more on Trev Rich all you got to do is go to 3deep.net. 3 Deep Productions, Francois hanging out with us. Yolo Rum, we’re going to have some drinks right now. Thank you for watching, thank you for listening. Yolo Rum podcast, and thank you Francois for coming on today, man.
Francois: Thank you.

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