Yolo Rum Podcast with Chef David

Chef David Bondarchuck is a nationally known Chef from Denver, Colorado. Chef David has provided decorating services for several sitting Presidents, has his own cooking book ‘From Scratch, hosts his own cooking show, has earned notoriety on The Martha Stewart Show, HGTV and Food Network’. In addition to all of that, Chef David is also an investor of the delicious, gluten free, sugar free and award winning Yolo Rum.

Chef David appearance on Martha Stewart.

Bananas Foster Recipe with Yolo Rum Gold.

Bananas Foster Recipe-as featured in the new Cookbook from Chef David Bondarchuck of Scratch Catering Services titled “From Scratch”

What you Need

3 Tablespoons of Unsalted Butter

1/3 cup of brown sugar

3 whole bananas slice in half long ways

1oz of YOLO Rum Gold

What to Do

Melt the 3 Tablespoons of Butter in a frying pan, the brown sugar to the butter, then quickly add the sliced whole bananas halves to the sugar/butter mixture, cut side down first, allow the bananas to cook until caramelized, before attempting to turn them. Carefully turn the banana’s to caramelize the opposite side. 

Lastly, add 1oz of YOLO rum Gold, to the pan and ignite the alcohol using a extended lighter, once the flame dissipates remove pan from heat. And serve the Banana’s foster in bowls and or with ice cream. Enjoy!

Get the New “From Scratch” Cookbook out now exclusively at Amazon!

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The first cookbook from David Bondarchuck, David’s love for cooking, baking, decorating, entertaining, crafting, and design has made him Denver’s premiere “From Scratch” caterer and lifestyle expert.

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Speaker 1: This, is the Yolo Rum pod cast.

Speaker 1: I hear this is where the party’s at.

WIGNZ: Ah, that’s right. So you can sit down, and pour yourself a tall glass of shut up and don’t speak for the next hour.

Speaker 1: With Wiggins.

WIGNZ: Yolo Rum post cast. Producer Wiggins here, and before we get into the guest. I have to congratulate the Yolo Rum team and all of the investors. Because, Yolo Rum in 30 day we have gains over 200 new accounts and more than 300 cases have been placed throughout Colorado. That is because of you investors, that’s because everyone listening to this pod cast. You bought some, to told everyone about Yolo Rum, and you got some. That’s the message. And, if you need Yolo Rum near you email getsome@yolorum.com.

WIGNZ: But, today, I’m excited because I’ve talk with David before, but Larry and Kathie, they are really good friend with him.

WIGNZ: Chef David Bondarchuck. Oh my god man where do I start? White house holiday decorator, featured on Martha Stewart, HGTV Food Network’s holiday baking championship. You have your own show now, you have your own cooking book out, my god man, when do you breathe? But, welcome to the show Chef David.

Chef David: Hey! What’s up, what’s up?

WIGNZ: Dude where do we start? I mean-

Chef David: I think the last time we left off I basically just kinda told my personal story, of how I went from homeless to success, just through my love of cooking.

WIGNZ: Yeah. Well-

Chef David: And so-

WIGNZ: How did that start? Cause, Kathie said that earlier and I was like, “Wait, wait, wait. You can’t yadda, yadda, yadda that.” There’s something that happened there. What is that story? Remind everyone that might not know.

Chef David: So, when I was 15, I found myself homeless. I was living on basically the streets, but staying in a youth homeless shelter over Colfax and Sims, The Gemini House. They gave me bus tokens every day. Instead of hanging out in the day with the other people from the shelter. I used my bus tokens and road the Colfax bus down to Broadway. There at the Denver Public library, I immersed myself in books. At that point I had dropped out of school, and I really didn’t have a purpose. I found myself reading books, and I ultimately was inspired my Martha Stewart and-

WIGNZ: Just any book or did you have an objective when you were going in there. Like Martha Stewart, how did you narrow it down to her? You know what I mean?

Chef David: Well I used to bake when I was growing up with my grandma. So, I just kind of went to some baking books. To me it was … therapeutic and I could kind of escape my problems, just by kind of reminiscing of what I did with my grandma in the kitchen.

Chef David: One day, I returned back to the shelter and they had this television on. There was this woman and she was decorating Christmas trees at the White House, and making gingerbread mansions and decorating wreaths. In that moment I realized if I wanted to be somebody, if I wanted to go somewhere, I had to do it myself. Just like this woman on TV. At that point I didn’t even know she was Martha Stewart, but I ultimately found out that’s who it was.

Chef David: Then I stared studying her, cause I wanted to have a beautiful life and not be this homeless guy, and all of these things.

WIGNZ: Were her books self help books? Or were they-

Chef David: I read them as self help books. I read them like text books. Like, okay if you want something beautiful, maybe you can’t afford it but maybe you can make it. Which honestly, to be perfectly honest with you, it sometimes cost more to make it that it did to buy it.

WIGNZ: Yeah.

Chef David: Let’s call a spade, a spade here. But, nontheless I was inspired by Martha and-

WIGNZ: So, it’s all a racket David? Is that what you’re saying?

Chef David: Well no, I mean. Sometimes people come to me and they’re like … Oh this is prefect for this. You do know what Pinterest is to caterers? It’s Web MD to like doctors.

Chef David: So, people come to me and they’re like, “Oh. I want to have this event, this is my Pinterest board.”

Chef David: I’m like, “Okay, I’m not Merlin, and your budget is not infinite.” You know? Anyhow, that’s just kinda how that goes.

Chef David: Soon after I got back into school and all this, whatever. Scratch was born, because people started ordering my food. They started ordering my food from me. Not because I was a business, but because I would cook for myself and bake for myself, but then I couldn’t eat it.

Chef David: I read this meme one time on Facebook and it said, “I don’t often cooks spaghetti, but when I do I cook enough for a small village.” And, that’s so true. I would make these meals and I didn’t want to eat them for a week, so I gave them away. And, then people started ordering my food. They’re like, “Hey can you cook that stuff you made that one time?” Or, “Can you make your cupcakes?” Or whatever. So I’m like, “Yeah, sure.”

WIGNZ: But, wait, wait, wait. We yadda, yadda’d a whole way to the Scratch Catering, because you were reading the books and the books … What happened after you read the books?

Chef David: I started testing the recipes and then I couldn’t eat the whole thing, so I started giving it away. Then people started ordering from me. It was literally all an accident.

WIGNZ: That’s amazing.

Chef David: None of this was planned. I didn’t say, “I want to be a caterer when I grow up.”

Chef David: Actually in high school I wanted to be the gay Britney Spears. I wanted to be Adam Lambert before was ever Adam Lambert.

WIGNZ: So were you jealous of Adam Lambert?

Chef David: No. I’m more attractive than Adam Lambert.

WIGNZ: This is true, this is true, and you probably cook better than him too.

Chef David: I hope so! I hope so.

WIGNZ: Wait, so. You read these books, and then you just said, “Okay, I’m making too much food, I’m just gonna give it out.” Then you just started what? Hey, check this out? Who did you give it out to?

Chef David: Neighbors, people at church, people at work, people at school, my friends, my family, I just started giving them this stuff. When I made sauce, or I made whatever, I would just jar it up and give it to people.

WIGNZ: Yeah. Oh my god you were the best friend to have.

Chef David: It was fun, right.

WIGNZ: Did you realize, “Hey, I could sell this.”

Chef David: Yeah, so people started ordering form me like, “Hey my cousins getting married. Can you make your cupcakes?” Or, “I’m going to a friends house, can I bring a pie?” Or, “Hey, I have some important people coming to dinner. Can you just some cook your chicken?”

Chef David: It kind of became my side hustle, and it paid my way through community college, and bought my school books. I was like, “Hey I could probably do this.”

WIGNZ: So did you go to community college for cooking too?

Chef David: No. I actually went to CCD, Community College of Denver. I studied journalism. I wanted to be on TV, That was my whole thing.

WIGNZ: Wow. So you were almost predestined to be a TV chef.

Chef David: Well, I hope so. I never went to Le Cordon Blue. I never went to Johnson Wales, I’m not technically a classically trained chef. I’ve read enough book and I’ve done enough recipes and lord knows I’ve been in business, now in Denver, this is my tenth year.

WIGNZ: Congrats.

Chef David: I think, I know how to cook now.

WIGNZ: Yeah. Wow. So, did you have to look into what people were charging? How did you know how that business even worked?

WIGNZ: So you knew, okay I’m gonna read these books, they’re gonna help me learn how to cook. I’ve mastered cooking, now I’m gonna start this business, but no clue probably of any business. Right?

Chef David: No. When I originally started I was just like, “Well I paid like 80 bucks for the ingredients.” And, then they would just pay me back. I just did it cause it was fun and I had nothing else to do.

WIGNZ: Breaking even, yeah.

Chef David: Then once you start getting in the thick of it, and you’re like, “I’m actually catering and I’m working my butt off here, I should be getting paid for this.” Then you start adjusting your price that way. Do I even know if I’m at the right price point now? I don’t know, but I make a living, so it’s great.

WIGNZ: Yeah. That’s amazing. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. How did you transition from … So every one out there how do they contact Scratch Catering? If they want to get in contact, how do they do that?

Chef David: Oh, they can go to scratchcateringservices.com, they can also follow @scratchcatering on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook page David Bondarchuck.

WIGNZ: So everyone’s coming to you now, you know you got a business here. How the heck did that transition to going to the White House?

Chef David: I said to myself, when I became a caterer, I needed some street cred or some credibility. You know what I’m saying.

WIGNZ: So you’re going to the top. You’re all, “I need some credibility.”

Chef David: Exactly! Why not?

Chef David: I stared sending letters and pictures of my events and my table scapes and things like that, from what I had been working on to the White House. For the longest time I never heard anything.

WIGNZ: Did you know even where to send it? Who do you send that to?

Chef David: I just send it to 1600 Pennsylvania. Just straight up the White House. Just hey.

WIGNZ: I Googled that address, there’s the address.

Chef David: Yeah.

WIGNZ: Who’d you write attention to? Who was the name? Just White House?

Chef David: First Lady.

WIGNZ: First Lady, wow.

Chef David: Yeah. I started with Barbara Bush and then I started sending stuff to Michelle Obama. Then, it was August of 2011, I received a letter from the White House. Before I could even open it, I was thinking, either they’re gonna say yes or they’re gonna say, please stop sending us this crap.

WIGNZ: Cease and desist. Secret service freaking out.

Chef David: Right!

Chef David: It was actually an invitation to come … from Michelle Obama.


Chef David: I have it framed at my house.

WIGNZ: Well of course. Why wouldn’t you?

Chef David: Right.

WIGNZ: That’s amazing.

Chef David: That was like the moment. I was like, “breakthrough, I finally get to go.”

Chef David: When I finally got there, I kinda felt like, Oh my gosh. Am I good enough for this? You know how you-

WIGNZ: You get nervous. Yeah.

Chef David: Self doubt. But, then they made me lead decorator in the Red Room and then I returned to do some in the Green Room that first year. I actually went twice.

WIGNZ: Wow. Wait so- We yadda yadda’d that. They pay for the flight, for you to fly out there and all that stuff? All that was taken care of?

Chef David: No, all of that was out of my own pocket.

WIGNZ: Okay. They just say, “Hey come out here we want you to decorate.” Did they say, bring the decorations? Here’s a budget for decorations? What happened there?

Chef David: The First Lady usually plans the White House decorations, and the theme in March, of that year. All of the buying and that happens over the summer. Then, they pull ornaments that have been used in the White House previously.

Chef David: Dating all the way back to, I think the first, First Lady that actually decorated the White House wan Jacquelyn Kennedy, she kind of started this whole tradition.

Chef David: They pull all these ornaments that they’ve used and that you just reuse, reuse, reuse. A lot of the ornaments are actually made all around the world at different military bases, by families and children. Then, they’re shipped to the White House, and then we do the blue tree or-

WIGNZ: You’re planning this in March though. In March, this comes about and then you’re told this all the decorations that you have to play with, plan it out. They you come in there with a strategy that Michelle gave you, that she was like, “Hey, this is what we’re looking for.” Or did you just go in there and wing it?

Chef David: Kind of a little bit of both.

WIGNZ: Okay.

Chef David: I found out in August. So they’d already planned the theme for that year. When I get to D.C. in November, then I’m told what the theme is finally, then we’re told what room we’re gonna be in, and then start pulling at the Presidential Warehouse. Which is actually in Virginia, not even in D.C.

Chef David: We make our pulls and we kind of put it together the two days before we go in. Then for three days we’re actually in the house decorating.

WIGNZ: Did you go to where they pulled it?

Chef David: Yeah.

WIGNZ: So, it’s this massive warehouse with just-

Chef David: Oh it’s a huge warehouse. It’s kind of like Home Depot meets Hobby Lobby.

WIGNZ: Okay.

Chef David: It’s rows and rows, this massive, massive warehouse, and everything that’s ever been in the White House, or that’s made for the White House is still in this-

Chef David: Or that’s made for the White House that’s still in this warehouse?


Chef David: Chandeliers that they pull, everything.

WIGNZ: So other than being at a Brittany Spears concert, that was the best thing to be at for you? Wasn’t it?

Chef David: I wanted to go through more boxes but security said no. I was like peeking in totes.

WIGNZ: Oh my god dude! Alright, so you grab the boxes, you’re heading back to the White House then? Right? You got all the everything pulled, and now what? What do you do in that room?

Chef David: So now you get it together and you put it together, they assigned me six different volunteers for the first year in the red room, and we all worked together to bring the vision together so in the red room I didn’t want to do red on red, so I went with accents in the room, golds, browns, those different thing, and that’s how I decorated the trees.

WIGNZ: Wow, and then so they loved it so much they said come back next year?

Chef David: They did, so an interesting thing that happened was I was done with the red room and that was it. They called me back to the White House to do the green room. Michelle Obama and Laura Dowling, Laura Dowling was the florist for the White House. They didn’t get along-

WIGNZ: Oh wow!

Chef David: They didn’t get along at all.

WIGNZ: So you could sense it? Like just the tension there or was there like?

Chef David: I don’t know, but they just did not get along. So in the green room, what they typically do is like recycle, renew, reuse. And so what had happened was, Laura had made these huge boxwood trees out of recycled pop cans, and so when the First Lady and her team came through, they were like, you know … The First Lady has this whole like Get Fit, Eat Right, we have the garden outside at the White House-

WIGNZ: Yeah, a bunch of soda cans up there…

Chef David: Right, and they’re like, how is this gonna look when they’re like, oh we made these trees out of Coke cans.

WIGNZ: All the left over Coke cans that we told you not to drink. Hahah

Chef David: So they pulled all of this stuff out of the green room, and they’re like Bumberchuck, we need you. SO at that time, there was no time to go back to the Presidential warehouse. 

WIGNZ: Was it like an ER moment.

Chef David: It was crazy! I mean, I’m down at the Doubletree I’m done waiting, cause the volunteers get to go to a dinner that Wednesday after the whole decorating and I’m like done. So it’s the last day of the decorating effort, the next day the press is coming, they’re like Bumberchcuk we need you. So I’m like-

WIGNZ: You literally got a call-

Chef David: From the White House-

Chef David: Yes!

WIGNZ: That said Bumberchuck, we need you! That’s like an action movie!

Chef David: It was wild, so I went, and I went from room, to room, to room, and not every decorator and not every volunteer used everything that was pulled, so I was like Cinderella’s mice gathering all the junk.

WIGNZ: Hahahahha

Chef David: From different rooms in the White House, I like stuck ’em all in whatever. I was still glittering sticks when they were down, like the press-

WIGNZ: Taking pictures.

Chef David: The…

WIGNZ: You’re sweating, you’re like, we’re about to lose him Doctor, we’re about to lose him!

Chef David: It was crazy! The press was in the Diplomat room, and I’m still glittering, I got in trouble with the Curator at the White House because I put a vile of Martha Stewart glitter in the vintage fireplace, and you’re not supposed to do that.


Chef David: But like I had to hide it from somewhere, I’m like they’re coming by, I was still glittering and doing whatever, it was like Blairwitch meets Martha Stewart, cause I was like glittering twigs that people had literally cut off from decorating other trees.

WIGNZ: Beads of sweat running down your forehead.

Chef David: So the press gets to the room and they say, who are you, what brought you to the White House? At that point, I thought they were going to ask me how I decorated and all this whatever. They just wanted to know me, so I just told them the truth, when I was 15 I was homeless and I always wanted to come to the White House, I saw Martha Stewart here, so now here I am, Martha Stewart she better watch out.

Chef David: And it was like a challenge to Martha Stewart, it wasn’t like awe I love her.

Chef David: So I went back to Denver, they air the story on all the news media outlets, that I was homeless and I was inspired by Martha, this that or whatever. SO then I come back to Denver and my phone rings, and it’s the White House, again. And I’m like what the fuck do they want? Did I mess up something? Did I break an antique? They just wanted my permission to pass on my contact information

WIGNZ: To Martha Stewart.

Chef David: I was like oh great.


Chef David: That was truly a moment.

WIGNZ: Yeah, cause you’re national news at that point. You’re trending and you just called out- International news for god’s sake.

Chef David: Yeah, I was interviewed like via satellite for a show in Canada, and a show in Britain because of this story.

WIGNZ: That’s amazing. So then was Martha mad? What happens next? So Martha Stewarts people call you, or they call the White House, you give the White House permission to give them the contact info, do they call you right away? Do they call you, what happened?

Chef David: So, yeah they called me. Producers called me, assistants called me and they wanted me on the show, but then again, there’s no money in TV, everyone thinks there’s all this money in TV, there’s not much money in TV. So I had to pay my own way to New York City to be on her show. Isn’t that wild?

WIGNZ: Oh my god.

Chef David: And I literally didn’t have any money. And it was like December, it was December 21st so it was like basically Christmas travel time. So can you imagine with a few days notice how much the tickets were?

Chef David: It was crazy.

WIGNZ: Oh my god.

Chef David: So my partner Carl he actually, we maxed out like two credit cards, and he bought my ticket, I’ll never forget that, it was gift ever.

WIGNZ: That’s your ride or die. That’s amazing.

Chef David: And I got to New York City and got to meet Martha, and they surprised me on the show with a message from Michelle Obama. You can see the video by the way at marthastewart.com Just type in my name.

WIGNZ: I’m sure it’s on you tube as well.

Chef David: Yes, yes.

WIGNZ: SO we’re gonna post that up on yellowrun.com hey thank you for everyone, we’ve revamped the website, so yellowrun.com is earlier to find yellowrun all over the state, all over Florida, all over New Jersey. We’re trying to be international like Chef David over here, but we Yellow Run is expanding because of you as well, you have your new cook book out, tell us a little bit about that, cause that looks like the holy grail right there, that’s the bible.

Chef David: Yes. So this cookbook is 550 pages, full color, its available exclusively on Amazon cause I’m like busy, like I don’t have time to box up 30 books tonight and go stand in line at the post office.

WIGNZ: Hahahah.

Chef David: So what happens is this is available on Amazon and when you order it they print it, and they ship it to you. Recipes in this book come from essentially my entire life.

WIGNZ: Its called from scratch.

Chef David: Its called from Scratch, just like the catering company scratch catering services, and actually this book is companion to my own TV show. The very first one. Its called from scratch as well.

WIGNZ: And then that’s what the CW Saturdays right?

Chef David: Yep. Here in Denver it airs if you want to see more of me, if you remember me from the holiday baking championship on food network, call your local CW and request the show from scratch.

WIGNZ: That’s awesome, so okay, you have the book from scratch, which I’m blown away that most people didn’t even use that, that’s so awesome for the title of a recipe book. So then you get the TV show before the book? After the book?

Chef David: So I started filming my show after I left food network from filming that show. And at first I kind of just did a You Tube channel.

WIGNZ: Because at that point everything that happened with Martha Stewart just blew you up right? Is that how you got on all these other shows? Because you went on Martha and then it kinda domino effect and all that?

Chef David: So when I did the Martha Stewart show, I returned to Denver and then everybody wanted to know, who is this guy? He was on Martha, he went to the White House, what’s going on? SO I got a call from Nine News. They did a whole story on me, and basically told my whole story from rags to riches. So then they invited me on weekly to start cooking for the four o’clock new cast. So then, from that, I did that for three years. Every week. And then from there …

WIGNZ: You’re not making any money probably right?

Chef David: No, made no money. SO then I got a call from food network they wanted me to be on this new baking show. I signed a contract with them, went out there, signed and everything. When I came back, they let me know that the contract I had signed didn’t allow me to be on an NBC station, so I was no longer allowed to be on Nine News. SO I said, well what am I supposed to do, I have this weekly cooking gig. They got me on Fox just randomly, and I was thinking to myself, okay, if this is just to promote the show, and I’ve lost my ability to promote myself in Denver, I’m pretty much screwed.

WIGNZ: How stressful.

Chef David: So every time I go and did something, its kind of like Beyonce, I have to slay, like no matter what.

WIGNZ: Put your mind to it.

Chef David: Right. 

Chef David: And I did it, and they loved it, and then the producers from the everyday show started having me on regularly.

WIGNZ: Because that’s when you met Kathy right?

Chef David: Correct.

WIGNZ: And that relationship between you guys started to from. So then you’re on the everyday show cooking for them, you’re back into it, are you working on the book as you’re doing the TV show? Is this an ongoing thing?

Chef David: Yeah, this book really os a product of being on TV for eight years. Family recipes and all my catering recipes. If you want to know how to be a caterer I mean I’m sorry to say but these are all my recipes.

WIGNZ: It’s your blue print

Chef David: This is the model, this is you know, replicate it for instead of eight to ten, we replicate it for 100-1000.

WIGNZ: So you’re moving up, you go to the White House.

WIGNZ: Well first, you’re homeless, then you read books and you get inspired, you email the First Lady, write her name on the box, send it to the White House. You call out Martha Stewart, you make international news, you go on Marta Stewart, you come back out here, you’re on Nine News, you go from Nine News over to Fox on the everyday show-

Chef David: On the food network.

WIGNZ: After food Network. Oh and how can I forget food network for god’s sake. Dude you, has this been an ongoing thing non stop for you. Are you… and now its just the momentum’s picked up, are you tired? Or are you just at this peak where you’re just like, now what’s next? 

Chef David: You’ve gotta keep going, you cannot stop. But for me, it’s always about being in the moment and turning out the best you can do at that time no matter what.

Chef David: That’s how you be successful, you can never stop, you have to just keep believing in yourself. Sometimes you’re gonna fall, sometimes you’re gonna trip, sometimes you’re gonna have a bad day. But you have to keep going, that’s exactly how to do it.

WIGNZ: Yeah, you don’t give up. So now when you do your show, its 30 minutes?

Chef David: Yep

WIGNZ: SO this is your first full length show, other than the food network, but that’s a whole produced piece with multiple people on it. This is you-

Chef David: Right.

WIGNZ: Were you nervous? How did you prepare for that?

Chef David: So in order to get my own show, no one offered me my own show. I just always wanted one. So three years ago I started my own production company, call ed scratch productions. I funded and produced my own show and two others actually that no one’s ever heard of or seen yet before.


Chef David: And this is the first one to make air, and I’m very excited about it.

WIGNZ: SO you’ve been prepping for this moment. You’ve been ready for that.

Chef David: And there’s so much more, I can’t wait for people to jump on the bandwagon cause there’s so, so much more.

WIGNZ: Who keeps track of your social media and all that now?

Chef David: Me.

Chef David: So, so much more.

WIGNZ: Who keeps track of social media and all that now? Oh that’s you? All of that’s you?

Chef David: Me. It’s all me. If you need a job call me, I’m Chef David. Just Google me and you will find my phone number. Call me if you need a job. You might need some help.

WIGNZ: You might also find a video of him calling out Martha Stewart, or pictures with him at the White House.

Chef David: Yeah. Who knows what else you’d find if you Google me. We should probably test that before we run this podcast.

WIGNZ: Oh my God, yeah. We don’t know what’s popping up.

Chef David: Good lord.

WIGNZ: So, you know what it’s exciting too because in the long list of everything you’ve achieved, I think that I get to be most proud that you’re part of Yolo Rum.

Chef David: Yes.

WIGNZ: You’re an investor of Yolo Rum. Talk about that and what that means to you, because we send this out to all of our investors and not everyone who’s listening is an investor, they don’t know what that means. How did that make you feel? What made you think this is an opportunity to jump in on?

Chef David: Well, I’ve known about Yolo Rum even before they were selling the shares. Larry and Kathie did the Yolo Rum studio out of Larry’s basement.

WIGNZ: Yup that’s right.

Chef David: That was my first introduction to what Yolo was, and I was like Larry what is this all about. And he was like “Oh you gotta try it, it’s great.” And I tried it and I mean I’m not a biggo drinker or anything like this but it was so smooth and it was so great and I knew that I loved it. And it’s at a price point where I don’t feel guilty with using it in recipes. It’s not like some crazy amount a bottle. I started cooking with it.

WIGNZ: Yeah. I was going to say was that your first thought, because you being a chef, when you try that and immediately you’re not thinking oh I love to drink rum, you’re thinking I can use this in an ingredient right?

Chef David: Oh absolutely. I use it for simple syrups. It’s great also for drinks, but I love it in baking. The price of vanilla went through the roof a couple of years ago. It’s $30 for a bottle like this so I started using Yolo Rum instead of vanilla in cookies, everything and everyone loves it.

WIGNZ: Wow. That’s awesome.

Chef David: And they’re like what’s your secret. How come your cookies are so good. Cause I’m putting the rum right in there. Actually I love it so much, not because I’m an investor and I want this to become a whole commercial, but I put it in my book. I did my bananas foster on page 508 in my book with Yolo Rum Gold and I’m telling you it the best recipe for bananas foster. I actually won an award for this recipe.

WIGNZ: No. The picture in that is phenomenal. Actually all the pictures that you have in there. Do you have a picture for almost every recipe?

Chef David: I tried so hard to a picture for every recipe because I felt like if people saw it and they could connect with it, then they knew they could make it once they read it and attempted it. And this recipe for bananas foster is so cool because all of the photos for this book we actually shot in my basement, and I cooked all the food and I staged it all and this picture is so cool because you can’t really photograph fire with the lights on so you have to turn the lights off. But you can’t see the food.

WIGNZ: Yeah. But then you can’t see the food.

Chef David: So the dark and the light picture are over the top of each other. This picture for bananas foster is actually two photos in one. They’ve just been overlaid on each other. I just love this photo so, so much.

WIGNZ: Wow that’s awesome.

Chef David: I just love this photo so, so much.

WIGNZ: No it looks delicious. Now are you going to work on another book? Are you gonna promote this? What happens now that you have a cookbook out? What do you do?

Chef David: So now I tell everybody at catering events, hey did you like this meal. The recipes from tonight’s meal are available in my new cookbook. I schlepped this to the t.v. station, I tell all my friends about it, I put it on social media. I self published this, I didn’t have some big publisher behind me I kinda cut out the middle man.

WIGNZ: You self published a 500 page book by yourself? My man. Look at that. Logo and all, that is how you do it.

Chef David: I sure did. Scratch Productions, right there on that lip. Scratch Productions baby yeah!

WIGNZ: And even the back of it are those the rum cookies on there? What cookies are those?

Chef David: Those are the oatmeal but yeah they have a little rum in there.

WIGNZ: A little Yolo in there. That’s awesome. So you got everything going on, what’s your next big game plan? What do you think in envisioning next? Where do you go after you hit this peak of the White House and calling out Martha Stewart?

Chef David: Well Martha Stewart is a nice lady and she did inspire me so I don’t want to make it sound like I’m being douche baggy here.

WIGNZ: Yeah. No no no, it was all good stuff. No.

Chef David: Just keep doing great things. Every once in a while a milestone will come along, but it’s really the day to day that get you to those milestones.

WIGNZ: Yeah.

Chef David: I’m here, I’m serving the people of Denver, I’ve got my cookbook … My new show airs every week for the next 13 weeks, all new episodes here in Denver anyhow.

WIGNZ: Saturdays, 3pm, on channel 2.

Chef David: Yep you got it. It’s called From Scratch. We just keep pushing on, pushing on.

WIGNZ: Do you wanna go national? Obviously.

Chef David: Absolutely. I’m having some disks made and I’m going to mail them to different stations.

WIGNZ: It worked for you before.

Chef David: Right. Just mail it to the White House right? Maybe not this White House but none the less. No no no it’ll get lost to file 13 somewhere.

WIGNZ: Yeah. Yeah don’t go to this one. He doesn’t even eat healthy man. He stopped at a McDonald’s anyways, so don’t worry about that guy. And then he’s forgetting what he ate after he ate it.

Chef David: Clinton ate McDonald’s too remember? He had the Big Mac run.

WIGNZ: Oh that is right.

Chef David: Don’t dog on the Golden Arch now cause some of us got guilty pleasures okay.

WIGNZ: Dude he would run there. I remember seeing that as a kid and Phil Hartman made fun of that.

Chef David: Yes on SNL.

WIGNZ: So what the guy likes McDonald’s.

Chef David: There you go.

WIGNZ: No that’s awesome. Alright well Chef David Bondarchuck, thank you man.

Chef David: Thanks for having me. This has been awesome.

WIGNZ: This was super fun I’m excited that you’re an investor of Yolo Rum. I’m excited that you keep making these recipes. I’m hoping that we can get more recipes from you with Yolo Rum and we can through em on our website and kinda cross network with each other. For Gods sake you went into the White House just writing the letter. Hey Phil, I think we need to just write a letter to the White House and tell them to try Yolo Rum. That seems to be the amazing trick. But you were inspired man, rags to riches in front of me. That’s a motivating story. And I guess we can wrap it up after this, but do you feel like you want to give back to people? Is that kind of an over arching goal? To come from where you came from, do you feel like you want to help others?

Chef David: Oh absolutely. And I do, but I don’t really brag about it cause I feel people who say we did this or we did that or we donated for this, they’re doing it for publicity. I just be a good person because I think that’s what I need to do. All of my left over food goes down to the Mission. Every Tuesday when I cater down at the state capital, I cater for a homeless organization that actually teaches homeless people job skills.

WIGNZ: Oh that’s amazing yeah.

Chef David: So when they’re in this program they need meals every day and I provide a meal for them every Tuesday. If someone needs a meal and they ask-

WIGNZ: Do you ever want to tell them your story? Hey man I’ve been there, don’t worry. Yeah.

Chef David: I do. Because I don’t want them to think I’m just walking in there. I want them to know that I understand where they’re at and what they’re going through.

WIGNZ:  Yeah.

Chef David: I do tell that story but I try and make it more about them as about me.

WIGNZ: Them. Yeah I know.

Chef David: Cause I really do it for them.

WIGNZ: Yeah. That’s gotta be the hardest thing in the world to have gone through, but now you’re in this situation where you can give back and there’s nothing better than that. I got a scholarship from a guy … I wasn’t gonna go to college. At my school they didn’t have college recruits. I’m with the Army, I’m with the Navy. And they are all, let’s see how fast you can run around this track and they would tell you. So my mom was a single mom, at 14 grand a year. I watched her clean houses, like toilets. Hand and knees. It was so hard to go into these large, huge houses and you watch your mom sticking your hand in a toilet bowl and then you go home to your trailer park and we only have one story here. So you go through these situations where one you are able to give back to that. There’s nothing better than that in the world. I think it’s amazing what you’re doing right now. And the food you’re making is amazing. You’re investing in all the right places. I wish you the best. Again check that out, From Scratch is the show right?

Chef David: Correct.

WIGNZ: Saturdays on CW. Channel 2. 3pm check it out, it’s on for the next 13 weeks. He’s an amazing cook, you seen him on the Everyday Show with Kathie J. Give your shout out. And the book. The biggest thing of it all. Tell them one more time where they can get that book.

Chef David: Exclusively at Amazon.com. Shameless plug right there.

WIGNZ: Not a shameless plug at all. That’s what it’s all about. Thank you for coming on man. Nothing but the best. We’ll talk to you in what another two years and who knows where you’re gonna be. International superstar. Yep.

Chef David: There you go. Follow me.

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