Yolo Rum Podcast Interview with DJ Caspa


Yolo Rum Podcast Interview with Dubstep Champ and Dopest Ghost: Caspa

Bass pioneer from the UK, a DJ, a label owner, a former basketball player, a straight talking dubstep champ and dopest ghost: Caspa You can introduce him in many ways, but the best way is through this mans beats. Caspa sits down to talk with Producer WIGNZ for the first episode of the Yolo Rum Podcast. Check out the interview on Yolo Rum Podcast player, see exclusive photos from the interview and more below.

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Caspa the Dopest Ghost and Producer Wignz


Caspa, Dubstep Legend, and Phil Guerin, owner of Yolo Rum
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Caspa Sips Yolo Rum and talks about how rum is his favorite spirit with Yolo Rum Founder Philip Guerin


Caspa, Phil, and Gary J pose with the bottle of Yolo Rum Gold Caspa is taking back to London


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Caspa Interview Transcription

WIGNZ: Alright, we are doing this. You know me. I’m producer WIGNZ. I have done multiple podcasts but, this Caspa, this is our first episode, bro, for the Yolo Rum podcast.
Caspa: Nice!
WIGNZ: So there’s no one better to have join us for this podcast. This man right here is all about the bass. UK bass pioneer, DJ, label owner, ex-pro basketball player, straight talkin’ dubstep champion, dopest ghost, this man can be introduced in many ways, but the best is through his beats. Welcome to the show, Caspa.
Caspa: That’s a lot of titles.
WIGNZ: Man! I saw that on your SoundCloud bro, I was like, and you played ball?
Caspa: Yeah, I used to play basketball. It was like a while ago. What was it? Fifteen, twenty…twenty years…fifteen? Yeah.
WIGNZ: You don’t need to date yourself.
Caspa: It was a while ago. It was a while ago. Yeah I did, I was a hard-baller. Got to play for my country and got to get a scholarship to come out to the states and stuff. Yeah.
WIGNZ: So what happened? You just…
Caspa: Shoulder injury.
Caspa: Yeah and then it was like surgery and taking two years out and by then it was kinda like, you know what, let’s just try something else.
WIGNZ: So yeah, music, is that what happened?
Caspa: Music’s just in the family, really. Like, dads record collectors and growing up in London, there’s just a lot of dance music. It was just natural on pirate radio stations and just kinda everywhere. So I just kind of naturally fell in love with it. Through, like, UK Garage and then as it progressed on to Dubstep it was right at the forefront of it.
WIGNZ: Did you do music before ball?
Caspa: No. Not really. Listened to a lot of music. But never, I don’t even play an instrument now. I can’t play an instrument.
WIGNZ: So, what did you just hear it? What inspires you? What gets you to that mode of being able to create?
Caspa: Yeah, I don’t know. Weed helps a little bit, sometimes.
WIGNZ: (Laughs).
Caspa: Alcohol, I can’t write on alcohol. I just kind of get really frustrated. But no, just living in London kind of gives me a lot of inspiration and it’s a crazy city, has a lot of different cultures. You meet a lot of different people. So, yeah, that kind of gives a lot of inspiration. It’s a very fast paced, there’s a lot of new things comin’ and goin’. That’s kind of how dubstep evolved in London. It was really small community, and then just exploded.
WIGNZ: And you’re a pioneer of it out there, pretty much.
Caspa: Not the pioneer. I was just a part of a group people that kind of helped push it forward and get it recognized. But I would never say I was the pioneer of it. You know what I mean? That’s a big statement. You know what I mean?
WIGNZ: Yeah. You’re a part of it.
Caspa: Who’s the pioneer of jazz? You could have a massive statement about that. It’s like wow. So I’m just a part of the movement. You know what I mean?
WIGNZ: Yeah. Well, you’re here on 4/20, so no better time to get motivated out in the Mile High City then…
Caspa: That’s it, man. Yeah, trying to keep it moving, trying not to get too stoned.
WIGNZ: What is Colorado like? Do you feel, I mean you’re from the UK, so is it kind of, that Amsterdam vibe out here? I mean, it’s not to that level, but what do you feel about Colorado?
Caspa: It’s a bit nicer than Amsterdam, to be honest.
WIGNZ: Okay (laughter). A little bit cleaner?
Caspa: A little bit cleaner, a little bit more friendly. You know what I mean? Cheaper.
WIGNZ: Yeah (laughter).
Caspa: A lot of reasons to come. I lived here for almost six months in 2014, I moved here.
WIGNZ: Was that right when it legalized? Coincidence?
Caspa: Do you know what, actually it was a coincidence and I remember moving there and the first day, it was like, “Yeah you can just go in the shop and show your passport.” And I was like, “this is a great coincidence.” So I was, in a lot of shops, the first Englishman and I put my pen on the map.
WIGNZ: There you go. Exactly. Well you performed at Black Box last night, performing there again tonight.
Caspa: Yeah, three sold out shows. Last night, tonight and tomorrow.
WIGNZ: You perform all over the world and then you just got done performing, doing a set over at Myxed Up Creations. You said that was your first time…Cause Myxed Up is a head shop up here in Colorado if you don’t know so that was kind of your first experience in that environment.
Caspa: Yeah, people were telling me it was one of the originals.
WIGNZ: Yeah, it was. Phil, the owner of that, he started that and he’s just a pioneer in a lot of the things that he does. And he does deserve that statement at least for that because it was one of the first out here. It’s in a territory that no man has gone before and he’s done it and then you’re there doing your set.
Caspa: Well that’s what dubstep is about too. Do you know what I mean? We was doing stuff that no one else was doing and it was just very, very small and then, when it becomes something, it literally spread like a virus and it’s everywhere and Denver was a place that really popped off for it and for me, Denver is like the capital of dubstep for America. For sure.
WIGNZ: And you’ve been all over the world so that’s a huge statement to make right there.
Caspa: Yeah, and doing little in-stores like this, I mean, back in the UK we used to do stuff in little record shops. We sell our records and CDs and just go in and play a set and get everyone down and get them drinks. It’s a nice vibe and you connect with fans and sometimes it’s very impersonal in clubs. On stages or at festivals. To do something very intimate and vibey and free, I’m all about it if it’s in the right situation so to mix it with a head shop, I’m a smoker so it works out.
WIGNZ: I have to give much respect to you Caspa because most people can get to a certain level and not be friendly to everyone else and you walked around that store, shook everyone’s hand that came up to you, took pictures with everyone. It’s nice to see that you can make it to that level that you’re at, still be a little modest about it, but still be so down with the people.
Caspa: I’ve got some very good people around me that like to pin me down. Keep my head from floating away so it’s good. Keep the ego away.
WIGNZ: No, you’ve gotta do that man. So you’re going to Vegas, right?
Caspa: Yeah, yeah doing EDC this year solo. I’ve done it my first time with Rusko in 2016 so back this year, doing the Bassrush Records stage. It’s a new stage.
WIGNZ: That’s a tongue twister right there man (laughter).
Caspa: Yeah, exactly. Especially after a few…
WIGNZ: Some of that Yolo Rum (laughter).
Caspa: Speaking of that, it’s gone straight to my gut man.
WIGNZ: Yeah, no it’ll do that for you especially out here in that altitude if you’re not used to that man.
Caspa: Shit, forgot.
WIGNZ: Well pace it man. Like you said, you gotta do your set tonight.
Caspa: Little show tonight.
WIGNZ: Yeah, yeah you gotta kill it up there. But what else is next man? You got a lot of stuff going on.
Caspa: Yeah, I’ve got my album. Well, it’s kind of an album. It’s music that I’ve started releasing once every two months. I was releasing tunes over the last year and a bit and I’ve finally got the final piece of it all together. It’s called Vibrations so that’s gonna come out probably next month now. That and then, I’ve got so much new music, it’s just planning when to put it and how to do it and doing shows. I’m just picking shows that I wanna do like people wouldn’t expect me to go and play at the Black Box because it’s such a small capacity club. So you could do bigger place but I’m like, “Yeah, but the vibe. It’s all about the vibe.”
WIGNZ: The energy.
Caspa: Yeah, and it’s not always about the money. It’s always about doing things that are fun. That’s why I do it. I just get paid from it and sometimes you get paid good and sometimes you don’t, but I do it because I want to do it and it’s fun. So doing stuff like that, intimate things for me are more exciting than playing big festivals or anything so it’s important to do that, especially in Denver which I feel is like a second home for me.
WIGNZ: Do you feel, I mean it probably goes without saying that music and what you’re doing is a language so you don’t have to speak a language and you’ve been all over the world. You don’t have to speak the language of where you’re going just because everyone feels that vibe of music.
Caspa: Depends on how you want to get really deep on it or not, energy and vibration, mate. That’s a language in itself, you don’t need any, you know what I mean?
WIGNZ: Oh, let’s go down that rabbit hole man.
Caspa: You know what I mean? How long have we got here? We’re like Alex Jones over here.
WIGNZ: No, none of him man, but I have seen that cat man.
Caspa: I’m just lookin’ at the suit. That’s all it is.
WIGNZ: Oh yeah the suit man. I wore the suit just for you son. I was like, “I’m meeting Caspa, I gotta throw it on.” There you go dude. Well that’s exciting man, you’ve done a lot of stuff. Who inspires you musically? You said that you come from that musical family or you just listened to it. What is it that you’ve listened to or what gets you going?
Caspa: I mean, I still fight with that because I don’t know really. I do and I don’t. It’s as I get older, I realize what inspired me later on. Like my dad being so madly into music and he’s madly into punk. Big time, but then he loves like Beatles and he’s just mad into English music.
WIGNZ: Well that UK punk scene was huge.
Caspa: Yeah, so he’s just all about it. You know what I mean? He’s got the look as well, he looks like it and then my brother was just into hip-hop and broken beat and jazz so his record collection was like Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, Talib Kweli, all that kind of stuff so, and then living in London, having just hardcore Jungle, Drum & Bass, UK Garage, it’s like progression of dance music. That around me just inspires me to do what I do.
WIGNZ: Yeah, so when you’re in your car, what are you gonna throw on? Do you need something to motivate you? Do you listen to your own stuff?
Caspa: I don’t want to sound egotistical, but it’s always my own things because I’m just trying to listen to the mixes. You know what I mean? Does it work? How does it sound in the car?
WIGNZ: Oh dude, I messed up there.
Caspa: Yeah, you’re like, “Shit, I need to turn the snare up. Nah, it needs more bass. Always more bass.”
WIGNZ: Yeah, always more bass. My wife is a huge fan and that’s what she says, “Oh he’s all about the bass.” She texted me that all in caps, “Make sure you say that.” I was like, “Alright, I got you.”
Caspa: But yeah, I mean my wife’s a jazz singer so that’s the complete opposite to what I do so I’m always just hearing music, but most of the time I’m indulged in what I’m doing and it’s sometimes I try and step out of it and go and see what’s going on and listen to a bit of Kendrick Lamar or find out what’s going on.
WIGNZ: He won a Pulitzer! Did you hear about that?
Caspa: No, I didn’t, no.
WIGNZ: Yeah, Kendrick Lamar’s got a Pulitzer for DAMN. Yeah so he was the first rapper to get a Pulitzer Prize out here.
Caspa: Good for him.
WIGNZ: So it’s cool you vibe off that guy because it’s like…
Caspa: Just all music man. I’m just into music and I think, I tend to listen to the most weird shit and people just be turned off to it, but I’m listening in a different way. Especially when you’re a producer, you’re kind of listening for samples. You’re like “Can I sample this? Can I rip this?”
WIGNZ: I’m gonna use that. I’m gonna use that. Do you have to ask for permission? How does that work?
Caspa: No comment.
WIGNZ: Yeah, alright. My bad. We won’t go down that rabbit hole either, you know what I mean?
Caspa: Exactly.
WIGNZ: Well Caspa, I appreciate you coming out, hanging out at Myxed Up Creations, Black Box, just anytime you come to the Mile High City, we will take care of you. Always got that Yolo Rum and I don’t think for episode one of our podcast, I don’t think we could have had a better guy to kick this off.
Caspa: Listen, someone’s gotta top this. Alright, just let them know who started first.
WIGNZ: No, no. You’re the pioneer of this. How ’bout that? You’re the pioneer of this.
Caspa: Good. How ’bout that? Thank you.
WIGNZ: Thank you man. Hey, one question I do have is Rusko, he’s healthy. He’s 100 percent cancer free now.
Caspa: Yes, I believe so yeah.
WIGNZ: Did that have, I mean you guys are boys. Did that have any play on you emotionally? How did that…
Caspa: That whole journey was just crazy because, when he moved to the States and I was in the UK, we just was on this crazy journey, both doing individual things and we never got the chance to really reconnect and when he moved back to London in 2015, back to the UK, we just linked up and we just started talking and hanging out again like we did before, writing music. And then we just started doing shows and we’ve done a run of shows together and we had our last show and naturally we didn’t book anything else in. And then, in that time we had off, that’s when he got the news. How it happened was so crazy and then yeah , he’s fully recovered now and I think he’s out just working on getting himself back, cause he loves the music. He’s a musician. You know what I mean? That’s what he does.
WIGNZ: Well give him our best man. He was here for 4/20 last year. You’re here for 4/20 this year and just go have a good night and anytime you’re back in the Mile High City, we got you.
Caspa: All vibes mate.
WIGNZ: Caspa on the Yolo Rum episode one podcast. Thank you my man.
Caspa: Big up.

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