What is an Award-Winning Rum Anyway?

Yolo Rum Competition Medals and Awards

2019 has been another award-winning year for Yolo Rum. Find out what it takes to bottle excellence with Yolo Rum!

At Yolo Rum, our team is obsessed with excellence. From our partnership with master distiller Don Pancho, to create the perfect rum, to our work to get the message—and the taste—of Yolo rum out to our community of rum connoisseurs, our hard work has been acknowledged time and again at industry competitions. Find out what it takes to be an award-winning rum when you only live once with Yolo!

Why is Yolo Rum Winning So Many Awards?!

Coming fresh off of our first appearance at the 2019 Nightclub and Bar Show in March, Yolo Rum has been making headlines and living up to its namesake with not one, not two but four awards for our Gold and Silver Rums.

Yolo Goes Home with Silver and Gold at the Inaugural Proof Awards

Yolo Rum returned to Vegas this June from the 16-18 to participate in the inaugural Proof (Pr%f) Awards. Held at Tivoli Village, in the west part of Sin City, the mission of the PR%F Awards was to introduce spirits brands to key decision makers in the liquor industry in a two-day event that included more than 30 spirit industry leaders and 500 spirit brands. Over the course of the event, 2019 Proof Awards judges participated in a blind-tasting point-rating competition featuring hundreds of participants. The judges, who were mainstream liquor buyers, distributors, and industry leaders with buying decision capability awarded Yolo with two medals in the competition. Yolo Rum Gold won a gold medal and Yolo Rum Silver won a silver medal, respectively and both were featured in the July 2019 issue of Food & Beverage Magazine.

Sipping in the Winners Circle at the Spirits International Prestige Awards (SIP)

When it comes to spirit competitions, the SIP Awards stand apart as the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition that caters to the opinions and palates of the discerning spirit enthusiast. By providing a truly even playing field for established brands and newcomers alike, the goal of SIP’s organizers is to provide “one of the most reliable measures of beverage quality rating in the world by delivering the opinions, thoughts, and voices of the consumers to the general public.”

As a unique, spirit judging competition, unaffected by industry bias, we were honored to discover that Yolo Rum Gold and Yolo Rum Silver were both awarded with Gold medals in their respective categories of Extra Aged Rum (Yolo Gold) and White Rum (Yolo Silver)! According to SIP’s website, “the Gold medal celebrates spirits that demonstrated a noteworthy performance in a double blind tasting with a diverse consumer panel. With scores in the upper division, Gold medal spirits are strongly recommended.”  Yolo Rum is continually demonstrating excellence as an award winning rum.

This year’s SIP Awards judging panel included 146 consumer judges hand-selected by organizers to ensure demographic diversity. The organizers of the SIP awards also screened their judges for any potential spirit brand affiliation to ensure the integrity of the results.

As the only blind tasting competition of its kind, the SIP Awards is an unbiased platform for top brands like Yolo to showcase their products to the most discerning of audiences. This year’s competition included almost 1,000 spirits and mixers entered across 93 different categories.

What Other Awards has Yolo Rum Won?

These Summer wins have brought Yolo’s international medal count up to 27 in just a few years! Other awards we’ve won include:

  • 2015 Denver International Spirits Competition Winner: Double Gold Medal & Best in Class – Yolo Gold
  • 2015 RumXP Panel Winner at the Miami Rum Festival Winner: Gold Medal in the ‘Aged 10 to 15’ Year Category – Yolo 10
  • 2016 Denver International Spirits Competition Winner: Silver Medal in the ‘Extra Aged Rum’ Category and Bronze Medal for Yolo Silver in the ‘White Rum’ category – Yolo 10 and Yolo Silver
  • 2016 RumXP Panel Winner at the Miami Rum Festival Winner: Gold MEdal Winner for RumXP Best in Class for Aged Rums and named Best Aged Rum by a Consumer Jury – Yolo Gold
  • 2017 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) 74th Annual Convention and Exposition: Gold Medal Winner in Spirits Tasting Competition – Yolo Gold
  • 2017 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition: Gold and Silver Medal Winners: Yolo Rum Gold, Yolo Rum Silver and Yolo Rum Clear, respectively.
  • 2017 San Diego Spirits Festival and International Competition: Gold and Silver Medal Winner – Yolo Rum Gold and Yolo Rum Clear, respectively.
  • 2017 Global Spirit Awards: Gold and Silver Medal Winner – Yolo Silver and Yolo Gold, respectively.
  • 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition: Winner Double Gold Medal and Bronze Medal Winner – Yolo Gold and Yolo Silver, respectively.
  • 2018 Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America 75th Annual Convention and Exposition: Winner Silver Medal in the Spirits Tasting Competition – Yolo Silver
  • 2018 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition: Winner Gold and Bronze Medals – Yolo Gold and Yolo Silver, respectively.

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