Dark and Spicy with Yolo Rum

This Yolo Rum recipe will help you take shelter from the storm in this safe harbor!

Everyone knows about the popular dark and murky rum cocktail that is trending at some hipster bars. Yet each mixologist always adds or omits something in this simple cocktail. We decided to completely remove the storm from the name and we added some spicy instead. We also want to warm you about getting carried away and adding too much of any of these ingredients. By just carelessly adding these ingredients together you can ruin the whole experience, so pay close attention to the ratios. Also blanching the sliced jalapeño for two minutes in boiling water and letting them rest in an ice bath before serving, will improve the color and balance of the jalapeño’s natural spice. No true Bermudian would put jalapeño in their sad and stormy cocktail, but here in Colorado, that’s how we love it!

Dark and Spicy Recipe

5oz Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew over ice
1.5oz Yolo Rum Gold
Squeeze lime
Garnish with fresh jalapeño and lime wedge