Denver Donkey with Colorado’s Yolo Rum

Get a kick out of this classic cocktail recipe, remixed into a new Denver, Colorado original!

Ginger beer vs. ginger ale has changed the American palate forever and has even some high end clubs and restaurants completely omitting its cheaper cousin ale, all together. We highly recommend trying to find the highest quality ingredients available in your market for sure, but if ginger ale is the only option, then be our guest.

Closely related to its cousin the Moscow Mule, but this version has rum instead of vodka. If you are a regular rum & coke drinker and you’re looking to spice it up, this cocktail is perfect for you. Try serving this cocktail as an alternative option if you regularly serve rum & coke or a Moscow Mule.

Denver Donkey Recipe

5oz Reed’s Original Ginger Brew over ice
1.5oz Yolo Rum Silver
Squeeze lime
Garnish with fresh mint and lime wedge