Yolo Rum and Coke

The Cuba Libre. A timeless classic.

Also known as a Rum and Coke, this simple drink won’t disappoint.

Rum & Coke is a timeless classic cocktail, and the best part about this cocktail is that everything that you’ll need to make this most beloved rum drink is right there in the title. But, even this simple cocktail can be made incorrectly. Here is a refresher for you because your friends and family will thank you for reviewing it before your next get together. The Rum & Coke can be an extraordinary cocktail, with simply the right glass, ice and with only the best ingredients. The only thing that might differentiate your Rum & Coke (Cuba Libre) from your friend’s and family’s is your choice in soda. We think you should drop your ego and find the best cola that complements Yolo rum and we definitely think Coca-Cola Classic (made with real sugar) is the right choice. It’s sweet, but not as sweet as its competitor Pepsi, and certainly don’t take our word for it. You only live once, and be extraordinary!

Yolo Rum and Coke Recipe

5oz Coca-Cola over ice
1.5oz Yolo Rum Silver
0.5oz Yolo Rum Gold floater
Garnish with lime wedge