T/ACO Denver, Mars, And Yolo Rum

Is Denver’s Best Bartender at T/ACO Denver?

Over the next 8 weeks, Yolo Rum, Larry Ulibarri, and Producer Wig’nz are on the hunt for some of the best bartenders and servers Denver has to offer.  Over the course of these 8 weeks, we will be featuring some of our favorite Denver Yolo Rum locations, and highlighting some of the unique personalities that make up the industry locally.  At the end of these 8 weeks, we’re going to be taking a winner from 1 of the participating locations with us to Florida for the Spirits of the Americas competition in Miami on June 7th, as we accept our awards for Yolo Rum Aged “Best of Class”, and Yolo Rum Silver “Bronze Medal Winner” for the Rum category.

T/ACO an urban taqueria
T/ACO Denver

This week we feature T/ACO Denver, located at 1550 Blake St. in Denver.  T/ACO has been a Yolo Rum partner location since early in our introduction to the Denver market.  One of our favorite features of T/ACO Denver is not only the delicious taco’s, but also one of our personal favorite bartenders in Denver, Mars.  Mars was most recently slinging drinks at Que Bueno Mexican Grille and Ultra Sheer Nightclub in Westminster.  While at Que Bueno, Mars created THE signature drink of last summer, when she concocted the Yolo-Berry, a fruity explosion of flavors featuring fresh raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and Yolo Rum Silver.  Upon her relocation to T/ACO, Mars didn’t waste any time brainstorming up genius new signature drinks including a fresh smacked basil infused “Smack My Basil” with Yolo Silver, as well as the “Yolo Orange Crush” with raw sugar coated sauteed tangerines, rosemary, and Yolo Silver.  Every time we sit at her bar, we are dazzled with her creativity and excellence as she cranks out Yolo Rum drink after Yolo Rum drink, raising the bar of imagination on what a truly unique signature craft drink can become.  Not to mention she is a real sweetheart (with an amazing voice, we might add).  Long story short, T/ACO and Mars rule, and we’re sure that you’ll be delighted with their menu of gourmet taco’s and a fine signature Yolo Rum cocktails.

Yolo Rum drinks at T/ACO
Signature Yolo Rum drinks at T/ACO

From William Porter @ The Denver Post:
Food trends come and go, but one fairly recent development just might have staying power: The taco, one of the simplest foods around, is enjoying a star turn in restaurants, where it is gussied up with snappy, of-the-moment ingredients that are about as far removed from Taco Bell as reality TV is from, well, reality.
T/ACO Colorado is part of that mix, with locations in Boulder and Denver. Two recent visits to the Denver spot at 1550 Blake St. found creative and generally well-executed versions of this Mexican staple. The tacos are done in the traditional soft style with corn tortillas.
The crowd skews young, this being LoDo, and thus tends to fill up later rather than earlier, although the restaurant — which is full-service with a waitstaff — does a brisk lunch business.
We started with chips and a trio of salsas for $4, which is about the price of everything on the menu. The chips were warm and came in a paper bag. The salsas were all winners: a salsa verde that was bright in the mouth, a medium-strength habanero that had zip but didn’t leave you screaming for a fire extinguisher, and a smoky, brick-red chipotle salsa.
A cheese crisp was a doffing of the hat to dairy goodness, a melted mix of Oaxaca, Monterey Jack and cheddar on a flour tortilla that literally oozed flavor.
A far better fish taco was made with red snapper. The firm white fish was bound with a smoky chipotle mayo, and was made crunchy with raw cabbage, scallions, radish and avocado.
Also worthy was a veggie taco of spaghetti squash with roasted poblanos, red onions, pepitas and cilantro. It was a meshing of sturdy autumn notes — the squash and poblanos — with the summery accents of the red onions and crunchy pepitas, which are toasted pumpkin seeds.
A carnitas taco was packed with slow-roasted pork shoulder and chunks of pineapple, another smart pairing of dark and light.
This being the Pork Belly Decade, there is, of course, a pork belly taco on the menu. It was a winner, with a spike of guajillo salsa, pickled onion and cotija cheese.
In sum, T/aco is a solid addition to the Denver taco scene…
To read the full review, please see the article in it’s entirety at DenverPost.com
Don’t miss T/ACO Tuesdays, and happy hour on Fridays, complete with live music, and a bar full of smiling faces!
About: T/ACO is a fresh concept, focusing on fresh ingredients and great tastes. We know preparing food with the best ingredients makes the best possible tastes in your mouth.

The Pork Shoulder - Carnitas Taco
The Pork Shoulder – Carnitas Taco
Yolo Rum drinks at T/ACO
Mars strikes again!