Yolo drinkers are never shy about sharing how much they love our great-tasting, pure rums. At the core of our commitment to making what we believe is the best rum in the world is our added belief that we must also care for the environment and the communities in which we work.

Which is why we were very careful in choosing our manufacturing partners in Panama. Yolo Rum is created in a facility that recycles the sugar cane refuse that is left over once the necessary ingredients are extracted from the plants. The sugar cane plant fiber is used to fuel the boilers that power the electrical turbines used at the factory. Any extra power goes into a grid for the general population. This revolutionary process has provided the distillery with a surplus of carbon credits.

We also seek to support authentic, local purveyors of products. Rum is aged in sustainably-sourced American oak barrels, our natural corks are sourced from a leading supplier in Portugal, and our signature bottle is produced by Saver Glass in France. Our partners are known leaders in their industries, and we are proud to bring together responsible, bespoke solutions to make Yolo the best it can be.


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