Rocking the World of Rum with Greg Rock on the Yolo Rum Podcast

Discover the secret to building and spreading the rum love with Yolo Rum’s Vice President of Sales, Greg Rock.

What does it take to make the world’s best rum a household name? Find out with Yolo Rum’s Vice President of National Sales, Greg ‘the Rock.’ With a background in the liquor industry that’s unmatched, Rock has more than two decades of experience and passion for the people and the craft involved with working in the alcohol industry.

Defining What it Means to Be the Best with Greg Rock

Rock’s career started in high school at Coors’ Brewing company, where he got his feet wet and learned how to flex his sales muscles by working as a salesman and distributor. “Working the streets means working with the people and working with the accounts,” he said. “In my early years, I sold [the beer], threw it onto a two-wheeler, and wheeled [the beer] back in, to [my clients].”

Delivering an Excellent Experience From Client to Consumer

Whether you’re a Yolo retailer or consumer, part of what defines our mission is going above and beyond. Our team not only has a passion for the product, we also have a passion for the people in our industry, “In this industry…you need each other,” said Rock.

Since joining the Yolo team several months ago, Rock has brought his incredible knowledge and unparalleled network in the world of liquor sales to help Yolo continue to grow in 2019.

After being tapped by President of National Sales, Dave Elger to help Yolo break into the national rum market, Rock said joining the Yolo team was an offer he couldn’t refuse. “Dave just assured me that together with himself and Phil the owner, we could working something out…but after actually tasting the product, and seeing the product, and seeing the quality of the product, it really blows your mind,” he said.

The incredible set of personalities, investors, and support team driving Yolo also played a role in giving Rock the confidence to step in and grow Yolo into one of the most sought after rums in the country.

“You know, most other rums add sugars to make it sweeter, not ours,” said Rock, “A good quality rum can make a good, solid, and robust cocktail…that’s what Yolo rum did.”

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Riding the Wave of Success into 2019 with the Right Team

Both gluten-free and sugar-free, Yolo rum is one of few rums that relies on the quality of its ingredients and techniques instead of additives to change the flavor or color of their spirits. “If you really like rums, the gold you can drink straight on the rocks,” said Rock, “That’s the beauty of the gold, you can drink it straight, it’s very full-bodied, and a tremendous flavor.” In addition to a high-quality product, you also need passion said Rock. “If you’re passionate about something, there’s nothing stopping you. When I really tasted the quality of Yolo…I felt like it’s really something I can jump behind.”

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Yolo Rum at Bar Elvate