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Yolo Rum Watermelon Caipirinha

Yolo Rum Watermelon Caipirinha

Yolo Rum Watermelon Caipirinha Cocktail

Nothing is more refreshing on a warm day than a cold beverage like this Watermelon Caipirinha Recipe! Learn how to make this delicious, adults-only drink!

Cool yourself off on a warm day with this Yolo Rum Watermelon Caipirinha recipe!


Muddle – Muddle lime, ginger, sugar, and mint, and transfer to a martini shaker.


Add to shaker and shake – Add watermelon puree, grenadine, Yolo Rum, and some ice. Shake contents.


Prep glass and pour – In large glass, add 1-2 small slices of watermelon and 1-2 small slices of lime. Pour contents of the shaker into the glass and serve. optionally add mint sprig to garnish.


2 oz. Yolo Rum Silver

1 lime

5 quarter-sized slices of ginger

2 tsp sugar

6 chopped mint leaves

2 oz watermelon puree

1 oz grenadine

1-2 small slices of watermelon

1-2 small slices of lime

Mint sprig, for garnish (optional)

Some ice

A large glass

A measuring jigger

A martini shaker

A muddler or spoon to muddle with