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Our Story

The standard all rum should be held to.

don pancho

While on travel to Guatemala Yolo Rum owner, Phil Guerin, a whiskey drinker, found himself to be the lone whiskey drinker at the bar, where everyone else drank rum. They questioned why Phil was drinking whiskey and encouraged him to try their rum. Phil was very impressed with the rich flavor of the rum. He had never had a rum like it in the United States. With a marketing and retail background, Phil thought that the rum was incredible and wanted to introduce great tasting rum like that to the United States. So, Phil and his wife Jessica embarked on a mission to create a quality rum brand. With Jessica’s connections in the corporate world, she was able to introduce Phil to the legendary Cuban Born master distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Don Pancho is known as “The Minister of Rum” in Cuba and went on to modernize and revolutionize the industry while working for notable distilleries.

Don Pancho, the world’s most respected and honored rum blender agreed to Phil’s vision to create a formula for a superior rum product, and with enthusiasm, Yolo Rum formulas were created.

Top-shelf Yolo Rum Gold enjoys a 10-year aging process that gives it a rich, tawny color and smooth buttery taste. Two-year-aged Yolo Rum Silver is the world’s premium rum for mixing—if you like vodka, you’ll love Yolo Rum Silver. All Yolo Rums are gluten-free, with no added sugar and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Yolo Rum Holds 29 International Awards: multiple Best-of-Class, multiple Gold Medals, and multiple Gold Medals. Yolo Rum, “you only live once,” motto encompasses everything in the name, it is a way of life and it is a lifestyle of what you want a spirit brand to be.

Yolo Rum, the standard all rum should be held to.

You Only Live Once...


An Idea is Born

Phil is introduced to the legendary Cuban-born master distiller Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez.


A vision comes to fruition

Don Pancho agrees with Phil's vision to create a formula for a superior rum product.


Yolo Rum Gold

This top-shelf rum enjoys a 10-year aging process that gives a rich tawny color and smooth buttery taste.


Yolo Rum Silver

Yolo Rum Silver is created after its aged for two years to create the world's premium rum for mixing.


Best In Class

One year after Yolo Rum was founded it won its first taste award at the Spirit of the Americas for Best In Class.


29 International Awards

In 8 years Yolo Rum Gold and Silver have won numerous awards all over the world totaling to 29 International Awards.