New Yolo Tropic Cocktail Recipe by Mandy Williard from Outback Steakhouse


Send your taste buds on a vacation with the Yolo Tropic, a new Yolo Rum cocktail recipe created by Outbacker Mandy Williard

Our friends over at Outback Steakhouse recently gathered some of their Outbackers from among their southern Florida restaurants to create an all new Yolo Rum cocktail recipe during their annual bar refresher meeting. They all met at their Lithia Fish Hawk location, and from what we hear there were lots of amazing drinks made that night. In the end, stand out honors went to Mandy Williard (Outbacker from Sebring, FL) whose creation named the “Yolo Tropic” stole the show.

In the delicious new Yolo Rum cocktail recipe, the Yolo Tropic, Mandy uses premium Yolo Rum Silver with a blend of cranberry, pineapple, and mango juices atop muddled strawberries and crushed pineapple to send your taste buds on the vacation they deserve!



You Only Live Once. Treat yourself to an excellent meal and this tasty thirst quenching cocktail at any of the participating Outback Steakhouse locations. Ask your Outback bartender or wait staff for your Yolo Tropic taste bud vacation today.


Find liquor stores near you selling Yolo Rum using the Yolocator

Find Yolo Rum near you using the Yolocator



The Yolo Tropic Recipe

Outbacker Mandy Williard shared her Yolo Tropic cocktail recipe with us for your home bar as well.

• Add 1 bar spoonful of crushed pineapple

• Add 3 slices of strawberry

• Muddle

• Add 1.25 oz. Yolo Rum Silver

• Add .5 oz. pineapple juice

• Add .5 oz. cranberry juice

• Add .5 oz. mango monin syrup

• Squeeze and drop in 1 lime wedge

• Shake and pour

• Garnish (pineapple wedge, hull and strawberry)

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