National Culinarians Day

Happy Culinarian's Day from Yolo Rum

Happy Culinarians Day from Yolo Rum!

Have you ever tried cooking with rum? Yolo Rum can’t be beat when it comes down to it! What’s your favorite food to make with rum?
National Culinarians Day is celebrated each year on July 25 and is a day to honor all chefs and cooks and to show our appreciation to them. It may be the chef at your favorite restaurant or the person that cooks dinner in your home, which may be you, but whomever it is, this day is all about them. Culinary arts is the art of preparing and cooking foods. A “culinarian” is a person working in the culinary arts. Culinary education is available from many institutions offering diploma, associate, and bachelor degree programs in the culinary arts field.  Depending on the level of education desired, this can take one to four years.
If you go out to eat today, make sure and thank the chef….. if you eat at home, thank the cook!  If you are the cook, put on some fun music and enjoy your time in the kitchen!! ….but no matter what you do, try cooking and pairing your food with Yolo Rum Aged or Yolo Rum Silver!
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Happy National Culinarians Day!