"Last Call" to Invest in Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Award Winning Yolo Rum.

Equity Crowdfund Campaign on Wefunder set to end at the end of the day on Friday, August 31st.

Yolo Rum Equity Crowdfund on Wefunder

Over 900 investors have participated in an extremely successful equity crowdfund campaign on Wefunder.  The campaign will officially end Friday, August 31st, so there is a very limited time to take advantage of the opportunity to own part of a “democracy powered” spirits company.  Recent press about rum points to a positive trend and a bright future for the expanding rum and craft spirit explosion.

Yolo Rum has focused on the benefits of the crowdsource opportunities that the crowdfund has generated. Yolo Rum investors have exclusive access to a monthly investors meeting/webinar and vote on relevant issues, live.

To invest in Yolo Rum, follow this link to go directly to the Yolo Rum Equity Crowdfund on Wefunder.

Follow this link to read more about the Yolo Rum Equity Crowdfund Campaign on Marketwatch.