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Master Crafted

A Classic Method. No Added Ingredients.

Our process sticks to the classic method and being true to the old school production of rum. Yolo Rum is produced by the legendary master rum distiller, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez.

Volcanic Soil

The expulsion of ash has distinct amounts of soil nutrients.

The Caribbean Sun

A tropical climate leads to year-round warm to hot temperatures.

Superior Sugar Cane

A natural combination of soil and sun creates unparalleled quality cane.

You Only Live Once...


Our sugar cane grows in the Panama Caribbean basin under the best quality because of the climate characteristics in the country. The tropical sun, fertility of our plantations grows green and splendid sugar cane.

Yolo Rum is made from sugar cane and is amazingly sugar-free. The process begins with fertile volcanic soil, the Caribbean sun, and superior sugar cane. The cane is crushed to extract a sugary juice and then reduced to a thick syrup, molasses. The molasses is mixed with warm water and special yeast. It ferments for a few weeks and then is strained, and pumped into the still, brought to a boil and run through one to five columns for a thorough distillation. The distillation process removes all impurities including any sugar. Our blend is pure rum and has no added ingredients. That is what distinguishes us from most other rums.

At our production facility, we only use those liquors and alcohols which are properly fermented and distilled. The result is excellence, both technological and taste-wise. That’s why we can offer a product of such excellent quality.Many former scotch or whiskey drinkers have commented that Yolo Gold—with its smooth, barrel-aged taste—is their new on-the-rocks drink of choice.

Yolo Silver is the perfect complement to any mixer you want to add, for an easy and better-tasting alternative to vodka.