Yolorita Margarita Recipe


The Yolorita margarita is a delicious and easy cocktail drink for margarita lovers and beer lovers alike! This unique recipe will WOW all your party guests!

The Yolorita margarita is a unique spin on everything you have come to think that a margarita can be! What makes this cocktail special is that for the alcohol portion, we replace the tequila with Yolo Rum Silver and your favorite beer. We’ve seen this recipe come out great with a wide range of beers, not just light beers… so play with the recipe using different types of your favorite beers each time, and let us know how the Yolorita margarita batches come out. We know you will love them! You will find this recipe to be very easy to make, and a hit at all your parties and social gatherings!



Add ice – In a large pitcher or large serving bowl, and add 1/2 of a small bag of ice.


Add all ingredients into large serving bowl – Pour in the Yolo Rum Silver, and then the lime-aid. Some like to use a full can of lime-aid, others use 1/2 a can. Play with this ingredient to help make the recipe more your own. Next add any two favorite beers of your choice, and lastly add a can of Fresca to help give the Yolorita more of the bubbles and carbonation.


Gently stir, optionally add some ice to the bowl, and serve! Add ice to cups before adding Yolorita mix to cups. Makes 8-12 servings.


1/2 bottle of Yolo Rum Silver
Any 2 beers of your choice
1 can of lime-aid, to taste
1 can of Fresca
Some ice
A large pitcher, or large serving bowl and serving ladle
And a stirring spoon

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