Company’s Philanthropy

Since we first established business in 2012, Yolo LTD has been committed to making a difference in many communities in which we work and live. We strive to be responsible corporate citizens and make a difference in each of the communities we serve. We pride ourselves as active participants in charitable events giving back to local communities to help fight against poverty and improving educational opportunities.

Team Yolo Rum has participated in fundraisers, generating thousands of dollars for charities to support S.T.E.M. education, educational opportunity scholarships, and physical fitness and wellness programs.

With our support, we’ve helped thousands of amazing young people accomplish incredible goals.

Our Company is also committed to educating the public about responsible alcohol consumption. Yolo LTD and Yolo Rum support responsible alcohol consumption and discourage underage drinking. Adult beverages are to be consumed for personal enjoyment; however, for a balanced lifestyle, responsible choices should be made for the safety and wellness of all.

Team Yolo enjoys giving back to provide for those in need; that is the embodiment of,


“You Only Live Once!



Yolo LTD communities it serves with charity events, promotions, and donations. Our charitable partnerships span a great variety of causes that are important.