Yolo Podcast Ep 001

We always feel that it’s important to keep our investors, who make us a democracy powered company, up to date on everything Yolo Rum. In 2019 our award winning company has evolved and updated our website, ways to communicate and expanded our distribution with Empire Distributors.

Yolo Rum also is now the official sponsor of the ‘Yolo Podcast’ a podcast that was created to entertain, engage and inform our audience about everything that represents the term, YOLO! Phil Guerin and WIGNZ who are the founders of Yolo Rum, host the podcast that is streamed LIVE and produced for the Yolo Podcast available everywhere that podcasts can be found.

This episode is our biggest yet, as we discuss everything that we has happened to our brand. Including our meeting that took place at Silicon Valley with Google.

Empire is a wholesale beverage distributor home to over 1,500 teammates across four states: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Colorado. Representing 1,000+ brands from around the world, their mission is simply to be the very best at building brands and developing people.

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Star Wars Inspired Halloween Cocktail Recipes on Fox31 Everyday Show

Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wignz crashed the set of the Colorado Everyday Show to share these Star Wars inspired Yolo Rum cocktail recipes

Chris Parente and Kathie J

On Friday October 30th, Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wignz joined forces with Chris Parente and Kathie J on the Fox31 Denver Everyday Show to present some Star Wars and Halloween inspired cocktail creations.  Below you will find these drink recipes conjured up from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Check out the full Star Wars inspired Yolo Rum Halloween cocktails video clip here.  The Force was strong with our segment.

Yolo Yoda

1.5 oz.Yolo Rum Silver
3 oz. Naked “Green Machine” juice
2.5 oz. club soda
Garnish with lime

Yolo Darkside

1.5 oz. Yolo Rum Gold
Splash Yolo Rum Silver
5 oz. Dr. Pepper
Club soda (to taste, for sweetness)
Garnish with maraschino cherry and lime

Yolo “Mummy” Yummy

2 oz. Yolo Rum Aged
5 oz. Jones Creme Soda
A splash of Orange Juice
Garnish with orange slice

Halloween CocktailCheck out more Yolo Rum Halloween cocktail recipes

Former Denver Bronco Alfred Williams from 104.3 The Fan Enjoying Yolo Rum

A shout out to former CU Buffalo and Denver Bronco, Alfred Williams

As NFL fans everywhere are getting ready for another football season, we wanted to throw it back to when one of Denver’s most popular athletes joined us in the Yolo Rum Studios to sit down with Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wig’nz for a special appearance on the Larry Uncensored Podcast.  Here’s a special shout out to Alfred Williams, one of the alumni from our hometown Denver Broncos and the University of Colorado Buffaloes.  Williams was an All-American at CU in 1989 and 1990, and went on to win the Butkus Award for the nations top linebacker in 1990.  Williams was also the captain of the 1990 National Champion CU Buffaloes team.  Alfred Williams went on to be a first round pick in the 1991 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals.  Williams became a member of the Denver Broncos in 1996 and was a member of the back-to-back Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos teams from 1997 and 1998.  In 2010 he was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame.  Now you can catch “Big Al” on 104.3 The Fan with co-host Darren “D-Mac” McKee for The Drive, one of the top sports talk radio programs in the Colorado market.

Last year we welcomed Alfred to be a guest on the Larry Uncensored Podcast Episode 13.  As to be expected hilarity ensues as they talk about life, family, working on the radio and some football.  And then Larry also tries to help Alfred speak and sound like a woman.

Alfred has seen success at every level and he knows a good thing when he sees it.  What will Alfred Williams be drinking while he watches football this weekend?  We don’t know, but we can only hope it’s award winning Yolo Rum.  The man has good taste, and he likes a champion.

Alfred Williams pours a Yolo Rum cocktail

Former Denver Bronco Alfred Williams enjoys a Yolo Rum Gold and Dr. Pepper.  One of the favorite drinks of Larry Ulibarri himself.

Hashtag your Yolo Rum moments with #YoloRum to show us how you’re enjoying Yolo Rum this football season.


Everything Is Awesome in Red Rocks CO

The Everything is Awesome tour 2015 made it’s way to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado this past Saturday August 1st.  The tour features Slightly Stoopid, the Dirty Heads, and Stick Figure.  Yolo Rum brought the VIP party, while Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wign’z were there to represent Yolo Rum Studios and the Larry Ulibarri Uncensored Podcast to interview Miles Doughty from Slightly Stoopid.  Join us for an inside look at the Everything is Awesome tour at Red Rocks on Colorado Day 2015.

Miles Doughty Interview

Watch the exclusive interview with Miles Doughty from Slightly Stoopid via the Larry Uncensored Podcast and the Yolo Rum Studios



Listen in as Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wig’nz interview music legend Jon Phillips, the guy who launched Sublime and discovered Slightly Stoopid. Hear what he says when Larry calls him the Dr. Dre of this music genre. 


Yolo Rum Studios went backstage at Red Rocks where Larry Ulibarri and his Uncensored Podcast talked with Stick Figure after performing at the Everything Is Awesome Tour. Stick Figure talks about music, the tour and his creative process for producing music.

Producer Wig’nz and Larry Ulibarri interview Jon Phillips from Silverback Management


Producer Wig’nz and Larry Ulibarri with Miles from Slightly Stoopid


Everything Is Awesome In Red Rocks CO: Yolo Rum Photo Gallery

Everything is Awesome Red Rocks Yolo Rum Backstage Set Up


Don Carlos Slightly Stoopid Red Rocks Everything is Awesome Yolo Rum peace

Don Carlos


Colorado!!!! We love you!! What an amazing night at Red Rocks!!! Thanks to all the fans and the bands for making it such a special night and Raised Fist Propaganda for an epic photo. #everythingisawesome2015

Posted by Slightly Stoopid on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Miles Doughty Slightly Stoopid Philip Guerin Yolo Rum

Slightly Stoopid’s Miles Doughty and Yolo Rum Owner Philip Guerin


Miles Doughty Slightly Stoopid and Dan

Slightly Stoopid’s Miles Doughty and Dan


 Slightly Stoopid’s Miles Doughty and Yolo Rum Uncle Sam


Jon Phillips Silverback Management Philip Guerin

Jon Phillips from Silverback Management and Philip Guerin from Yolo Rum

OG Oguer Ocon Slightly Stoopid Red Rocks Yolo Rum ladies

Slightly Stoopid’s OG and friends


Scott Woodruff Stick Figure Philip Guerin Yolo RumScott Woodruff of Stick figure with Philip Guerin from Yolo Rum 

Purchase Slightly Stoopid’s new album


Everything Is Awesome In Red Rocks Blog

It was the perfect August summer afternoon in Colorado.  The sun was perched high in the sky, and only a few straggling clouds could be seen as they drifted past Red Rocks and out towards the plains.  You couldn’t have asked for a better setting than this one, as everyone ascended on this historic venue in Morrison and began to settle in for what was sure to be an amazing evening of music, fun, and Yolo Rum!  Following four epic shows in Florida, the “Everything is Awesome” tour featuring Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads, and Stick Figure made their way to Red Rocks for the grand finale of the Yolo Rum leg of the tour.  We were thrilled to be a part of all of the fun with the bands as they made their way through stops in St. Augustine, Cocoa, Boca Raton, and St. Petersburg, Florida and then culminating at beautiful Red Rocks.
As was the case at the previous 4 shows in Florida, Yolo Rum was on hand to host backstage VIP area parties, where we were able to serve up some signature Yolo Rum cocktails, and hang out with the bands, crew, and their family and friends.  The show back at Red Rocks however offered unique access for Yolo Rum and the Larry Ulibarri Uncensored Podcast, as we were able to secure exclusive interviews backstage with some of the stars of the Everything is Awesome tour, Miles from Slightly Stoopid, Scott from Stick Figure, as well as one of the main men behind the scene, Jon Phillips from Silverback Management.  As we were busy setting up for the party in the dressing room, members of the crew were busy wheeling in and out equipment from the stage area.  And as Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wign’z were testing equipment and running sound, the audio engineers for Red Rocks were completing sound checks with the bands just outside of the dressing room as the energy and anticipation of the night began to increase.

As the finishing touches were being put on the stage outside, we were finishing setting up for the party in the dressing room backstage.  This was all a lead-up to our first guest of the evening, one of the stars at the center of the Everything is Awesome tour, Slightly Stoopid frontman and vocalist Miles Doughty.  It was such an honor to sit down with Miles, and talk about the band and the tour.  After the interview with Miles, we made our way to the Red Rocks concourse to mingle with fans and pose for pictures with our Instagram sign.  As the gates opened and stands began to fill up, the place was already near a packed capacity by the time Stick Figure made their way to the stage to open up the show.  While we were hanging out with our Instagram sign and making new friends, as luck would have it, we came face to face with our ticket contest winner and her husband.  After posing for a couple more pictures, we made our way backstage to let our contest winners settle in, and grab a couple of Yolo Rum drinks.

After Stick Figure got done with playing a stellar set, and as the last of the sold out crowd made their way in from the parking lot parties, you could feel the excitement in the air.  The perfect August summer afternoon gave way to a perfect summer evening, perfectly fitting of this Colorado Day, the states 139th birthday.  The next act to take the stage for the Red Rocks crowd was the Dirty Heads.  As the party in the stands really started to heat up, the party backstage started jumping as well.  Our VIP bartender Mars was hard at work whipping up a variety of Slightly Stoopid inspired drinks, like the Stoopid Rum Ripper, the Slightly Colada, and the Vape Cod, as well as classic Yolo Rum cocktails like the Yolo Yummy and the Yolo Razz.  The VIP party attendees made their way from the backstage viewing area to watch the show, alternating back and forth between there and the party in the dressing room to fuel up on snacks and Yolo Rum beverages.  After the Dirty Heads got done smashing it for the packed house at Red Rocks, alas it was time for the main event, as it was about time for Slightly Stoopid to take the stage.  Finally the band was announced, and the crowd rallied up the band as they took the stage.  Just as the band played the first note, a massive collection of beach-balls flooded the crowd from the top row of the amphitheatre, appropriately labeled with Slightly Stoopid and Yolo Rum logos.

It goes without saying that Slightly Stoopid’s set was amazing.  It was a perfectly eclectic mix of classic Slightly Stoopid tracks, to go along with material from their new album “Meanwhile… Back at the Lab”.  They had the crowd rocking the whole time, and the vibe was right.  They even welcomed with them to the stage Reggae legend Don Carlos for a couple songs during the set.  As the event began to wind down, and Slightly Stoopid stepped off the stage following an epic curtain call, the party backstage picked up momentum for one last wind to close out the night.  As party revelers shared stories over cocktails in our dressing room party backstage after the show, we had the chance to welcome a couple more guests to the Larry Ulibarri Uncensored Podcast booth for interviews with Larry and Wig’nz.  The final round of exclusive interviews included a sit-down with Scott Woodruff from Stick Figure, and finally Jon Phillips from Silverback Management.  Once again it was a great pleasure to have these guests share with us some of their stories and experiences.  After posing for some pictures and moving through the crowd to shake hands with guests and exchange hugs, they stared to make their way back to their own dressing rooms to retire for the evening.  And as the last of the munchies were being gobbled up, and the last of the drinks were being sipped dry, the energy of the afterparty turned into the calm that’s left behind.  And alas, there was nothing that remained except for the spirit of this show, on this night.  The laughter, the smiles, the energy, the music, the family, the love, the rum.  Could it have been any better than this?  And even if it could have been, would it have mattered?  Because on this night everything was perfect.  On this night at Red Rocks, Everything is Awesome!

Interview Transcription

Larry Ulibarri:  “Everything is Awesome” tour, what’s up with the name?  Who named it and what does that stand for?

Miles Doughty:  Well honestly the way it all kind of came together.  The fans have really been asking for us and Dirty Heads to tour together for like a decade.  Like they’ve just been saying “Hey, why don’t you guys?” ya know, vice-versa, their fans, our fans, “Tour together.”  And the pieces all fell into place, and you know, obviously we were kind of bitin’ off that Lego vibe of “Everything is Awesome”, that movie that came out.  And we thought it was kind of funny, ya know, a lot of us have kids now, so it was a funny thing to do.

Producer Wign’z:  Now one of the pictures that you guys had was a Lego guy watching your show, and all the Lego performers on there, and like, it was awesome.

Miles:  Yeah, it was pretty cool, I mean obviously there’s so much you can do with it as far as artistically, and just the vibe of the whole tour, it felt like that title really kind of… “Everything IS Awesome”, you know what I mean?  Everything’s going good, we got a new album that just dropped on June 30th called “Meanwhile… Back at the Lab”.

Wign’z:  It’s a great album by the way, even that intro and that intro to start it off…

Miles:  Dabbington…

Larry:  Super cool! 

Miles:  We’ve actually been opening up our tour like that just because it kind of gives you that feel of the record.  And like I said, and with the record coming out at the same time, and all this other stuff going on, the tour, you know “Everything is Awesome” really kind of is a fitting title. 

Wign’z:  You own your own record label though, right?  It’s all you guys, like from the drawings, like you said, you know, even the Lego images, that’s all you guys right?

Miles:  Yeah, we’ve had Stoopid Records since 2000 so we’ve always just put out our own music, you know, whenever we can, and we’ve had that, luckily, we’ve had that availability to do it, and the resources behind it and everything so it’s been great.

Larry:  A lot of artists, especially new artists, get stuck in like really long contracts that they never get out of so that’s kind of cool that you guys run your own stuff.

Miles:  Yeah, I mean we don’t really… we’re not even a band that… you don’t see us doing a lot of video kind of things and weird like media stuff… We’re not… We don’t… that’s never really been this band, you know, we’ve always been a band just, you know, we’re some beach kids from Ocean Beach that, you know, we make the music that we like to make for ourselves and for our fans, and you know, we’ve never really have exploited ourselves on that media level of just, like…

Larry:  Commercialism?

Miles:  Yeah, commercialism, and even just the… you know, we do posts on Instagram and stuff of like cool pictures, but we don’t sit there and do videos of ourselves just talking to everyone.  It’s just not something… to me, that’s like, fake, and not really…

Wign’z:  It’s not what you’re about, you’re about the music!

Miles:  Yeah.  For us we’ve never been that kind of band, so it’s cool that we just let the music speak for itself and just that vibe that we bring from Southern California.

Larry:  One thing I like about you guys is that you really let your fans get in touch with you guys, I know you have a thing where you go in to Mexico, and people can just buy in and hang with you guys…

Wign’z:  Closer to the Sun…

Miles:  Closer to the Sun, yeah, it’s at the Sapphire Resort down there in Puerto Morelos.  It’s amazing.  We did it last year, and we’re going to do it again this year in December, and it’s honestly… I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, because I’ve been on cruise ships where you’re just kind of like “ohhh, I’m stuck, ya know”.  And it’s one of those things when you’re there at the resort, you have the ocean, you can go in to town, you can do all these things, but it’s very intimate for the people that came down there.  You’ll see everybody at the resort, and they only let a thousand people go, total.  So it’s really cool.  And it’s a big… And it’s not like a small place, it’s a gigantic resort.  They have like three or four massive pools and you’re right on the ocean.

Wign’z:  And you’re just hanging with them.

Miles:  And you just hang, and drink, and party.  We did three sets, we played 78 songs over those three sets.  So it’s cool to play that many different songs, cuz when you just play a regular show, you’re gonna play like 25 songs.

Wign’z:  That’s awesome!

Larry:  Well we appreciate you coming here, and we appreciate you stopping in Denver, and being associated with Yolo, and stopping by the Podcast, we really enjoy your music…

Miles:  Thanks man.

Larry:  Yeah, and what you guys are doing, we appreciate it.

Miles:  Cool man.  I appreciate you guys.  Good looking out.

Ky-Mani Marley Interview

Ky-Mani Marley talked with Yolo Rum at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver Colorado

We got a chance to catch up with Ky-Mani Marley and took the opportunity to ask him a few questions before his performance at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver Colorado on July 23, 2015.

Yolo Chris: “Hey man, it’s a real honor to have you here, in Denver, performing at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.”

Ky-Mani Marley: “Yeah it’s great to be here, great to be here. Great to be back in Denver. It’s been a while since I’ve been, you know, through these parts, and having this new album out, Maestro, and you know, being out on this promotional tour. Got me back into Denver, and I’ve been having a wonderful time thus far, so looking forward to the show tonight.”

Yolo Chris: “That’s awesome man. Really nice to hear. Hey just a few questions actually. Do you ever think about how crazy it is that the world over knows the name Marley?”

Ky-Mani Marley: “Umm, yeah– if, I mean it’s, it’s, you know you don’t have to think about it, because you see it’s everyday but, for me it’s an amazing thing to see a legacy that continue to grow, and as far as we can see will continue to grow. And to be a part of that is even, you know, words cannot describe the feeling of being a part of something that is so, so meaningful to so many people around the world.”

Yolo Chris: “Congratulations on the album: ‘Maestro’. I’ve been listening to it, been jamming out to it, it’s awesome. Could you tell me a little bit more about it?”

Ky-Mani Marley: “Well Maestro been in the works for quite some time. I mean for me, Maestro is that album that is really inspired by, by life. You know, so Maestro for me when writing, going through the process of creating that album, you know was really was writing to being inspired by what was taking place around the world at the time. You know, all the issues that we are facing both socially, politically, and just as human beings. And so, Maestro is that life story because Maestro also have some love songs and some party songs as well, you know it’s not really focused on one particular subject, but a broad subject base, and I think, you know for me it’s the best yet, you know, project.”

Yolo Chris: “It’s Awesome. One of the other things I wanted to ask you, with the song “Get High”, is that meant to be the new anthem, the official anthem for Colorado?”

Ky-Mani Marley: “I would love for Colorado to take it as their new official anthem, and that means that I will be back in Colorado much more often.”

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Don’t buy your rum from a pirate instead get Yolo Rum. Back to Back ‘Best in the World’ winners in 2013 and 2014!

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Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wignz Yolo Rum Halloween Cocktail Recipes on FOX31 Everyday Show!

Looking for new and exciting tasty Yolo Rum Halloween holiday cocktail ideas? Well look no further, my pretties!

Chris Parente and Kathie J
Chris Parente and Kathie J from the FOX31 Colorado Everyday show invited Yolo Rum’s own Larry Ulibarri and Producer Wig’nz on to their program to share three delightfully delicious cocktails guaranteed to liven up your haunted get-together! Kathie, Larry and Wig’nz had fun as always, just like they do every weekday morning on the KS1075 morning show with Kendall B.! We are sure these haunting drinks will be a great ghastly addition to your grown-up goblins party!
Larry Ulibarri Wignz Yolo RumYolo Rum Yoloween Treat Happy Yoloween


2 oz – Yolo Rum Aged

5 oz – Jones Creme Soda

Splash of Orange Juice

Yolo Rum Zombie Brain Freeze Happy Yoloween


Pour a small amount of maraschino syrup into each glass.

Blend 2 parts creme of coconut, 1 part pineapple juice, 1 part Yolo Rum Silver, a splash of Yolo Rum Aged and ice in a blender. Pour mixture in glass over maraschino syrup for cloud effect.

Yolo Rum Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Happy Yoloween


1 oz – Yolo Rum Aged

1 oz – Yolo Rum Silver

5 oz – Dr. Pepper


2 oz – Yolo Rum Silver

5 oz – Dr. Pepper

Follow this link to watch the full Halloween Cocktails segment on Fox 31 Denver Featuring Yolo Rum.