Buffs 4 Life 2014

Check out our photos from the 2014 Buffs 4 Life Family Weekend at Omni Interlocken Resort!

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Yolo Rum Florida Launch Weekend

The Yolo Rum Florida launch weekend was a success.

We visited many of our locations including the Postcard Inn, Mickey Quinn’s Beach, and the Sandbar IRB, and we got a VIP tour of Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo!

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Wu-Years Eve Denver 2014 Recap

Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah Thrill Crowd at Wu-Years Eve Denver 2014

Wu-Years Eve, Tuesday December 31 2013.  On the eve of the new year, 2014, and sitting at the doorstep of change.  The day, and the event arrived with much anticipation.  Wu-Years Eve was everywhere you looked in the media.  Every list of the best events in Denver had Wu-Years Eve penciled in towards the top.  Even Rolling Stone Magazine listed Wu-Years Eve as not only one of the best events in Denver, but a noteworthy event of global proportions.  The Wu-Tang Clan, quite possibly the most important and influential crew in hip-hop history, saw 3 original members reunited to spend New Years Eve with the Mile High City.  20 years since the release of “Enter The Wu-Tang” altered the path of HipHop forever, Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah were set to take center stage for a sold out Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom.  Yolo Rum was proud to be a headlining sponsor of the event, along with LivWell Enlightened Health, a Colorado dispensary with 9 locations across the state.

DJ Hoppa performs at Wu-Years Eve
DJ Hoppa

The night opened with DJ Hoppa warming up the venue.  The smoke and the people started packing the dance floor early, as eager Denverites jockeyed for position in what was sure to be a historic evening.  As DJ Hoppa brought a unique blend of hip-hop and trap beats, he had the place rocking from the word “go”. The energy and the the whole vibe of the place was already elevated and was rising quickly.
After DJ Hoppa finished bringing his bass heavy set to the Colorado masses, it was time for local hip-hop outfit, The Foodchain.  The Denver based live hip-hop collective is comprised of 4 MC’s, 2 producers, a DJ and a drummer.  The Foodchain list the crews members in their Facebook page as C-1 the Traveler, Mic “Chinchilla” Coats, ChampionSoundKillaBlack, FL, Mo Heat, Mass Prod, and Dj Louiscide.  The Foodchain most definitely kept the crowd hyped with the warm sound and vibe that only live hip-hop with live instruments can bring.  They moved fluidly through a set that included what’s sure to be an instant local classic, so relevant to the time and place, “Young Amsterdam”.  The Foodchain’s set ended shortly before midnight, and suddenly, the time was upon us.

The Foodchain on stage    The Foodchain on stage

With the anticipation of the crowd, and the energy of Cervantes whipped up into a frenzy, the lights went low, and the unmistakable signature sound of the Shaolin started to rattle through the room.  With DJ and producer Allah Mathematics occupying the turntables on the elevated platform on the stage, the sounds of the kung-fu movie style intro gave way to “Bring Da Ruckus”, and the trio stepped on stage as the crowd erupted in screams, cheers, flashing cameras, “Wu’s in the air”, and plumes of smoke.

Raekwon and Method Man on stage
Raekwon and Method Man ring in the new year

It was shortly before midnight as they wound down “Bring Da Ruckus”, and an abbreviated countdown segued to the announcement that it was midnight, it was 2014, and we were living in a new world in Colorado.  As Method Man announced the new year, and his approval of Colorado’s new laws, others on stage tossed goodies into the crowd, much to the delight of those on the receiving end.  At that point, Method Man rallied into the intro to the track “M-E-T-H-O-D MAN” and the place went bonkers!  Meth himself must have felt right at home, as he was already stage diving by the end of the track, before they had been on stage for even 10 minutes.  The performance only heated up from there as the trio spit a wide variety of tracks from the Wu-Tang arsenal, dipped into tracks from the 3 MC’s solo cuts, and back into unforgettable Wu-Tang anthems.  The crew was even joined on stage by Wu-Tang Clan associate Streetlife for much of the set.

Method Man on stage
M.E.T.H.O.D. Man warms up the Cervantes crowd

Some of the notable highlights saw a tribute to fallen Wu-Tang member ODB, as the crew performed “I Like It Raw”, and “Brooklyn Zoo” to a mosh pit that Method Man once again provoked and joined momentarily.  As the tribute to ODB continued, the 3 looked for an audience member to join them on stage to spit ODB’s verse on “Protect Ya Neck”.  This didn’t go so well for the first participant as he couldn’t quite capture that ODB diction and delivery, and had to give way to a slightly older Latino gentleman that got the tribute back on track by flawlessly delivering ODB’s bars.  The dance floor once again erupted as Ghostface Killah celebrated with the audience member, and the show moved forward.

Allah Mathematics on the decks
DJ Allah Mathematics shows off his turntableism skills

In another tribute to Run-D.M.C.’s DJ Jam Master Jay, Wu’s DJ Allah Mathematics dropped into his own solo DJ performance.  He moved the crowd, and showed off his turntablism skills, scratching records on actual Technics turntables, with actual records, scratching around the back and between his legs, while taking his shoes off and scratching with his nose and juggling beats back and forth all the while.  An impressive display indeed.  At one point Method Man quipped that, with all the member on stage being over 40, that everyone should be able to keep up with them, and it did seem like the Denver crowd did what they could to keep pace as the crew smashed through track after track.
[youtube video=http://youtu.be/0kH2J7m0L1g]
All in all, it was an amazing performance, on an amazing and historic night.  It was a performance that toed the line between both rehearsed and improvised moments, all the while never skipping a beat, and keeping the energy level high, and the crowed involved and engaged throughout the duration of the show.  The trio delivered a lively and memorable set that showed why these 3 were part of spearheading such a wide ranging movement, that established the Wu-Tang Clan as legends, breaking new ground and setting trends in the Hip-Hop game for decades after their arrival, and most likely for decades to come.

Method Man on stage
Method Man

We would also like to thank the other sponsors that helped make this show happen, Detoxify BrandEnvy GlassVape Ape, and Glenn Glass.

Method Man crowd surfing
Method Man gets cozy with the the Wu-Years Eve crowd
Method Man crowd surfing just feet away
Up close and personal with Method Man
Fan puts Wu-Tang hand sign in the air
Wu’s in the air

Additional photos courtesy of Westword, photo credit Brandon Marshall.

Method Man on stage
Photo Credit Westword – Brandon Marshall
Fan in a Wu-Years Eve Shirt
Photo Credit Westword – Brandon Marshall

Crowded dance floor at Cervantes
The crowded Cervantes dance floor


Yoloween 2013

Happy Yoloween 2013 with Yolo Rum and Ultra Sheer Nightclub

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Yolo Rum Weekend at Cervantes Denver

Salt N Pepa, Das EFX, KRS-One, Pharcyde, Mr. Vegas and Edly Shine of the Born Jamericans

Yolo Rum was proud to be the featuring sponsor of this show at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom. Check out all of the pictures from the night below.

KS107.5 All Stars 2013

KS107.5 ALL STAR Show 2013 with Yolo Rum.

It was amazing time for Yolo Rum and our team, as we were backstage setup in VIP for the KS107.5 ALL STAR show in Denver. KS1075 brought the best with Ice Cube, Ludacris, E40, Eve and Too Short.

Check the exclusive VIP photos.

Belator Viam Vitae MMA Fight Night

BVV MMA Yolo Rum Fight Night at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Denver.

Check out our photos from the epic BVV MMA Yolo Rum Fight Night at the Crowne Plaza Convention Center in Denver Colorado.

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KS107.5 Summer Jam XVI 16 (2013)

KS107.5 Summer Jam XVI 16 with Trey Songz, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, 2 Chainz, Future, J-Cole, Wale and B. Smyth 

Yolo Rum had a blast at KS107.5 Summer Jam XVI 16, which took place in 2013. Performances by Trey Songz, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, 2 Chainz, Future, J-Cole, Wale and B. Smyth all put on a great show.

See the photos below.


2013 Colorado Bar Association Golf Tournament

2013 Colorado Bar Association Golf Tournament 

Yolo Rum sponsored the 10th hole at the 2013 Colorado Bar Association Golf Tournament at the Golf Club at Heather Ridge. See the photos from the event below.

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