#YoloRum | Fan Submitted Photo Colorado Day 8/1/14

Our Yolo Rum fan submitted photo this week is perfect for Colorado Day, as Myxedupdan shows off his love for all things Colorado.  Featuring “Hazed & Infused” ale from the Boulder Beer Company, and of course Yolo Rum!
So here is our user submitted shout out to IG:@myxedupdan!  #YoloRum

Hazed & Infused & Yoloritas!!!! Lovinlife!!! #dabbindan #yolorum #boulderbeercompany #bestrumintheworld #yolorita #303 #colorado

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Yummy! The Yolo Rum Summertime Signature Drink!

Yolo Yummy with Yolo Rum Aged Jones Cream Soda and Orange Juice
Introducing the drink that will make you the most popular person at your next BBQ!  The Yolo Yummy!  The drink is easy to make, and sure to delight the taste buds of anyone that has the luxury of coming into contact with this delicious beverage!  Often compared with an “Orange Dream Soda” or a “Creamsicle”, a couple sips of this drink will have you reminiscing about summertime bike rides, twilight games of neighborhood tag, and chasing down the ice cream man.
–  2 oz Yolo Rum Aged
–  5 oz Jones Cream Soda
–  Splash Orange Juice
To make this summertime libation, all that you’re going to need is some Yolo Rum Aged, Jones Cream Soda, and some Orange Juice.  To mix, take a nice tall pint glass filled with ice, add 2 ounces of Yolo Rum Aged, add 5 ounces of Jones Cream Soda, and finally a splash of Orange Juice.  Stir the ingredients up, sip, and enjoy!  Easy enough!  And to think, that’s all it took to make you the popular one.  If only life were always this easy.  And while we can pretty much guarantee that you will love this drink, and be magically whisked away back to your childhood.  We can’t guarantee that you won’t get cooties from the cute neighbor across the street.

Shout Out On Fox31 Colorado’s Everyday Show

Fox31 Everyday Show Highlights Larry Uncensored Podcast and Yolo Rum

Chris Parente and Kathie J. of Colorado’s “Everyday” Show on Fox 31 gave love to Yolo Rum.  Check out the segment below.  And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out Chris Parente and Kathy J on Episode 5 of the Larry Uncensored Podcast!
You can catch Chris and Kathy on “Everyday” at 10am on Fox31 Denver.

12th Planet In Alignment With Yolo Rum

Last week we had the chance to catch up with international superstar DJ 12th Planet, while in Denver for the Smog City Tour at the Bluebird Theater.  After the show we got his take on Yolo Rum!

12th Planet has been one of the premier American EDM acts since 2006 as one of the pioneering members of the Los Angeles dubstep scene.  He has also been a Denver favorite since the early days in his career as a Drum & Bass DJ and producer under the moniker of Infiltrata.  He’s headlined shows and festivals worldwide, including SXSW and Coachella.
You can often catch 12th Planet during one of his frequent stops at Beta Nightclub in Denver, where he maintained a residency during 2012.

Next month on Thursday March 27th 2014, he will also be one of the headlining acts at the SMOG Vs. Firepower party at Mekka Nightclub during Miami Music Week.  Featured acts will include fellow SMOG City Tour members Protohype and Antiserum along with former Denver, and current Los Angeles resident MC Dino.

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