#YoloRum | Fan Submitted Photo 10/3/14

For this weeks user submitted photo we turn our attention over to Facebook!  In this week’s edition we shout out our friend Leann!  Leann took the opportunity to share with her friends some of her favorite things in the world, and her love for her city.  In her post she reveals that some of her favorite things include Yolo Rum, Ks107.5, and Denver, Colorado!  Well we can’t argue with that combination!  It’s no secret that award winning Yolo Rum is one of our favorite things in the world too!  It should also come as no surprise that Yolo Rum’s hometown of Denver also ranks near the top of some of our favorite places!  And what would Denver be without KS107.5?!  Ks107.5 is not only home to Denver’s top morning radio show with Larry Ulibarri, Kathie J, Kendall B, and Producer Wign’z, but it’s the home of Denver’s top radio personality, and Yolo Rum family member, the aforementioned Larry Ulibarri!  It’s worth mentioning that KS107.5 is more than just a station with a great morning show, it’s also home to a whole host of some of Denver’s other top radio personalities including Tony V, Ya Girl Cedes, DJ Chonz and Buhrm Gotti.  Not only that, but KS107.5 is also the most recent recipient of the prestigious 2014 NAB Marconi Award, celebrating station excellence and performance in many different categories and criteria.
So all of that being said, here is our user submitted shutout to our Facebook friend Leann!  Here’s to being blessed with some of the best things in the world, right here in our own backyard!  And here’s to having the ability to recognize a good thing when you see it, and appreciating perfection when you taste it!  Thank you Leann!

#YoloRum User Submitted Photo Oct. 3 2014

Original Post from Facebook

#YoloRum | Fan Submitted Photo 9/26/14

The calendar is leaning towards winter, but the sensations of summer sill remain!  The days are still warm and nights are starting to become more crisp.  As the seasons begin to change, there’s every reason to enjoy each sun filled day as if it were still the dog days of summer.  What more could you ask for than a BBQ with friends and a Yolo Rum mojito station with home made garden ingredients? That’s the setting we visit with this weeks fan submitted photo.  So here is our user submitted shout-out to IG:nikit05!  Thanks for sharing the love with friends, and making Yolo Rum a part of your summertime fun, your BBQ, and your mojito station!

#YoloRum | Fan Submitted Photo 9/12/14

For this weeks #YoloRum fan submitted photo, we recognize a beautiful submission showing off Yolo Rum in a stunning cityscape in our hometown of Denver, Colorado!  In this edition, we go high above the city streets to a sun-filled roof-top patio to enjoy that inner city life.  Denver is already known as the Mile High City, and with the help of our fan submitted photo and Yolo Rum, we get a little bit higher still to soak up some sunshine.  So here is our user submitted shout-out to IG:_mister_sun_!  Thanks for the support!  Thanks for the awesome picture!  And thanks for making Yolo Rum a part of your sun filled afternoon on the rooftop patio!  Cheers!
Yolo Rum Denver Cityscape

#YoloRum | Fan Submitted Photo 8/29/14

For this weeks user submitted photo, we rewind once again to a year ago for the KS107.5 All-Stars Concert from 2013.  In this edition we shine the spotlight on a fan and an ally that has been a friend of Yolo Rum ever since!  It all started from a random chance encounter on Instagram.
Shortly before the 2013 All-Stars show, we ran a contest where we encouraged Yolo Rum fans to hashtag pictures of themselves enjoying Yolo Rum, with #yolorum, for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the concert.  And this would be our initial contact with Jeffrey the Mole.

As luck would have it, Jeffrey the Mole’s picture was randomly selected as the winning entry, so we quickly contacted him to inform him of his victory.  Upon contacting him, he notified us that due to prior obligations it would be difficult, if not impossible to make it to the show.  However, not being one to pass on an amazing hip-hop line-up (that included Ice Cube, Ludacris, E-40, Eve and Too Short), Jeffrey the Mole realized that “You Only Live Once”, and he might not get this opportunity again.  So after competing in a snowboard competition earlier that day in Keystone, Jeffrey the Mole and his wingman Steve made their way to Denver for a night they would not soon forget.

Let’s just say we’ve all been friends ever since!

I did it all 4 the @yolorum. Getchyo self sum girl
A photo posted by Jeff DeForge (@jeffreythemole) on

So here’s to you, as a Yolo Rum fan, Instagram contest winner, hip-hop connoisseur, and a sick snowboarder to boot!  This weeks “Fan Submitted” shout out goes to IG:@jeffrey_the_mole, for being a friend of Yolo Rum, and for embracing that YOLO moment when given the opportunity!

#YoloRum | Fan Submitted Photo 8/22/14

For this weeks #YoloRum fan submitted photo, we revisit the KS107.5 All-Stars Concert from 2013. Last years KS107.5 All-Stars was an amazing show, with an incredible line-up that included Ice Cube, Ludacris, E-40, Eve and Too Short.  Yolo Rum was happy to be a part of that show as the official VIP sponsor.  In this edition of “Fan Submitted”, Yolo Rum get’s a little love in the VIP section of KS107.5 All-Stars from IG:@aohare914.
Yolo Rum is happy to once again be the sponsor of the KS107.5 All-Stars Yolo VIP experience for 2014!  This years show features T.I., Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, T-Pain, Ja Rule, Twista, and DJ Quick!  So if you’re in the VIP this year, come pay us a visit, and sip on some Yolo Rum drinks with us!  And while you’re at it, hashtag us #yolorum, or #yoloallstars to show off much fun you’re having with us!
So here is our user submitted shout out to IG:@aohare914!  Thanks for making us a part of your 2013 KS107.5 All-Stars Yolo Vip Experience!  We hope to see you again at this years show!
#YoloRum Fan Submitted aohare914

2014 National Yolo Rum Day Tasting at Cornerstar Wine and Liquor August 16th

Join us on National Rum Day in Aurora Colorado Saturday August 16th 2pm-6pm!

cornerstar liquor store logo yolo rum
We’ll be celebrating National Rum Day at CornerStar Wine and liquor serving up FREE Yolo Yummies and straight shots of Yolo Rum Aged and Yolo Silver! Stop by and say hi, pick up some great Yolo Rum recipe card ideas, and share some of the BEST RUM IN THE WORLD with us!
CornerStar is located at 15405 East Briarwood Circle, Aurora, Colorado 80016, and they are open 9am-11pm on National Rum Day for you to stock up on your Yolo Rum! See you there!
Yolo Yummy with Yolo Rum Aged Jones Cream Soda and Orange Juice
If you aren’t in Aurora, or can’t get to Aurora, check out a location near you where you can pick up your own Yolo Rum for National Rum Day using the Yolocator!

Fermentation Festival August 9th-10th in Denver Colorado

Join Yolo Rum for the Fermentation Festival in Denver Colorado!

Where: Highlands Masonic Center :: When: Saturday and Sunday August 9th and 10th  2014 :: 3:30PM – 7:30PM

A Celebration of All Things Fermented

Experience Colorado’s annual celebration of all things fermented! With particpants that include the likes of kimchi producers to craft brewers, there will be fun to be had by all. Don’t miss out on an afternoon of sensory delight. This year’s event will benefit First Descents, a non-profit who offers young adult cancer survivors and fighters a free outdoor adventure experience designed to help them climb, paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, defy their cancer, reclaim their lives and connect with others doing the same. Make sure to stop by the Yolo Rum booth for a delicious Yolo Yummy, one of our favorite signature cocktails, or try Yolo Rum Aged or Yolo Rum Silver straight up!

Fermentation is an amazing process which produces flavors that are unobtainable in any other way. Flavors range from sweet to sour to umami. Entire populations have relied on fermentation as a form of preservation before refrigeration. Many cultures believe fermented foods and beverages are the key to longevity and happiness in life. Health benefits are ample and our society is embracing fermented foods more and more each and every day. The Fermentation Festival & Market is a celebration of everything fermented. Guests will have the opportunity to sample fermented foods and beverages from across the country. Participants include Craft Brewers, Local Distillers, Kombucha Breweries, Wineries, Restaurants and Sauerkraut Makers.  The festival strives to increase awareness about fermented foods and beverages. Educational Seminars will be offered on a variety of topics.This years festival will also feature the First Annual Pickle Toss. Starting at 4:15pm contestants will fling, toss and throw pickles into their teammates mouths from a distance. Sign up at the festival for your chance to win serious bragging rights that also come with a gallon of pickles and $50.

General Admission

3:30pm – 7:30pm | $35

  • Access to over 50 unique fermented beverages and foods
  • Unlimited food and beverage samples
  • Souvenir Tasting Glass

VIP Pass

2:30pm – 7:30pm | $65

  • 1 hr early entry
  • Access to over 50 unique fermented beverages and foods
  • Unlimited food and beverage samples
  • Free Festival T-Shirt
  • 2 educational seminars


#YoloRum | Fan Submitted Photo Colorado Day 8/1/14

Our Yolo Rum fan submitted photo this week is perfect for Colorado Day, as Myxedupdan shows off his love for all things Colorado.  Featuring “Hazed & Infused” ale from the Boulder Beer Company, and of course Yolo Rum!
So here is our user submitted shout out to IG:@myxedupdan!  #YoloRum

Hazed & Infused & Yoloritas!!!! Lovinlife!!! #dabbindan #yolorum #boulderbeercompany #bestrumintheworld #yolorita #303 #colorado

A photo posted by dabbindanhatpins (@dabbindan_myxedupdan) on

Yummy! The Yolo Rum Summertime Signature Drink!

Yolo Yummy with Yolo Rum Aged Jones Cream Soda and Orange Juice
Introducing the drink that will make you the most popular person at your next BBQ!  The Yolo Yummy!  The drink is easy to make, and sure to delight the taste buds of anyone that has the luxury of coming into contact with this delicious beverage!  Often compared with an “Orange Dream Soda” or a “Creamsicle”, a couple sips of this drink will have you reminiscing about summertime bike rides, twilight games of neighborhood tag, and chasing down the ice cream man.
–  2 oz Yolo Rum Aged
–  5 oz Jones Cream Soda
–  Splash Orange Juice
To make this summertime libation, all that you’re going to need is some Yolo Rum Aged, Jones Cream Soda, and some Orange Juice.  To mix, take a nice tall pint glass filled with ice, add 2 ounces of Yolo Rum Aged, add 5 ounces of Jones Cream Soda, and finally a splash of Orange Juice.  Stir the ingredients up, sip, and enjoy!  Easy enough!  And to think, that’s all it took to make you the popular one.  If only life were always this easy.  And while we can pretty much guarantee that you will love this drink, and be magically whisked away back to your childhood.  We can’t guarantee that you won’t get cooties from the cute neighbor across the street.

You Only Live Once…
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