Bahama Bob's Rum Loaded Brewski for the Spring Party

Bahama Bob's Brewski Daiquiri 1cc

Bahama Bob Leonard’s Brewsky Daiquiri: The rum loaded brewski for your spring party

Our good friend Bahama Bob Leonard has done it once again with this easy, refreshing and oh so tasty cocktail recipe. Bahama Bob writes the beloved “Bahama Bob’s Rumstyles” blog, a treasured blog in the rum and spirits community. His blog that will take you through the Rum lifestyles of a fine group of people that enjoy the fun and pleasure of fine rums. Bahama Bob travels to distilleries, parties, and rum events to bring you the rumstyles of all those he comes in contact with.
See the full recipe for Bahama Bob’s Brewsky Daiquiri and story behind the cocktail here.