Yolo Rum Awarded Two Gold Medals at 2019 SIP Awards

Yolo Rum Awarded Two Gold Medals at 2019 SIP Awards

2019 SIP Awards Gold Medals Yolo Rum Gold Silver

2019 SIP Awards recognize Yolo Gold and Silver each with Gold Medals

The winners of the 2019 SIP awards were recently announced, and we are happy to report that both Yolo Rum Gold and Yolo Rum Silver were awarded with Gold medals in their respective categories.  The Gold medal celebrates spirits that demonstrated a noteworthy performance in a double blind tasting with a diverse consumer panel. With scores in the upper division, Gold medal spirits are strongly recommended.  Yolo Rum Gold received a Gold medal in the Extra-Aged Rum (5 years and older) category, while Yolo Rum Silver received a Gold medal for the White Rum category.

2019 SIP Awards Consumer Judges and Awards

The Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards is the only international spirits competition judged by consumers based on their honest and unbiased feedback through a blind tasting.  This years SIP Awards judging panel was comprised of 146 consumer judges.  The SIP Awards 146 judges are selected to ensure demographic diversity and screened for any potential spirit brand affiliation.  A proprietary algorithm is used to mitigate any palate inconsistencies. The results are judged specifically by industry outsiders.  As the only blind tasting competition of its kind, the SIP Awards offers a fair platform for top brands to showcase their products to their most discerning audience.  The 2019 competition saw 977 spirits and mixers entered in 93 different categories.

SIP Awards Cocktail Neat Glass

This most recent successful outcome for Yolo Rum in International Competition brings the medal count to 25, which prompted CFO John Granville to ponder out loud that the only limitation to the amount of awards that we could win is only throttled by the amount of competitions that we enter.  Well stated sir!  In even the stiffest of competition, the cream rises to the top, and the view is nice from up here!  Won’t you join us?!  Cheers!  Yolo!!!

Distilling Excellence into Rum Making with Yolo

Jessica Guerin, Francisco "Don Pancho" Fernandez, Phil Guerin

It’s our mission to set the new standard for what you expect from a glass of rum.

Is Rum Love enough? At Yolo, the answer is yes. From our unique origin story to a mission that sets us apart from every other rum brand out there, Yolo is poised to set a new standard of excellence when it comes to premium rum.

Mission Possible: Making the Best Rum in the World

Inspired by a love affair with the culture and tastes of the Caribbean, the seeds of what would become Yolo Rum were planted over the course of more than three dozen trips taken by our CEO and founder, Phil Guerin and his wife Jessica. Armed with the perfect name but lacking the right partners to make his dream of bringing the rich flavors of premium rum to world, Guerin turned to his wife, a successful marketing executive with deep connections to the key players in Central America that Yolo would need to succeed.

One of the players was Maestros Roneros and “master rum blender,” Francisco Jose Fernandez Perez, also known as “Don Pancho” Fernandez. A Cuban native, Don Pancho has dedicated more than 50 years to developing his knowledge of rum. In addition to studying under Ramon Fernandez Corrales, Don Pancho also graduated with degrees in Biochemistry and Microbiology. After graduating, Fernandez worked for many decades as the “Minister of Rum” for Fidel Castro, where he spearheaded research and development for Cuban rum brands. As such, Don Pancho’s knowledge and input were fundamental to the growth, development, and maturity of the Cuban rum industry during the 1970s and since.

Like Guerin, Don Pancho’s love of rum has led him on a rich journey that includes shaping and elevating the standard of what the rum industry could (and should) aspire to be. “[I wanted to create] a spirit that could compare to a fine scotch or whiskey,” Guerin said. “I explained [to Don Pancho] how popular those dark spirits are in America and that for people to understand [how dynamic premium rum is], it really has to come across with the smokiness of the American charred white oak. The tannins from these barrels provide a lot of the butterscotch and vanilla flavors that come across in American whiskey.”

After meeting Fernandez and sharing his vision for a premium blend that would wake Americans up to the premium experience that could be delivered by the right rum, Guerin and the team went to work. More than one year of research and development later and award-winning Yolo Rum was born. “Yolo is born from love in so many different ways…I truly believe it is the standard by which all rum should be held,” Guerin said. “[Yolo] is a proprietary blend. It’s our blend, nobody has this blend, nobody has this profile and that’s why we’re able to go out and win these awards; because there’s nothing like our rum out there,” he said. After finding the perfect balance of flavors, alcohol content, and experience, it was a matter of building a community to help spread the rum love.

Taking a Democratic Approach to Brand Building

At Yolo Rum, our passion for rum and one-of-a-kind experiences is based on so much more than club culture. That’s why, in June 2018 Yolo took the revolutionary step of inviting our supporters to become our investors. In a move that even the world’s largest liquor brands are mimicking, Yolo has turned its biggest advocates into its biggest assets by democratizing our ownership. Now with more than 1,100 brand ambassadors turned investors, the independent Yolo spirit is positioning itself to successfully compete in a market that is dominated by corporate conglomerates.

Live the Life You Want with Yolo Rum

Already the winner of more than a twenty international awards Yolo Rum is launching in new states and markets across the country. Find out how you can add a bit of Yolo to your life by subscribing to our newsletter or ordering your bottle online today!

Find Yolo at the 2019 Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas

Yolo Rum will be joining a lineup of more than 600 exhibitors and thousands of industry professionals from across the country from March 25th through March 28th. The show will be taking over the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center and is widely recognized as the nation’s most influential gathering of nightlife and industry professionals. In addition to giving thousands of professionals the opportunity to learn, network and grow in the bar and nightlife industries, participating as an exhibitor also represents a powerful opportunity for companies to conduct business, find suppliers, and step up their presence in the space.

Discover Emerging Brands with Hotmixology   

For the past 34 years, the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show has brought together thousands of industry professionals from the beverage and nightlife community to discover new trends and products. This year, Yolo will be at the center of the action in the Emerging Brands Pavilion hosted by Hotmixology.  


One of the four specialty pavilions for attendees to explore, the Emerging Brands Pavilion will provide Yolo the opportunity to get immediate exposure in front of one of the most powerful audiences in the industry: 

  • 53 Countries Represented 
  • 84% Senior Level Buyers 
  • 91% Purchasing Power 
  • 46% Bars, Pubs, Taverns, Lounges, Sports Bars  
  • 52% Owner, President, CEO, Partner  
  • 58% Single-Unit Operator Establishments 

Catch Yolo Rum with Dave Elger on Fusion TV 

Discover rum love and master mixology with Dave Elger, the host of Hotmixology, in the Nightclub & Bar Show episodes taped onsite at the show and aired Fridays and Saturdays millions of homes nationwide. 

Dave Elger

What is Hotmixology 

A high-energy and engaging show that gives viewers a sneak peek into the art of mixology, Hotmixology is “your official ‘tour de booze’” and Dave Elger is your host. Hotmixology began as a web-based show for liquor lovers who appreciate a great cocktail and a great time. Now in its eleventh year, Hotmixology’s expert mixologists, led by Elger, share their tips and tricks on how good liquor and great cocktails are made.  

In addition to hosting all past episodes online, Hotmixology’s broadcasts its show on the Fusion network to more than 66 million viewers every Friday and Saturday.  Elger, whose passion for cocktails and mixology has earned him the title of “Foremost Authority on Everything Cocktail,” will be highlighting Yolo as one of the up and coming rum brands in the space.  

What Can Nightclub and Bar Show Attendees Expect? 

With more than 40,000 industry professionals gathering for this year’s event, attendees can expect to: 

  • Find and sample the latest products they need to grow their business. 
  • Network with top nightclub and bar industry professionals, suppliers, and investors. 
  • Engage with and experience the latest nightclub and bar technology. 
  • Take advantages of several panel tracks that include education programs, seminars, and workshops taught by top industry experts. 
  • Enjoy daily (and nightly) networking events, including more than 100 nightlife events, attend what are sure to be some of the best after parties of 2019. 
  • Connect with the knowledge and expertise you need to improve day-to-day operations. 

What to Do at the Night Club and Bar Show 

With more than 30 years under its belt, the organizers of the Nightclub & Bar Show have made it easy for attendees and exhibitors to “show-up, plug-in and generate qualified leads.” With four different pavilions showcasing different innovative trends and products, a main stage with live entertainment and demos, and a craft beer park are just a few of the activities and areas to be experienced as this year’s expo.  

The Emerging Brands Pavilion 

Located at the front of the convention hall and sponsored by the national TV Show HOTMIXOLOGY on Fusion Television Network, this area is dedicated to unique, boutique, and emerging brands including spirits, Yolo! 

Craft Beer Park 

An area dedicated to the craft of brewed beverages, Craft Beer Park will feature emergent craft brewers, cider and imported beers. 

Discover Tomorrow’s Trends at the Launching Pad 

This area dedicated to first-time exhibitors only and is geared towards the brands of tomorrow. Check out what non-consumable products and brands are looking to break into the on-premise scene! 

Find Innovation at the Food & Beverage Center 

One of the newer additions to the Nightclub and Bar Expo, this area is dedicated to food, food service equipment and beverage suppliers. Featuring the latest in food trends and beverage pairings, attendees can explore and find new ways to enhance food and drink menus! 

Party Rockin’ at the Nightclub and Bar Show 

Take advantage of all that Sin City has to offer with three days and nights of parties and after parties—all featuring the nation’s hottest and most innovative nightlife concepts. Events you won’t want to miss include: 

  • Rooftop Welcome Party from 7 pm-10 pm on Monday. 
  • Hosted at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, this will be your first chance to kick back before the Expo begins on Tuesday. 
  • Party Pass Party from 9 pm-11 pm on Monday  
  • Experience mind bending sights, sounds and invigorate your senses with the Dream Wall at Jewel Nightclub, featuring legendary producer and performer, Steve Aoki.  
  • Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue Happy Hour from 7 pm – 9pm on Tuesday 
  • Join Jon Taffer for an exclusive Bar Rescue Happy Hour and receive a Complimentary Welcome Cocktail at Mabel’s BBQ, located inside Palms Casino 
  • Bring Back the 90s Platinum Party from 9pm-11pm on Tuesday 
  • Celebrate your youth by walking through this brand-new concept at The Park MGM and sip on new to market beverages from event Sponsors! One of Vegas’ newest clubs, “On the Record is a love letter to long-lost music hubs and an exciting new way to spend your nights in Vegas.”  
  • Wind Down Your Week Like a Pro at the Constellation Brands Party from 9pm-11pm on Wednesday 
  • Finish off the week with a closing party at one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, Wynn Las Vegas. Enter Intrigue Nightclub and experience the ambience of the owner’s hidden lounge or relax next to a breathtaking two-story waterfall.   

Mission Rum Love Continues at Booth 1500 at the Nightclub & Bar Convention

Are you ready to see Yolo distributed in stores around country? We are too! This year’s Night Club and Bar Show is just one way we’re making waves and opening minds to how dynamic a spirit Yolo Rum is. Planning to attend this year’s event and curious about Yolo? Find us at Booth 1500 and discover Rum love for yourself!

Discover the Art of Aging Rum with Yolo

Does aging matter when it comes to rum? Get all of your questions about aged rum answered with Yolo.

In America, a country known for its love of dark liquors, namely whiskey and scotch, rum is often overlooked. Unlike other spirits like whiskey, vodka, gin, and even brandy, rum comes in a number of varieties. From color to taste, chances are there’s a lot more going on in your rum glass than meets the eye; find out what you’re missing with Yolo Rum.

Discover the Art of Rum Love with Yolo: Aging Rum

Whiskey, wine, and premium rum lovers all have one thing in common: they recognize that the flavors and nuances that can be found in a glass of their favorite spirit is entirely largely dependant on the aging process. Depending on how rum is distilled and aged, the spirit can be clear and colorless; caramel or gold-colored; and even dark brown or black. As is the case with whiskey, rum comes in light, gold, dark, spiced, and flavored blends; there are also location-specific styles of rum like cachaça or rhum agricole.

Rum aged in Oak barrels

How is Rum Aged?

One of the oldest distilled spirits in production, the use of fermented sugar cane or molasses distinguishes rum from other spirits. Regardless of how long they are aged, most rums are aged in wood casks. The variety of wood, whether the cask has been used to age other spirits, and climate all play significant roles in determining how long a rum is to be aged and the flavors that will be brought out in any given blend.

For example, have you ever seen a dark Caribbean rum aged for just three to five years while a rum of similar color and flavor may be aged for 10 years in North America? That’s because rums produced in tropical climates are generally aged for a shorter periods of time than those aged in cooler climates. Whiskey lovers may also notice a hint of spice or sweetness generally indicative of whiskey or bourbon in some darker rums as well; this is often because many rum distillers use old bourbon barrels for aging.

Aging light rum

Also called white or silver rum, light-bodied rum is one of the most common styles of rum found one shelves around the world. Similar to vodka in that it carries a lighter flavor profile, a high-quality silver rum will still present a buttery and slightly sweet flavor that goes well in a number of classic and modern cocktails. Generally silver or white rums are aged in stainless steel tanks and filtered but with the help of Don Pancho, Yolo Silver delivers a different kind of premium experience. Perfect for mixing, Yolo silver is crisp and mildly dry, making it the perfect secret ingredient to your at-home bar. Yolo Rum Silver is aged for 2 years in un-charred American White Oak barrels.

Aging Rum From Silver to Gold

Sometimes called gold or amber rums, these medium-bodied spirits are generally robust in flavor and surprisingly smooth. Yolo Rum Gold is aged more than ten years in charred American white oak barrels that not only give our rum a rich and tawny color, but an incredibly smooth and buttery taste. Trying Yolo Rum Gold truly gives rum connoisseurs the premium experience of sipping the finest rum in the world.

How strong is rum?

While there are overproof rums that reach 151 proof (and sometimes even higher) and flavored rums that are much less, most rums are bottled at around 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume). There are other differences in aging and nomenclature that also define rum for different countries. For example, in Mexico, rum is only required to be aged for eight months, while the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Venezuela require rum to be aged for at least two years.

Curious about how to harness rum magic into a cocktail? Some of our favorite recipes include:

Is Your Rum Love Silver or Gold?

Whether you like your rum neat or in a cocktail, there’s only one way to Yolo. Find the your favorite rum recipe or discover where to find Yolo near you by subscribing to our newsletter!

Denver Zephyr with Yolo Rum

Take a Walk at Altitude Instead of the Bay this Spring

If you like the feeling of dipping your toes in the sand with a gentle summer breeze in your face, then you’ll love our Yolo twist on this Baybreeze-based cocktail. The bright and light flavors of Yolo Silver blend perfectly with cranberry and pineapple juices for a Rocky Mountain High twist on this classic tiki-style cocktail.

What are the Benefits of Substituting Rum in Classic Cocktail Recipes?

While there are a number of delicious cocktail staples that feature rum as a the star player, experimenting with flavors traditionally assigned to whiskey and vodka cocktails allows you to discover how dynamic premium rum really can be. Other classic cocktails that deserve a rum twist include:

  • Moscow Mule with White Rum
  • Mint Julep featuring Aged Rum
  • Old Fashioned Made with Aged Rum

Yolo Rum Denver Zephyr Recipe

What You’ll Need:

1 Tall Collins Glass with Ice
1.5 oz. Yolo Rum Silver
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
2 oz. Cranberry Juice
1 Lime, wedged (for garnish)

How to Shake it Up with a Denver Zephyr Cocktail

STEP 1 –

Fill a tall Collins glass with ice.

STEP 2 –

Add Yolo Rum Silver.

STEP 3 –

Gently layer pineapple juice and cranberry juice over the rum and stir

STEP 4 –

Garnish with lime.

STEP 5 –

Stir and Enjoy!

Find the Spirit of Spring through Rum Love

What makes you lift your glass in celebration? Take a walk on the Yolo side and rediscover your joy this spring with the best rum in the world.

Yolo Rum Podcast with Video Producer Kevin Fox

Putting the Social back in Social Media with Kevin Fox

When it comes to getting engaged and staying relevant in the digital age, it doesn’t happen unless its online. So how do you connect audiences with the best rum in the world? Find out how Yolo is stepping up the game up by bringing on executive producer and digital media planner Kevin Fox.


From Childhood Passion to Full-time Profession

When it comes to turning your passion into your profession, there are few stories more unique than that of Kevin Fox Damata. His passion for capturing moments and creating content started when he was a young child. Armed with a VHS recorder gifted to him by his father, Damata and his brother produced their own commercials when he was just five years old.

“I was a product of the eighties, and I was constantly creating content,” he said. Damata’s instinct to create was fostered by a middle school education at a vocational school that allowed him the opportunity to actually go and do work in TV production.

“[The school] allowed students to go a public access station and learn the skills of being in TV productions,” he said. “Instead of doing the typical math, science, I would go to that station and participate in creating content.”

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After writing, shooting, and editing an award-winning film in middle school, Damata majored in Radio and Television in college; it wasn’t until his late twenties however, that production became a conscious career path for him.

“I kept doing it for years but always as a hobby,” he said. “I always had a camera, I’d always shoot something but I never took it as a career path until my late twenties.”

Balancing an education with entrepreneurial endeavors that included starting a café with his older brother, Damata took an approach that his life was his classroom. “I said in my mind, ‘a piece of paper is not going to change the course of my life,’” he said. “A lot of people go to college because they want the piece of paper at the end of it but they don’t know what they’re going to do. I knew exactly what I wanted to do—I was just trying to be a practitioner and learn the things I didn’t know through whatever avenue I could.”

Taking his hobby and turning it into a career also came from a need to follow his own path said Damata. “I started being a practitioner of video productions, of marketing, of branding, of journalism,” he said. “Having all of those skills wrapped up allowed me to become an entrepreneur in the digital marketing, social media [field].”

Taking Brands from Social Slump to Viral Video

One of the unique skills that Damata brings to the table, is his mastery of traditional media and willingness to embrace digital developments to bring brands the awareness and engagements they all need to succeed. “It was when I grabbed my smartphone and I shot something and then I was able to edit and post it that I realized…oh shit, this is going to be huge,” he said.

“I started noticing the way people were marketing their brands wasn’t getting the engagements anymore. I noticed what people were actually using their devices for,” he said. “They weren’t logging in to look at your commercial… you need to create experience pieces, organic videos that engage, educate, entertain or offer some kind of value to the consumer and I noticed that a lot brands weren’t doing it and they still don’t.”

As one of the creatives helping Yolo Rum grow to the next level in people’s cups and minds, Damata said that it’s all about genuine conversations and celebrating the real moments that bring us all together.

“The term is ‘social media,’” Damata said. “When you provide media, you’re only giving half of what is necessary to get your followers to engage in your product, so you need to be social. This means you have to actually engage with the people that are on your pages.”

Find Your Inspiration with Yolo Rum

Whether you’re living the dream every time you clock in, or seizing the day when you clock out, you only live once. Check out the rest of the podcast and then go do what you do best with Yolo Rum.

Yolo Tranquillo

Get some calm and piece of mind with a Yolo twist on a classic tiki-cocktail.


Take a Load Off with a Yolo Tranquillo

As simple as it is delicious, the ‘Yolo Tranquillo’ is our take on one of the most popular cocktail recipes inspired by Tiki culture. Originally created in the 1970s, and featuring just four ingredients including “navy proof rum”, our Yolo twist on this potent and fruity cocktail will put some spring back in your step any time of the day!

Yolo Rum Tranquillo Cocktail Recipe

What You’ll Need:

1 Jigger
1 Cocktail shaker and strainer
1 Highball Cocktail Glass with ice
2 oz. Yolo Rum Gold
1 ounce creme de coconut
4 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz Orange Juice
Pineapple wedge for garnish

Take a Chill Pill…or Two with a Yolo Tranquillo

STEP 1 –

Gather and pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.

STEP 2 –

Shake well and strain into a chilled highball glass filled with fresh ice.

STEP 3 –

Garnish with a pineapple wedge

STEP 4 –

Serve and enjoy!


Spice things up even more by playing with your rum to juice ratios or using two kinds of rum instead of just one.

The Secret to the Perfect Cocktail is Yolo Rum

Once a well-kept secret of the iconic Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands, this Tiki classic has remained a staple in most bartenders’ repertoire and every Tiki bar’s menu. Discover why by trying our ‘Yolo Tranquillo’ with Yolo Rum Gold!

Blue Hawaiian with Yolo Rum

Featuring the flavors of Yolo rum, pineapple, and coconut, this exotic tiki drink will brighten up your day with a tropical twist.

How the Blue Hawaiian Came to Be

Bartender Harry Yee developed the Blue Hawaiian at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in 1957. Yee was asked by the Hilton’s liquor distributors to create a cocktail based on curaçao liquor. While many don’t know history behind the Blue Hawaiian, it became popularized during the advent of Tiki Culture and has remained a staple in Tiki Bars across the country.

Yolo Rum Blue Hawaiian Recipe

What You’ll Need:

1 Jigger
1 Cocktail Glass with ice
1.5 oz. Yolo Rum Silver
3/4 ounce creme de coconut
2 oz. Pineapple Juice
3/4 ounce blue curaçao liqueur
Maraschino cherries and pineapple wedge for garnish

Mix Up Your Own Version of a Blue Hawaiian with Yolo Rum

STEP 1 –

Fill a cocktail glass with rum and add ice

STEP 2 –

Add rum, creme de coconut, pineapple juice, and blue curaçao

STEP 3 –

Shake Well and strain into a collins glass filled with ice cubes

STEP 4 –

Garnish with cherries and pineapple wedge


For the frozen variation of a Blue Hawaiian, add all ingredients to a blender with 1 cup of ice, blend and enjoy!

Do You Know the Difference Between a Blue Hawaiian and a Blue Hawaii?

With so many delicious tiki drinks out there, it’s easy to confuse the blue Hawaiian cocktail with the blue Hawaii cocktail. Although both feature delicious tropical flavors and blue curacao, a blue Hawaiian cocktail is made with creme de coconut while a Blue Hawaii is mixed with sweet and sour mix. Not sure which cocktail you’d prefer? Try both and let us know!

Warm Your Days and Nights with Rum Love

Whether you prefer the Blue Hawaii or the Blue Hawaiian, only the best rum will do–make sure you stay up to date on all of Yolo’s events, recipes, and more by subscribing to our newsletter today!

Yolo Rum Podcast with CEO Philip Guerin

Yolo is more than a premium rum brand, it’s a movement; find out why with CEO Philip Guerin.

Mission Rum Love with Phil Guerin

With rums of varying quality coming from more than 80 countries around the world, people are just beginning to discover how dynamic and delicious rum can be. For CEO Phil Guerin, rum love flourished over the course of more than 40 trips to Central America and the Caribbean.

Love & Rum in Central America

According to Guerin, the story of Yolo began in 2007 when he and his wife Jessica met while volunteering for the Cooperative for Education, non-profit organization dedicated to “breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education.”

As Guerin’s exposure to Central American and Caribbean culture grew, so did his appreciation and understanding of the kind of experience a premium rum can provide.

“When I was [travelling], rum is the spirit of choice for those in the Caribbean and in Central America,” he said. “Before then, I didn’t know rum was even good at all [and] when people try Yolo rum they’re really surprised at how high-quality the spirit is.”

Pairing with the Perfect Partners

With his mission to share rum love solidified, it was Guerin’s wife who helped him find the perfect rum-making partner: award-winning roñero, Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. With a career defined by the search for the perfect rum, Fernandez was the last piece of the puzzle.

“My wife is really the person that connected us to Don Pancho and our distillery and our bottling company in Panama,” said Guerin. “It’s an amazing relationship. My wife was an executive in Central America and she was very well-connected…she came through in a huge way.”

After meeting and speaking with Fernandez, Guerin shared his vision for a premium rum that would wake Americans up to what rum could be.

“[I wanted to create] a spirit that could compare to a fine scotch or whiskey,” Guerin said. “I explained [to Don Pancho] how popular those dark spirits are in America and that for people to understand [how dynamic premium rum is], it really has to come across with the smokiness of the America charred white oak. The tannins from these barrels provide a lot of the butterscotch and vanilla flavors that come across in America whiskey.”

YOLO: You Only Live Once

Creating a high-quality rum to rival one of America’s favorite spirits wasn’t Guerin’s only goal. He also wanted to create a rum that would educate people about the experience a well-made rum can provide. “[Yolo] is a proprietary blend. It’s our blend, nobody has this blend, nobody has this profile and that’s why we’re able to go out and win these awards; because there’s nothing like our rum out there,” he said.

The recipe for Yolo wasn’t developed overnight. It took months for Don Pancho to develop a process that honored Guerin’s vision to deliver a high-quality flavor and experience to consumers. “Yolo is born from love in so many different ways…I truly believe it is the standard by which all rum should be held,” he said.

Armed with the formula for the perfect rum, next came developing a brand with as much punch as the spirit that it would define. After winning a five and a half year fight to secure the Yolo trademark, Yolo is defined by quality and passion. From thoughtful nuances like UV ink on each label to an explosively successful guerrilla-style approach to marketing that has been mimicked by industry giants, Yolo is changing the way people live and drink. “It’s not often that a brand creates passion,” Guerin said. “People have a passion for our brand…Yolo is a movement.”


Learn About the Different Types of Rum

What do you know about the different styles of rum out there? Find out what makes rum unique from other drinks.

The drink we know today as rum actually originated in the colonial west Indies as a result of the Sugar Trade. Islands colonized by the English tend to produce strong dark rums made from molasses, while islands occupied by France typically produce rum directly from sugarcane juice. Islands colonized by the Spanish, meanwhile, are recognized for their smooth, buttery rums.

Discover the Different Types of Rum

Each rum producing nation choosing its own criteria for what qualifies as ‘rum.’ Nevertheless there are basic categories for different types of rum that are broadly accepted. They include:

Light Rums

Often filtered after aging, light rums can be completely colourless. Fortunately for rum aficionados, experimentation is something to be encouraged – cocktail recipes may need to be adjusted according to the individual brand of light rum being used.

Many medium bodied rums gain their coloring from the bourbon whiskey oak barrels used for the aging process. Extra filtering processes take the edge off the young rum, and lend it a soft golden hue, making it a particularly popular and affordable rum. Often times, these rums are aged for just 1 to 2 years, the rum is then filtered through a charcoal blend to soften it. However many light rums are not quite smooth enough for sipping, and they are best used as a spirit for mixing cocktails.

Dark Rums

Dark rums tend have a stronger, fuller flavor, than other kinds of rums. Part of what gives dark rums their unique flavor profile is a result of longer aging and the use of charred oak barrels. Jamaica is particularly well known for producing dark rums, the best of which are exceptionally smooth. Fine dark rums can also command a larger price, with higher-end bottles costing close to a thousand of dollars per bottle, if not more.

Overproof Rums

If you’re a fan or strong liquors, you’ll be excited to learn that the strongest of rums can be found at 160 proof (or even higher). Overproof rum is often the preferred drink for locals in the Caribbean, who combine the strong spirit with coconut water, water, or soda. Classically based on amber rums, but enhanced with various spices, overproof rums have become wildly popular around the world. They are also excellent in mixed cocktails and delicious when served neat with just an ice cube or two.

Other Types of Rums

While Caribbean islands are recognized sources of rum, there are other sugar-based drinks out there for the rum connoisseur. In Brazil, Cachaça is a popular drink made from fermented sugarcane juice. The liquor is a staple in many tropical drinks and is also called pinga, aguardente, and caninha among others. Flavored rums are also a popular staple drink in many countries.

Find Rum Love with Yolo Rum

If you’re a rum lover, you know that the best rums are aged rums, many of which rival the best whiskeys when it comes to complexity of flavor, smoothness, and drinkability. The culture and history of rum is as varied as that of wine or whiskey, while remaining one of the most versatile beverages in the world. You only live once! Discover rum love with Yolo by browsing through our favorite rum recipes!

You Only Live Once…
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