Beat the End of Summer Heat with Rum Love

Beat the End of Summer Heat with Rum Love

Beat the heat this season with a refreshing summer rum cocktail featuring Yolo Rum. Which one of these classic cocktails will you be mixing up?!

Summer rum cocktail with Yolo RumIn the hot, lazy days of summer, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything but stay in the shade and relax with friends and family. With the summer season still going strong, what better way to cool down than a rum cocktail with some delicious Yolo Rum?

Beat the Summer Heat with Rum Love

Whether you enjoy light and fruity summer rum cocktails with cheerful garnishes or find yourself craving a smooth, spicy elixir, there’s a classic rum recipe for everyone—21 and older at least. Learn more about one of the most popular spirits in 2019 with Yolo Rum!

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Rum?!

  1. Rum is easily one of the most diverse of all spirits. The liquor varies from a clear, light spirit to a heavy, full-bodied spirit, which can be as dark as molasses.
  2. While rum is made from sugar cane, the distilled spirit contains no sugar and has the same calories by volume as vodka or whisky. However, many rum producers add sugar after distillation to achieve a desired flavor profile.  Yolo Rum does not add sugar to the finished product, making Yolo Rum sugar free. Yolo Rum, is also gluten-free, making it an all-natural option for drinkers with diet restrictions.
  3. Considered a renegade spirit because there is no single standard for what constitutes rum, this spirit with 17th century roots continues to be one of the least understood distilled spirits; that’s why we’re so passionate about spreading the message of rum love at Yolo!

So What Kinds of Rums Are There Out There?

Modern rum is usually made by using one of three methods: direct fermentation of sugar cane juice; creating a concentrated syrup from sugar cane juice and fermenting the byproduct; and processing the sugarcane juice into a molasses and fermenting it. As with other popular spirits, climate and soil play an important role in determining the final taste of the rum. For example, rum produced from molasses from Puerto Rico will taste different than a rum made from Dominican molasses, even if the two were distilled in exactly the same place and using the same method. Discover some of the characteristics of different kinds of rum with Yolo!

Characteristics of Different Kinds of Rum

  • Light rum: clear colored with buttery and subtle flavor, silver rums like Yolo Silver are one of the most-used in cocktails.  Yolo Rum Silver classifies as a light, white, or silver rum.  Yolo Rum Silver is aged at least 2 years in un-charred American Tennessee White Oak barrels.
  • Gold rum: Aged longer than light rum, gold rums get their color and flavor from the oak barrels they’re aged in. Because of this, gold rums have more body than their light counterparts and can be enjoyed neat or with a single ice cube.
  • Dark rum: Often featured in rum punch cocktails, dark rums are aged longer. With hints of spices or nuts, caramel, coffee, dark rums can have added caramels or spices, which changes their flavor profile.
  • Aged Rum: Although similar in color and body to gold rum, aged rums merit their own category. Unlike other kinds of rum, which sometimes contain additives, Aged rums get their golden color and flavor ONLY from the barrels that they are aged in.  Yolo Rum Gold technically classifies as an aged rum.  Yolo Rum Gold is aged at least 10 years in charred American Tennessee White Oak barrels.  No sugar or molasses is added to Yolo Rum Gold.  The flavor and coloring is achieved exclusively in the 10+ year aging process. 
  • Spiced rum: Flavored by the addition of spices like cinnamon and pepper, spiced rums are darker in color and often featured in classic rum cocktails.

#RumLove with summertime rum cocktailsCatch #RumLove with these Summer Rum Cocktails with Yolo

Whether you are a rum aficionado or just looking for a refreshing summer cocktail, there are a number of classic summer rum cocktail recipes to help you live like there’s no tomorrow!

How are you cooling down with Yolo rum this Summer? Let us know by finding Yolo Rum near you and sharing your recipes!!